Story of ‘Hee’


God, the creator is the light of life and His son Jesus is the light of life.


One day, the light of life from heaven headed to a small village called Cheong-do, meaning crystal clear town, in Korea.

Hee’s grandfather, the descendent of royal fmaily, had a precognitive dream about the birth of his grandson. In his dream he saw the light cut through the darkness and descended to his daughter-in-law. He named his unborn grandchild ‘Hee’ which means complete light.


Although Hee did not learned religious life of faith but he remembered from his childhood that his granfather had a bowl of water in front of him and prayed with his eyes opened. As Hee grew up, he had mysterious experience of seeing a star four times.


When Hee just entered Pung Kak elementary school, he saw the first star in a daylight while he was working at the wheat field with sister-in-law.


When Hee’s family was having a hard time financially, he moved to his father’s friend’s house. While he was sharpening sickle during the day he saw the second star. The star visited him for 2 years.


When Hee went up to the shirt of Mt. Biseul, where wolves and tigers were often appeared, he layed down next to a unknown grave and saw the third star, which seemed liked it was comforting him for his weary life.


One day when Hee was praying secretly, he saw with his dad the forth star came as close as a helicopter. Ater he saw the last star, his neighbors turned into his enemy with no apparent reason and ket treating him harsh.


Hee could not stand any more. He made a gun and climbed the mountain. At the mountain he climbed to kill himself, he met the man of heaven full of light.


On that same day, Hee went to the river and experienced miracle. When he held back water with his shovel and the water  dried up instantly.  All of sudden, a woman and seven children appeared out of no where and helped him catch fishes.


Hee began to walk a life of faith lead by heaven, and he gathered people from church in his village and had very first service at his yard.


Through all these experiences, Hee met God and pledged loyalty to God with his blood. Hee entered the Temple of the Tabernacle after hearing the voice from heaven saying follow the truth.


However, Hee received persecution for saying what is right. He returned to his hometown. 7 years passed. One day Hee saw a vision where Cheong-do changes to the image of the Temple of the Tabernacle and he met Jesus coming in the cloud. Jesus placed his right hand on him and annointed him. Hee returned to the Temple of the Tabernacle to send the letters to the seven stars.


Hee is the promised pastor who received the book of Revelation and proclaiming the fulfillment of Revelation to the all nation according to Jesus command. Hee is the one who overcomes in Revelation.