Life Giving Quotes from the Promised Pastor

2018. 8.5
● God will make us His kingdom and priests when we prepare the lamp and the oil. When we are completely prepared, we are qualified to marry Jesus.
● When God reigns, the spirit and flesh will be getting married, and resurrect (Rv 20). Do not talk non-sense or be greedy at the time of fulfillment. You must build up the knowledge of the word than wealth.

2018. 6. 30
It doesn’t matter whether the worldly things are done or not; however, God’s work must be done. We must work for God while we are alive. We have to do that. When we do God’ work successfully, He will give us even more of His work. In contrast, He will not give anything to those who are not doing His work properly. In the end, this will make a big difference: reward and punishment. What type of punishment or reward will be given? The reward is the kingdom of heaven because there is nothing greater than going to the kingdom of God. What about the punishment? Going to hell is the most severe punishment. Now we can move forward with God because we all know the purpose of God and understand the promise of the Bible. Besides, we must love one another as ourselves, as fellow workers in the same boat, and do our utmost in one heart to accomplish God’s purpose as soon as possible.


Only those who are acknowledged by God go into heaven. Just because you go to  church or say “Lord, Lord, Jesus, Jesus” does not mean you go to heaven. So all our saints must keep this promise word. The tribe leader must keep up his work, and the saints must keep up the siants’ work. And those who are teaching must keep their mission.

We will become one with the spirit. This means we will unite with those who had been beheaded. this is the truly righteous person.


We must be aligned with God’s heart, thoughts, and will to work with Him. Therefore, we must not have unclean thoughts day and night like a petty person. We received the Word that the prophets and apostles recorded for us while enduring martyrdom. Shouldn’t we work and perform our duties according to the Word? We must also become “the living martyrs.”

Instead of thinking, “Even if I sin, I can receive forgiveness,” we must altogether stop sinning.

Carrying out a life of faith is not a joke. Practicing faith when one is in a good mood, not practicing when one is in a bad mood…this is not faith. When has God ever offended anyone? People offend each other, don’t they? It doesn’t make sense to say, “I fell because that person offended (tested) me.” True faith is absolutely firm even when one is stoned to death like Stephen.


We need to engrave Revelation 1 to Revelation 22 deeply in our hearts without missing a single word so that we may be the “Walking Bibles” who can read them as we run. Only when we know these things can we individually develop a perfect faith and proclaim it perfectly to someone else.

If we were to see an object through colored lenses, then we will see it only in that color. We will not see the object’s true color. In that same way, God’s work stands in the public. If personal emotions obstruct our view of God’s work, how can we know the truth? This should not apply to a single person.

We always need to pray that we may not make others stumble.

There is nothing more important than life. You must not consider faith lightly. Although the walk of faith has not been carried out properly for the last 6,000 years, we must now, at the appointed time, live the proper life of faith commensurate with the time in which we are living.


We must pray before God mornings and evenings and must think of God and God’s Word before all matters. This is the way we should work.

If one is born a human being, he must accomplish something that is truly valuable. He must not live as a slave to the old things of the world, but must do God’s work that is the greatest.

Satan knows that his time is coming to an end so he will use all sorts of lies to unite with the world and devour us. However, at a time like this, we must gather all our strength even more to unite, to pray to God, and to carry out His work. We must pray that we are qualified to live eternally with God by having complete faith and knowledge. Let us believe. Let us pray.

Among those who call themselves the people of Shincheonji, there must not be a single person who doesn’t know the Bible (hasn’t perceived). I must first know it to explain it to someone else.


In Mt 24, Jesus warns us to not be deceived by anyone and that there will be those who fall into trials. Therefore, we must overcome (all trials and deceptions) by having this Word.

As soon as we hear the words of the Bible, our minds must be at work immediately. These thoughts in our minds must be broad, not narrow.

What is truly pathetic is a misguided way of thinking, the stubbornness that ruins the person. It does not ruin others, but the person himself.
We must learn all things from the Bible. We must know that we, who have been born with God’s seed and are clothed with God’s image and likeness, are the truly precious, more than the people of the world who are made in the incorrect image.


Life-giving quotes from the promised pastor 3205-352

◙ It seems as if we are truly facing a great time. This year, let us all shed light onto the world. Let us also become the light that saves people.
◙ We need to be truthful and honest before God.
◙ We are making effort to renew and save all people by following God’s will. Regardless of how difficult the situation, when we think about our “hope,” we can smile and be happy.
◙ Even the world of evil is working hard. Shouldn’t we be even brighter and more knowledgeable in God?
◙ We must proclaim what needs to be proclaimed by becoming the mouth of God and Jesus.
◙ Let us do our best as we face a new era to the point where God’s heart and Jesus, who shed His blood for us, would be pleased with us.
◙ We must have faith. If we are going to believe then we should believe 100%.
◙ We need to grow as instruments. If we want to become one with Jesus and God, shouldn’t we understand that God wants to restore all things on earth the way they were before? If we are one with God then we should become bowls that can handle the whole earth. We should not be foolish and we should know what things have value and what things do not.
◙ Words of a human are worthless. There is no life but God’s words have life. Therefore, shouldn’t we proclaim God’s words to others so that they may have life also?

◙ If you truly are a person who hopes for heaven, then you should know and never forget how precious the secret of kingdom of heaven is given to you which was not made it known to anyone until this time.
◙ In order for me to receive good things I must first empty and throw away all that I have (Jer 48:12).
◙ When I look at all of you, I always think to myself “How can I put you to work?”
◙ There aren’t many days left till all the people of the world will acknowledge us and come to us. Let us not only like the fact that everybody is coming to us, when they come to us we should have the necessary skills to nourish them with truth according to God’s purpose. We must not make anyone fall away.
◙ If we aspire to have eternal life in heaven then shouldn’t we know the Bible and live accordingly? Whatever you do at all times, even when you’re walking, you should be thinking about the Bible and God’s work.

◙ When you are being persecuted then you need to improve your abilities (try as much as you are being persecuted). If you are persecuted but do not improve, then it’s your loss.
◙ the only reason you hold back even in the times when you want to cry and throw everything away is to fulfill God’s work.
◙ You won’t be able to do any work if you think of your own miserable and difficult situation. Your have to do God’s work with the type of determination “If I die then I die,”
◙ The reason why a person don’t feel it when good things come, it is because the dirt of sin is stuck inside oneself. You are like a beast if you don’t recognize no matter how good thing is.
◙ We really need to be grateful to God as we have become the realities of this Word. We can express our gratitude by doing “God’s work.”
◙ Let us believe in God when he says that we will inherit all things!

◙ Just as it is written that the heavens and the earth were created, we must create heaven (paradise) as well.
◙ All things were created by God and are living by God’s grace and will. Life, death, calamity and blessing all lie within God.
◙ We can brag about how great we are all we want but once God comes there will be nothing to brag about. From now on we must become a knowledgeable person with proper faith that can be acknowledged by God. We must become real believers.
◙ Our breath and thoughts should be with God’s at all times even when we are eating, and where ever we go, and whatever we are do.
◙ If you are praying for someone, shouldn’t you imagine him/her and close your eyes, and then pray. Don’t just pay lip service, really have that person in your heart and pray for that person.

◙ Today, we should be better than the 12 disciples during Jesus’ time (better life of faith 신앙).
◙ What will one gain by cursing and swearing at others? We should realize and believe in this Word and act according to the Word in order to only go towards the path of blessing.
◙ We should pray to God that we have loyalty and filial piety towards God. We should pray that we become a light to the world and to all people so that those in the darkness can see and understand. We should pray at least three times a day regardless of how busy we are.
◙ We should be thinking about God’s work at all times even when we are walking, thinking, or doing anything. Even if we are busy shouldn’t God be with us always? That is God’s person and that is evidence that God is inside of me. That is the kind of person that God will protect.

◙ If we understand logic, there is nothing about God’s will and God’s word that we cannot understand.
◙ Our faith in God needs to be truly complete.
◙ Indeed, we need to ask ourselves “Am I a part of the tree of life? Am I a tree, branch, leaf or fruit? Let us think to ourselves if we have the proper qualifications to be that part of the tree. The Word needs to be inside of me in order for me to revive others without the Word.
◙ It is written that we should not worry about what to eat and live (Mt. 6:31-33). Let us not live our spiritual lives while carrying such unreliable thoughts but we should think “Shouldn’t I put my heart in front of God so that God can put me in his heart?” That is the kind of faith we need to have.
◙ Let us have proper faith in this Word. At the very least, we should pray at least three times a day in front of God. But I say we should pray continually. The proper prayer is “to only have God’s work in our hearts regardless of what we are doing. We also need to pray for the Shinchonji congregation nation wide in front of God.”

◙ During the times of Noah and Lot people were buying and selling and marrying and acting as if everything was normal. Similarly, today everybody is acting as if there are no worries and as if everything is normal. However, even in this world, the spiritual history is happening now. This spiritural history happened a long time ago and it is also happening now. Therefore, if you are a true believer you must realize these things. The reason why God gave us this book is so that “we can realize and come out to the way to life.” We need to know this.
◙ The world today does not know that a new spiritual era has come. People need to wake up. We will live if we win, but we will die if we lose.
◙ There is not a single word you can throw out in the Bible; all the words are connected and they all fall into place. During these times we have received the blessing of blessings as we are able to participate in God history thanks to God’s earnestness.
◙ Let us follow God’s zeal and let us be determined to spread this word. Let us complete God’s kingdom and let us sanctify all the nations

◙ People grief even if they lose something small, but God has lost something very big. People do not have understanding so they don’t realize what the most precious thing is. The most precious thing to a person is life. That life is God.
◙ To listen to the Word and acknowledge it, that is to have the Word sealed inside of us. The Word has to be inside of us so we can guard it and be a sealed person.
◙ Before we watch and judge others, let us make an effort in order to become a person that can receive salvation and see if we are acting according to the Word in front of God.
◙ To disparage, curse and kill others is what Satan has been doing until today. Therefore, let us stop the act of killing and start saving.
◙ How can we overcome if we are afraid of the devil? Let us overcome with truth.

◙ This is to all the people with appointed tasks in our church across the nation: even though you have appointed tasks, if you like to go higher and lift your heels and necks and act stiff and try to be respected, then you will be kicked out of God’s nation. Jesus our owner came to serve so shouldn’t we try to serve? That is how we can “humble” ourselves.
◙ If God asks you at the time of judgment “What have you done? With what merit have you come to heaven?” We must have something to say in front of God at that time. I should be able to prove that I believe in God and Jesus and that I truly became one with God and Jesus to be a part of God’s history.
◙ God is love. Therefore, we should throw away all wrong doing even if it is for a moment. Also, we should always be able to adopt good things. This is the right thing to do for a person.
◙ The nation that is being created today should be worthy enough to be called the real “heaven.” Shouldn’t we strive to make it worthy? Therefore, we must realize first that we ourselves must have characters that God can acknowledge. I hope you realize this.

◙ All the people with appointed tasks must lower themselves with a loving heart. They must give all things to the congregation. The people above must become lower and give to the people below and must really practice their love.
◙ We must posture ourselves so that we really become someone that really serves God and we must become a good-hearted and kind person. We also need to throw away our greed. It is written in the Bible “You have hoarded wealth in the last days.” (Ja 5:3) Let us not depend on those things or give them our heart. We must really take this to heart.
◙ When we return glory to God our Father, let us think about Jesus and the martyrs and all that they have done. Let us be thankful to God for his moving love and how things have been fulfilled today because of it. Let us return glory in front of God.
◙ We should become the light for this world in every aspect. Let us not become greedy over unreliable things. Let us shed light to the world and give grace just as much as we have received from God.

◙ The spirit has very sharp eyes and so it knows the hearts of people. The spirit will not marry with people who are goof off or those who are evil-hearted. Therefore, we must increase our effort to build the temple in our hearts.
◙ Because Jesus is with the Word, if I store the Word in my heart then his spirit will be with me.
◙ Some people within us who have lived the faith and then stopped may think that they stopped coming because they are upset or displeased. The fact is that is not the reason they stopped their faith. The real reason is because “they did not believe” and because God drove them away. They say they are disssappointed by people so why do they have to separate from God? God has done nothing wrong. As seen in this example, if God does not deem you worthy then God will use hardships and wind (judgment) to drive people away. Regardless of whatever we are faced with, our faith in God must be right.

◙ Just because you think you know the Word a little doesn’t mean you should become arrogant and do no work. We should always hunger and thirst for righteousness and be aware of our shortcomings and then act accordingly.
◙ Before we criticize by saying “This person has good faith, and this person has bad faith,” we need to look at ourselves by reflecting on the Word and live our faith.
◙ We should have the details of the Word in our head at all times. This way when a situation arises we can think with the Word in our heart and say “Oh, we shouldn’t do it this way or that way” and be able to distinguish.
◙ We should be cultivating virtue of our church with every word that we speak. We should never say anything that discourage our faith. If there is someone who does this we should correct him on the spot.
◙ The history of Shinchonji is “God’s history.” There is not much time left and the day of completion is right before our eyes.

◙ When the spirit and the flesh become one all things will be resolved at last.
◙ If we leave the Bible and God then we will not be able to do anything.
◙ This is God’s will and our work: to restore this whole earth to God’s righteous nation. Therefore, we must find much pleasure in all we do and unite our hearts.
◙ We are in a position where we are living and serving the greatest owner of creation. We must all know what kind of people we need to be by ourselves.
◙ There is a dream if you have a heart for it. Just as the thought of an airplane was in the heart before it was actually made, wouldn’t things be created according to the thoughts in our hearts? Therefore, let us put heaven first in our hearts and build heaven. Let us not become a man of small character. Let us truly become one by being inside of God and having God inside of us. Let us go out together and do God’s work of creation!

◙ Who should I ask whether I am harvested or not? I need to ask myself.
◙ We, the 12 tribes, are new creatures created and so we must be loyal and do filial duty so we can be acknowledged by God. In order to do this we have to leave our old despicable way of life behind us. We must show that we are a new person in all aspects. We must posture ourselves to be “someone who has moved from the nation of the world to the nation of God.”
◙ Even if you have all the money and authority in the world it is like a bursting bubble. But God is making history so that he can give us something eternal. Therefore, out of all the people in the world, the people who need to be the most thankful to God and Jesus are people of Shinchonji. Regardless of what the worldly people say, we should not forget to be truly thankful.
◙ Jesus shed blood and gave his life for us. And the 12 disciples, who became the 12 jewels of heaven, also have waited for the history that is being made today. Let us become God’s family who are like bright shining jewels exceeding the boundaries of beauty.

◙ If you really know the Bible, then you should know who our enemies are and know who can help us. If we still rely on the world then our mental state and heart is within the world and this is wrong.
◙ If I really want to go to heaven and want to become a part of God’s family, then I should make an effort to really study the Word before studying worldly teachings. Even if we stop breathing, we should stop thinking about God.
◙ It is now time for us to open our eyes and hearts and truly see and feel. We must truly have hearts that believe in God and work on our shortcomings. It is said that faith comes from hearing and one must “know” in order to have the right faith.
◙ God’s heart needs to become my heart and my heart needs to become like God’s heart. If I put God’s heart in mine then wouldn’t a human’s heart become a heavenly heart? This is how we can understand God’s perspective, situation and will.
◙ God’s pastor should have all of God’s elements in his heart. If you want to have God’s spirit inside of you then you have to have God’s Word inside of you. If this is the case then God will automatically be with you.

◙ If we really have the right faith where we are truly trying to do God’s will, then all our thoughts and appearance should change. All things must change if we really want to become a part of God’s family and a part of heaven and not a part of this world.
◙ If you have come into God’s temple then you must become a quality person.
◙ When we look at the worth of our faith and God’s will, we can see that it is a very good thing that we have come into God’s plan. Therefore, we must be sealed with the Word and make sure we are sealed 100%.
◙ We must not disappoint our brothers who have been bought with Jesus’ blood and who are like one body with us. It is written that it would be better for a man to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea than it is to disappoint a brother. It is also written that a man would leave 99 of his sheep to save one lost sheep (Mt 18). Therefore, let us treat each person as if he is precious and save them with love. Let us become people that needed to each other and help each other.

◙ We are living our faith in front of God and we are people who need God’s help. Therefore, we the saints must always pray and not rest. We should always ask and pray to God for help. Don’t just say “Oh well, I guess I can’t do it” without praying. We should not act like this. Therefore, we must pray to God before doing all things.
◙ If you are a Shinchonji person, then we must all strive to become walking Bibles regardless of who we are and we must practice the “perfection of self” in order to become capable people. You should do this regardless of where you go. Even if God wanted to throw this type of person away he would not be able to because of the knowledge inside of this person. Where else can you go and buy this kind of precious jewel? It is only through God’s Word that we become precious. If we store the Word like a jewel in our heart then God will not be able to throw us away because it would be too costly. Therefore, let us make an effort to become people who are capable.

◙ We Shinchonji people need to become God’s light and shed light onto the entire world wherever we go. This is how God can receive glory. In order for us to do that we should have same repentant hearts like the people of Nineveh and pray.
◙ If a better world comes and goes or if someone else is doing well or poorly, how is all of this going to benefit me? I will only profit if I am doing well and I become complete. So let us not criticize other people’s wrongdoings but make an effort to clothe ourselves with perfection, just like the phrase “cultivate one’s mine and manage one’s household so that we can govern the nation and restore the world with peace.”=(수신제가 치국평천하). This is only possible through the Word. We can only be born again through the Word and we can only overcome through the Word.
◙ God is love and so we too must love in order for us to become children born of God.
◙ Let us “advance without stopping” in order to meet our objective

◙ Wouldn’t it be a problem if you had the ambition to go to heaven but didn’t have the qualifications to enter it? One can only be received into heaven and by God if he is sanctified by God’s Word (Jn 17:17).
◙ If a person is born of God’s seed and spirit then he will have the same thoughts as God. God’s objective is to build a kingdom with these kinds of people.
◙ There clearly is a day when God’s history will be complete and that day is soon approaching. Whether that day comes sooner or later depends on us. We need to do all that we can for the glory of God and Shinchonji.
◙ It is written that we must forgive the sins of others in order for our sins to be forgiven. Let us not think about the wrongdoings of others but think that perhaps it could be a wrongdoing on my part and let us love each other. It is written that love covers over a multitude of sins (1Pe 4:8). Let us become one as we run towards our objective.

◙ Jesus, our teacher, has suffered in every way and took to the cross and passed away. Thanks to Jesus’ blood, we are able to receive salvation and we have become his disciples. There is no need for us to show off or try to be served.
◙ Those who are full do not think about food very much, but those who are hungry think about it all day and night. Just as it is written in Mt 13:52, “Every teacher of the law who has been instructed about the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out new treasures as well as old and knows what to feed.” We must keep the Word, or food for life, in our hearts so that we can bring it out and be like Jesus who is the owner. Therefore, shouldn’t we be able to completely understand the Bible regardless of the page that is opened?
◙ We who have become heavenly citizens must shed light like the sun, moon, and stars. In order to do that we must refine ourselves like rocks that will shed light. We have to keep and stamp Jesus’ blood in our hearts; that is how we can be stamped with the Word.

◙ The great multitude in white is not just going to come. They will come after completion of several course procedure. Soon pastors will come in crowds. Therefore, in order for us not to have our seats taken away as the 144,000, the kingdom and the priests, then shouldn’t we be better than those pastors? Your seat will be kept by your “zeal.”
◙ We must not expect to receive glory all alone. In order to share in the glory, please remember the word that we also must share in suffering (Rom 8:17). Furthermore, we must cooperate with one another (Rom 8:28). If some work and the rest do not, then it does not fulfill Romans 8:28 about gathering our forces. Therefore, we must bring our forces joined in every possible way.
◙ Let’s all become people who are capable, so that we become a light to many people. Let’s also love each other. We have become God’s kingdom and his people–priests and the great multitude in white–by being purchased and being cleansed through Jesus’ blood. We are his who purchased us through his blood. For that reason, we must act according to his will on everything we do. Now, we all need to become ” influential people of the world” in order to become the light of the world.

◙ Do not be thrilled with your lips alone by uttering, “We will attain salvation, and the new world will be established.” Instead, we must first thoroughly understand the logic of prophecy and fulfillment, and by doing so we must stand in complete faith.
◙ By understanding this word, we will be able to have strength, which enables us to overcome anything that comes our way in the world.
◙ If the holy spirit comes into me, then the holy spirit will govern and guide me. Since God is with the word, the way to have the holy spirit inside me is to have God’s word dwell in me.
◙ The reason why one quickly falls when the wind blows against him is because that person has not stood straight.
◙ Some people give reasons as to why some are doing well and some are not doing well. The reason why they say such things is because they have lost their standard of faith. If your standard of faith is based on the word, then you won’t be shattered due to personal trivial matters. God knows whether you are shaking or not. Therefore, we must stand in complete truth if we want to live, must we not?
◙ Just because we feel like we can go to heaven does not mean we can really go to heaven. We need capabilities to enter heaven.
◙ This world is nothing to us. It is just like empty crust. One can become grain and can have life have only when God is there. All blessings can exist because of God.
◙ What makes me worry is that our saints might have their seats taken away because people dawdled. We must endeavor to work. What must we do? We must endeavor to know the word better and to testify about the word better.
◙ How wonderful it is to do God’s work! Therefore, we must work with overflowing joy and gladness. If one is hesitant to do God’s work peevishly, God won’t accept that person.
◙ Even if we speak one word, we have to speak in a way that the word we speak can even penetrate the bones of people who hear us. Should we be compared to the vague people of this world? People in the world are the people of the world, whereas people in heaven are the people of heaven. Hence, let’s become people of heaven by being born again.

◙ We must not live like a fool by living our faith blindly or walk the life of faith in formality. We have to live a faith that is smart and wise; we have to have the kind of faith where we realize the truth and believe.
◙ We must receive God’s spirit of wisdom and have true perception. If we want to act according to God’s will, then we must know God’s will.
◙ Shouldn’t I do my share of work before this history is complete? We shouldn’t say, “I’m done because I graduated. I’m done because I came to heaven.” From now on until the final destination day comes we have to do our part.
◙ So that we can genuinely hear the words “This is heaven,” we must truly become the City of Truth. We must create a beautiful world.
◙ God wants to use us to create a true world of paradise. Let us fall in step and be fervent in doing all that we can.
◙ God is Word and Jesus is Word therefore, we too must put the Word in our heart so that we can become “walking Bibles.”

(To all the saints of Shinchonji)
If anyone wants to become a part of God’s kingdom, the 144,000, then one would need to dedicate his body and work.
I will testify in front of my God the Father and in front of Jesus
One can become a part of the 144,000 chief priests if one work with the mentality of a living martyr. One can then receive salvation and eternal life.
If one is inside Shinchonji but makes excuses and does not work then he will not be able to achieve his hope.
If one knows today (the second coming) and if one is together with the Lord then one will know what his mission is and what heaven’s will is.
If one is not together with Shinchonji then it would be better for him to leave Shinchonji.
— Shinchonji year 29, June 23. Special written instructions from the Chairman —

◙ True Faith is believing in prophecies when they are fulfilled according to the Bible.
◙ Do you like having money and authority? If you have money and authority but end up going to hell, how will that save us? You won’t be able to gain salvation this way. We don’t have time to look back on the world. There is nothing in this world that is more important, that is better, that is worth more than to be sealed with the revealed words.
◙ If you think about going back to the flesh by living like the people of the world after starting out with the Holy Spirit, then you will be despised by God. The time has now come for us to cut the cord with the world. The time has now also come for us to build God’s kingdom.
◙ God is love and therefore we must be loving. God is the word and therefore we too must be the word. Therefore we must wake each other up, love each other, and hold each other’s hands. Let us go on together to fulfill God’s kingdom and God’s joyous history.

◙ The Bible testifies that there will be a great white multitude who are washed with Jesus’ blood after the 144,000 are sealed. Therefore, even if it means that you have to stay awake day and night, you must first know the Word, you must first believe, and you must first be zealous. Isn’t this the only way that those who follow me will do as I do?
◙ If you want to sow God’s seed of life as opposed to the devil’s seed, you must first completely understand. You must also become a perfect seal so that you can become the one who testify about completeness.
◙ before telling others to love I first must love. Before telling others to believe I first must believe. Before telling others to gain knowledge I first must gain knowledge. After that, let us not forget that all people need to be created to have faith and knowledge just like myself.

◙ The people in this world are smart and they know many things and they even went to the moon. But God is the great superintendent of the heavens and the earth and he has the highest wisdom. We have become his children and we should not be the children who doesn’t know what our Father does.
◙ If there is a good thing then everybody wants to know about. But first we must ask ourselves “Do I really have the qualifications to know the deep things of God?”
◙ Today, Shinchonji is spreading what was fulfilled according to the Bible and seen without editing or changing it. Those who hear it and keep it will be blessed. You shouldn’t say “Well, what that has to do for me to know?” If you are truly waiting for this to happen, then you would listen to the Word and believe.
◙ God and Jesus are light and love and since we have been born from them we truly need to become the realities of light and love. Since the Word is light and life, those who have the Word will become light and have life.

◙ “Knowing” for us is “victory.”
◙ Is the person who is speaking at the altar there because he has nothing better to do? Does he want to speak to people who do not listen? That person would want to take away what those people have given inside of them. Even though the Words are given you still think to yourself, “Keep talking. All I can think about right now is my business.” We should not be like this. People who think like this need to leave Shinchonji. If you have come to God’s nation, then your heart and sincerity should be dedicated God.
◙ We in Shinchonji need to complete ourselves. Didn’t Jesus tell us to be like “the owner”? We need to be like the teacher of the law who is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old (Mt 13:52). Just as God and Jesus are Word-filled beings, we too must become Word-filled bodies so that we can become like walking Bibles (Jn 1:1, 14, Hab 2:2). We must testify about God’s Word and we must bring about God’s glory.
◙ If we really believe, then our faith would not be less than the prophets and the apostles and we would risk our lives and believe. And we must gain new life.

◙ What type of person do we need to be? Because we were born from God’s seed according to God’s Word, we need to be holy just as God is holy. Just as God has truth and life, shouldn’t we have it also? Let us make an effort to complete ourselves.
◙ Now the entire world will start to acknowledge Shinchonji. If that is the case, then do we really need to think about material things? Therefore, let us not become foolish people but people who are smart and who have conviction.
◙ Above all else we need to love each other. Let us not forget that we should help each other with words and that we should love each other.
◙ Today, we have followed the Biblical Words and we need to know where we are at and what type of people we are becoming. We have been called before others and so we should have a thankful heart and do our best.

◙ We must know the history of the Bible, the history that God is working, the history that the devil is working, and we must know the history that is being worked by the believers who are in between God and the devil. Then our path to faith will be straight.
◙ How must we live our faith? At this point in time when Revelation is being fulfilled and the 12 tribes are being completed, we should not have one foot in the world or look back on the world, should we? We should try to rule as kings of heaven rather than being kings of the earth. If so then why do you like the things of the earth so much? You don’t need those things. Everything that was once lost will be found again as God’s kingdom will be established here on earth.
◙ Since we are living our faith, let us do so firmly. If we want to do this then we have to know the Word. Let us confirm the Word and become people who are sealed with the Word to make sure that there is nothing wrong with us. This is how we can “complete ourselves.”

◙ Just as the flowers face heaven when it blooms, all creation in the world have their heads facing heaven. How much more then shall humans, the supreme creature, return glory in front of God?
◙ It is written that the sheep will be separated from the goats. If a person is still not a lamb and is still in the place of a goat, then this person has no need to come to Shinchonji. Some people might say “why does he speak such sad things?” But this is a fact. We have been told that our citizenship is in heaven, we have been shown the Bible and we have been given the testimony. But if you still have hopes of worldly things then this type of person needs to leave Shinchonji and go pursue his hopes.
◙ If I give 100% of my heart to God then God will fill my heart 100%.
◙ I (the chairman) have never rejected God’s work despite the many hardships that I have faced and have done God’s work. Similarly, let us use “every drop” of our lives to do God’s work.

◙ For those who truly want to follow the will of God through the Bible, they should reflect themselves on the word.
◙Unless you are attentive to the word, you cannot be sealed. Can unsealed be a part of 12,000 from each tribe, a total of 144,000? The unsealed cannot be a part of them. If the people truly sealed, then they can overcome the falsehood.
◙There are many kinds of animals out there. Do you think it makes sense for anybody to be deceived by none other than a little mouse, a tiny creature? You have to be sealed in order to not to be deceived but more “to win the approval of God.”
◙We should complete the work of God by being united with Him. We must be with Him. Therefore we should put an end to focusing on our personal affairs.
◙Just as recorded that your pain won’t be remembered after giving birth, our pain and suffering won’t be remembered upon completing our task. The rest will come when this work is announced to the whole world and God is enthroned here on earth. Thus, let us fulfill our task up until that day.

►We must be completely sealed so that we can see the entire book of Bible and understand. Do not say that the Bible is a difficult book to understand. Once you have a determined heart to listen to what God is trying to say though the Bible, you can easily master the word.
►We should not be people who look back when God’s history is being fulfilled. Time has come to work wholeheartedly for the work of God. Jesus would not have said not to worry about things to wear and to eat for he knew that men hang on to the matter of what to eat and what to wear (Mt.6:25~31). However, if we commit ourselves to the work of God, there is nothing that cannot be done.
►We truly should not disappoint God but rather be ones who are capable that is approved by God. We shouldn’t become the fools who discard the greater things for small things of our personal lives.
►Just as recorded in 1Th5, let us become person of the day who are awakened and work rather than becoming the people in darkness. We can glorify God by doing so. Let’s prepare ourselves to live in the Kingdom of Heaven.

◙ We must know this word correctly and weigh out and consider it if it is logical or not. We must not try to get around the word or as if we were crossing water with rain boots on us. [SSN means that knowing the word in a hazy manner is as haphazard, quick, and superficial as crossing the water with rain boots.]
◙ We cannot even be a part of the great multitude dressed in white before we wash our robes. Washing our robes with the water of life, which is as clear as crystal, does not imply that we must wash our physical outfits. We need to wash the robes of our hearts (actions). Any inadequate actions from us have to be corrected. The water of life through which we wash our robes signifies the word of God.
◙ Whenever we do the work of God, it has to be done wisely. Instead of waiting for somebody else to take care of the given work, each one of us must be able to stand on our own and carry out the work on our own. People who are wandering around like bystanders here in Shinchonji cannot be considered believers.

◙ Today is the time when God’s kingdom unveils itself to the whole world. At a time like this, each person must at least think about this question: What have I done at this time?
◙ We must have adequate qualifications to heal many people. To be qualified for that job, we need to improve and polish ourselves all the more to become complete. When you examine the physical fulfillment one by one, don’t you realize how God has done and has been doing all this work for us—the work which human beings neither knew nor could perform? Thus, we must have faith and make an effort to finish our tasks with gratefulness towards God.
◙ Let us become smarter people more than any secular people in this world. If we were meant to live as secular people, it would have been okay to be like them. We, however, are those who strive to enter heaven, are we not? If so, we must be better than those people. Instead of living as a fool, let us be equipped with smartness and become believers whom heaven can acknowledge.
◙ Just because someone walks into the kingdom of heaven does not mean that person becomes a saint of heaven. Hence, we must walk on the path of righteousness and justice, which are our absolute principles. We must be righteous and just more than anybody.

◙ We must have essential mentality of “I need to live my faith according to God’s will, and I must receive salvation.” The reason why people become arrogant and act imprudently is because they do not understand this well.
◙ If one wants to be a new person well-suited for the new era, then one must be born again from God’s seed and from today’s heavenly culture. All the things about how great you were, and your accomplishment in the past do not matter. Because your new life has begin through Shinchonji.
◙ Shouldn’t I become a person of value (especially by accomplishing one’s personal mission)? A person who is at a loss can’t be used anywhere and can’t help but live a useless life. We need to become people of value, people who would want to meet, and people who wanted to be with by many.
◙ Everybody needs to throw away their personal greed and only come inside the Word. Then this is how the Word will go inside of you. There is only death if you only live by your own thoughts and your own judgments. Therefore, we all must come inside the Word.

◙ When we pray to God our prayer should not be absurd but it should be honest. When we pray we should ask that we be used for God’s history in any way possible. We should also ask that we be made to become workers that can do good job for God’s work.
◙ We should not just be better then the worldly churches and their people but we should be completely different. We should know righteousness and unrighteousness, God and Satan; we should never again go down the path of unrighteousness. We have to be created righteously.
◙ We are truly the light of God’s kingdom and heavenly citizens. But should we have the appearance like that of a radish that looks smooth on the outside but is rotten on the inside? We must do our best to become the light that sheds light upon the whole world so that everybody can come before God and give thanks and return glory to him.
◙ Let us love each other like we love our own bodies. Do not say “You are a bad person and I am a good person.” Let us love each other and become one.

◙ Do not live a faith of flattery but a true faith (with justice and righteousness).
◙ A dead person cannot feel anything even if you hit him. Since the Word is life, a person who does not have the Word is spiritually dead, isn’t he? Therefore, one must fully have this Word of life.
◙ if you learned the Word, then you must be the light that reveals the glory of God.
◙ In the end, it will be reveal who has learned the Word perfectly and who has believed properly. Therefore, everyone, be perfect in the Word you learn.
◙ God is the Word and Jesus is the Word. we who have been born from his seed, we ought to become the embodiment of the word (말씀체). There are no reasons or excuses (for not becoming the embodiment of the word). This shouldn’t be the case of “I don’t need to know because I am too old” or “I don’t need to know because I am too young.” You must not forget that you can only become a child of God if you are born from God’s seed.

◙ One must know the Bible in order to know oneself. If one does not know the Bible then one will not know anything about himself or of anything else.
◙ We can receive salvation because we have been made holy through the Word of truth. We can also meet the requirements to become heavenly citizens of God’s nation. We must be thankful and think to ourselves, “I have really become a part of God’s nation and the twelve tribes thanks to God’s grace. I have become a heavenly citizen of God’s nation.” We must be eternally thankful for this.
◙ We must “go down the path that God has given us.” In order to redeem this world, God has been making history for 6000 years. Shouldn’t we have the heart to try and help God?
◙ The only way to live together with God is to “live together with the Word.”
◙ Let us not think about who does right and who does wrong. If we become the light then all things will be resolved.

◙ The problem isn’t whether another person goes to hell or not, or he really believes or not. When we look at the Bible we have to make sure that we ourselves achieve enlightenment.
◙ Since all things are God’s creation and in order to achieve world peace we have to embrace everyone (regardless of religion or race).
◙ No matter how great the world’s philosophy is it cannot even make one root of grass. But God created the heavens and the earth and all creation. That is why it is written that God is “wise” (Job 12:13, Isaiah 40:28). God is philosophy and he is life. If we are going to pursue philosophy, shouldn’t we learn “God’s philosophy”?
◙ One’s faith is weak, this and that…… Do not make evaluation on others based on your own calculations. Let’s believe in God’s Word. As long as we make God’s kingdom, let’s make splendid kingdom and let us become the splendid people of God.

◙ If we truly believe in God and the Bible then we should know what the Bible is trying to tell us. We should go inside the Bible and analyze its content.
◙ We should not stop after learning the Word. From now on “our actions should be upright (according to the Word).”
◙ If we really have the heart to share in the sufferings of Jesus and the Prophets (Romans 8:17) then our faith should develop just as much as our realization.
◙ There is nothing greater then heaven, eternal life, and God. Some of us who first come into Shinchonji might say “this bothers me when I see this or that.” But perhaps there is something wrong with our eyes and hearts. Shouldn’t we be able to overcome all trials that we face?
◙ Sometimes those who are senior to you in faith may give you trials. But we need to overcome all trials with a thankful heart. Who would try to give you trials on purpose? Therefore, we need to overcome all things through perseverance.

◙ You might say “the 12 tribes, the church” with words only but when you come to church day and night you are thinking “how am I going to eat and live in this world?” If you are doing this then God will not be pleased. The reason is because God said to not worry about what you will eat or what you will wear (Matthew 6:25-34). If you have the mentality of “I will do God’s work and I will complete God’s work regardless of whether I live or die” then there is nothing that can’t be done.
◙ We have to do all things in an upright manner. Even when we write something, we should think “oh, I must talk about God first and then about Jesus.” Shouldn’t we have this kind of mentality? People who like heaven need to make things good and make people like what is good. One shouldn’t create bad things and then say that it is good.
◙ Shouldn’t we teach those people who do not know anything about the Bible? All of you who are leaves of the tree of life should be teaching the Bible. Therefore, we must know all things about the Bible perfectly and our every word should be proper regardless of who hears what we say. This is how peace will come and this is how we can build the qualifications to become the owner of the world. Isn’t this right? Then, we become people that have the highest way of heaven’s teaching.

◙ Our faith is no joke. If you want to live your faith then do so with certainty. If you want to quit then quit. Once you pledge and dedicate yourself to God, shouldn’t you fulfill this to the very end?
◙ It is written that some who are first will be last and that some who are last will be first. Why is that? It all depends on your level of effort. Therefore, we must run fervently so that we do not lose our own positions.
◙ Let us become people that God can believe in and who are well worthy of inheriting all the things that God will give us. It is not right for an untrustworthy person to receive inheritance from God. Even if he were to receive it how can he with so much embarrassment? Therefore, let us become like bowls who are worthy of receiving it.
◙ What I keep crying out loud is, “We truly have to become people of faith that God can acknowledge.” Don’t involve yourselves with “This person is doing well and this person is not.” Let us run for our mission and objectives.

◙ If God and God’s ability work together with us then all things will be well. If we can master all things because of this and if all things are made new, then heaven and paradise will not just be words from our mouths but we will actually be able to feel heaven and paradise as they will be fulfilled.
◙ If you have great faith and if you are with God’s spirit as He has planned, then no lion will be able to attack you. We must have this type of believing heart and our goal should be to have great faith and to have God’s spirit within us.
◙ Today we who have received all the inheritance from God must love all creation just as God loved all sinners. Also, we must heal all nations by making things new.
◙ If we are the heavenly citizens of God’s newly created kingdom, then we must to our best to fulfill our duties having equipped ourselves with qualification and value as the heavenly citizens. We must do this for ourselves, for God, and for God’s nation that is newly created. We must not become a nation that disappoints God again.

◙ In order for the Bible to be worth reading one must be able to realize it. Once you have understanding of the Bible you must able to follow it.
◙ We have to go to heaven and we have to become people that can adjudicate for heaven. We have to master and have complete and thorough knowledge of the Bible.
◙ Before we try to save others we must first make an effort to try and receive salvation ourselves.
◙ If we think that our actions are wrong then we must have the heart to try and fix them. If you love money and authority which have nothing to do with your faith and think that you can go to heaven then that is wrong.
◙ You shouldn’t say “that’s right or wrong” after listening to the words of worldly people. You must find enlightenment from the Words of God.
◙ Just as God said to “make man in our own image” we should make the worldly people according to our image as well. Therefore, we should love the world together with God by having the same heart as God and by receiving God’s seed. Let us serve God and let us make it so that we enter an era where God will be able to rule the world.

◙ It is not acceptable to just want to know the word and want to listen to the word without doing the work. Now you must work according to the amount of knowledge you have acquired.
◙ The kingdom of heaven will not be given to goat-like believers. Therefore you must ask yourself whether you are a goat-like believer or a sheep-like believer although you have come before God’s throne. You cannot become a sheep-like believer if you have not cut your ties with the world or are still bound by the things of the world.
◙ There is an old saying: ‘First discipline your mind and body and then manage the household. Only then will you be able to govern the nation and eventually subdue (in peace) the world.’ Likewise, you must correct your body and soul first and love those who are close to us. Furthermore, we must love all people.
◙ What must we have in order to do God’s work? We must have faith and knowledge (skill). We must do our best in our mission with our skill. Thus we shall be honorable wherever we go.

◙ God will be with the people who have the actions that please Him. However, God will not be with those who are arrogant or who cause trouble and want to use God for personal benefit.
◙ Everyone (the congregation members of South Africa), though we are now speaking together in this small room here, there are 100,000 people who are watching and praying on our behalf. They are watching and praying for us. Therefore, you must believe that God is with us since He has led my step here. Since we have come with God, God is going to pour out His grace here. So, let us become the people who can work with God.
◙ What is the work that we must do as the chosen people? First, we are helping people not to add or subtract from the book of Revelation. Second, we help people to be harvested, so that they can go to the Kingdom of God. Third, we are helping those who are not yet a part of the 12 tribes of God’s kingdom to be sealed with words so they can be a part of the 12 tribes. Therefore, let us make a greater effort to create (and complete) God’s kingdom on earth according to that which has been fulfilled in heaven. And let us welcome God and live with him for thousands, ten thousands of years, forever.

◙ If we do not know God’s position and situation, how are we able to follow God’s heart and work well accordingly to His will. Our faith can stand firm once we come to complete understanding. Thus, we must first know and understand what God’s will and heart is.
◙ If we are people who are to inherit everything by overcoming, then we become the owners. If that is the case, shouldn’t we love what was given? And since we love, we must correct things that are wrong along the way.
◙We must forsake our own personal thoughts, but only follow the word and become one with the Word of God.
◙ Because the people of this world are ignorant of the Bible, we must really be wise on teaching this Bible. In order to do this, we must first understand this entire book of Bible.
◙ There are many famous people in this world. However, in the eyes of God those who are acknowledged by God will be considered as renowned. Let us become these people whom God acknowledges.

◙ We must become the the best of holy kingdom of justice and righteousness of God. Who would like us if we found fault in others and curse one another day and night? We must first correct our own faults, forgive others, and love them, rather than cursing them. We must act according to the commands of Jesus.
◙ We must live with knowledge and understanding and bear other’s cross as Jesus has done. Jesus gave his life to forgive our sins and he gave us great teachings as well, so let us keep them. Once we unite our heart with Jesus, we will become one with him.
◙ This year is coming to an end. As we are receiving the new year, we ought to grow personally. We must lead the world in every way. If we are the same with people of the world, then we are no different than them. Therefore let us equip ourselves with enough leadership, so that we can lead the world and greet the new year.