24 questions about religion

The Joongang Daily News published an article on December 17, 2011, which listed a series of questions the late founder of the Samsung Group, Lee Byeongcheol, asked about religion. The bold-print, front-page article has since drawn a lot of attention around Korea because Mr. Lee directed his 24 questions concerning religion, to a catholic priest a month before he passed.
The world is paying careful attention, not only because the questions were asked by one of the top leaders in the global economy, but also because no one has been able to properly answer them for the last twenty-four years.
The following article provides clear and definitive answers to Lee’s 24 questions about religion. It has been 24 years since these questions were asked, but the answers are finally being proclaimed to the public. Now the people of the world can find the truth they have been seeking.
Religion and the mindset of the world
There are two kinds of entities in the spiritual world. Of the two, I respect God and those who belong to him. In the physical world, I would like to acknowledge the Buddha, the eastern prophet Nam Sa Go, the Buddhist monk Seongcheol and Samsung’s Lee Byeongcheol because they are honest.
Just as the Buddha questioned religion as he agonized over the difficulties of life, Lee Byeongcheol asked his questions about religion in emotional pain as he faced death. Neither of them had the ability to answer their own questions. The Buddha and Nam Sa Go could only speak about what they knew. Before we talk about God, we must first understand the origin of religion. Who can answer questions such as these correctly (1 Cor 2:10)?
Answers to Lee Byeongcheol’s questions about religion
1. How can you prove God’s existence? Why doesn’t God clearly reveal himself?
Answer: Looking at oneself gives proof of God’s existence. God does not reveal himself to people because God and men have become enemies.
There are two kinds of gods or spirits: God the creator, who is life, and an evil spirit, who is a created being.
Each kind of god has both a parent-god and a child-god. The god who exists inside of a person is the child-god. A person (body) is like the house for a god.
A god is a spirit and the soul is life. Even if the god leaves, a person is able to breathe and live if he still has the soul. When both the god and the soul leave, the person dies. However, even if a body is dead, the spirit is still alive. We cannot know God if we do not know about religion. Man (Adam), who was created and was the child-god of the Creator (Acts 17:29), became a living spirit after receiving the breath of life (Gn 2). However, as a result of receiving the evil spirit of the dragon, who is a created being, the living spirit and the evil spirit became one. This caused confusion, anxiety, and pain. The soul and the spirit left, the flesh returned to the dust and became dust (Gn 3).
People who are born with the genes of the first man (Adam) are the people who have been living on this earth until today. When man, who is the child-god of God, receives another god, the parent-god, who gives life, leaves and after living the life they are left with, the man dies.
As a result of inherited sin and personal sin accumulating on top of original sin; sin increased and our lifespan became shorter (Gn 6:1-3; Ps 90:10). Because evil entered into life, pain and death also came into existence. By receiving another god, sin was committed and because of this sin, the holy God of life left men. The parent-god cannot come to people because of sin and people cannot go to the parent-god because of sin. This is how there came to be a division between heaven and hell.
Confirmation: I am dreaming. My spirit (god) that looks like me comes out from me, goes far away and wanders around. The spirit wanders around and is able to see and hear. My body’s soul, which is still within the body, is not dead and is still breathing. The spirit (god) and soul (life) are separated. The spirit which left even has the ability to fly. The soul which remains in my body lies still and breathes. When the soul (body), which is the house of the spirit, is shaken, the spirit comes back immediately. The spirit then lets the soul know what it has seen and heard. The child-god cannot receive help from the parent-god as a result of sin. One cannot know God through worldly knowledge or wisdom.
Since there are two kinds of gods, which give two kinds of thoughts of the heart, it causes confusion; and after suffering under this kind of captivity and pressure, the spirit leaves, the soul also leaves and only the body (house) is left to return to the ground.
Heavenly religion belongs to the parent-god and it is education which is given to the child-god. This education provides a way for the child-god to meet the parent-god and receive the breath of life. The spirit, which became a living spirit as a result receiving of the breath of life, became a dying spirit and soul as a result of receiving an evil spirit. How does it cause death? It sends all kinds of illnesses and destroys the inner parts of the body (house). Because the house is destroyed, the spirit leaves. By understanding religion, escaping from the evil spirit, and believing in the parent-god, who helps people to become living spirits, the body will be judged and die because of the original sin, hereditary sin, and personal sin, but the spirit will live by being encouraged through faith. This is due to a separation between the child-god and the evil spirit, which was with the child-god.
In order to save mankind, who is in this kind of state from the evil god, first the cost of sin must be paid (with the blood of a righteous man). The evil god must be overcome and one must overcome oneself. This is when one is able to find oneself once again, escape from the evil god and become one with the parent-god, who is the Creator and life. This is the path of religion. This does not occur simply by wishing for it, but rather, it is possible through the one who gives us the path and life (religion). It is similar to a reunification where an orphan finds and drinks the breast milk of his mother.
I have seen the God of heaven, have heard his voice, dreamed dreams and have experienced the spirit and the soul leaving my body. I have also experienced the spirit and the soul leaving and returning (to the body, which is the house of flesh) twice.
Both times I tried hard not to die. After the spirit and soul left, I did not think at all about the body, which was the house. With the same outfit I wore while I was alive, I was traveling somewhere on earth. This happened when I was walking on a path by myself. I do not remember for how long I had left the flesh. I was going far away and the moment I thought about the body, I was back in the body and came back to life again.
Conclusion: The proof of the parent-god is to look at oneself, who is a child-god. How can the son say the father does not exist because he has not seen him? The reason why the parent-god does not show himself is because the child-god has committed sin by uniting with another god. This is why the parent-god (holy spirit) has been groaning (Rom 8:19-27). If I wrote based on the evidence recorded in the Bible, I would have a lot more to say; but I have explained, as you can see above, so people who do not believe would also be able to understand.
2. How can it be proved that God is the creator of the universe and all living things?
Answer: One cannot say a king does not exist simply because he has not seen him in the palace. The proof God created all things is creation itself. How can anything grow if there is no seed and how can anything sprout if nothing has been planted?
The Creator is life and the words of God, who is life, become the seed to create all things (Lk 8:11; Jn 1:1-4). The creation of heaven and the earth is like the son existing because the father exists. The son knows his father. The reason why a son may not know his father is because he is not the son.
3. Biologists advocate human beings are the outcome of a long process of evolution. How is this different from God’s creation of humans? Are not humans or living creatures a consequence of evolution?
Answer: Humans and other living things are not the result of evolution but change. Then one may ask why there was a change. A color is one color, but when two colors are mixed, the result is not the same as the original color. The chick born of a mixed breeding of a native and foreign chicken is not the same as the parent chicken. The chick would be a half-half hybrid of the native and foreign breeds. What the true God has created is always the same. Yet, since there are two kinds of gods in this world, there are those who are born of another god and have become something different.
For example, the faces of identical twins are almost the same. Although the environment and the atmosphere each twin is exposed to are different, because the genetic information of the twins when they are created by a man and a woman are the same, the faces of the twins look the same. However, the face of the child born afterwards is different. The reason for this is the difference of accumulated sin and aging.
It is not evolution. When evil entered into the first man, a living spirit (life), the color and behavior of men became mixed and changed. Men began to resemble the image of two gods; however, when the Creator, who is life, returns, all men and creation will be restored to their original state. This change occurred because of the evil god.
4. Someday, it seems like synthesis of life and people living for a long time without illnesses might be possible. If scientific development continues, wouldn’t the existence of God be denied?
Answer: Someday, synthesis of life and people living a long time without illnesses is possible. What you have said is correct. However, it is not through science. I do not think just because science develops, it will be able to analyze the two kinds of gods. Gods can only be known through gods. Also, since life spans were shortened due to sin (within biblical history), when sin is decreased and disappears, people will be able to live longer. The only way to resolve the problem of sin is the blood of Jesus (a righteous man). This is when God could reunite with men.
5. If God loves people, why does he allow pain, unhappiness and death?
Answer: Mr. Lee, you are saying this because you do not understand the meaning of religion. There are two kinds of gods. One is the Creator, who is life and the other is an evil god, who is a created being. Of course, the Creator loves all creation because he created it. The evil god, who is a created being, makes all creation suffer because he did not create them. He makes people blame God just like Mr. Lee.
Then who is this evil god, the created being? In the spiritual world, there are four cherubs (four living creatures, four archangels); one of the cherubs (archangel), who was in charge of one-fourth of the troops, rebelled against God and became an evil god (Satan, devil). He tried to throw the true God out and make himself God. This was the traitor, the devil, who took away the whole world created by God, and he has been ruling over it.
The way the true God, who is the Creator, makes this fact known to the people is through the Bible. As written in the answer to the fourth question, someday the true God, the Creator, will come and restore everything to its original state. The pain people suffer is not given by the true God, the Creator; rather it is given by the traitor, the evil god.
6. Why did God create villains? Examples: Hitler, Stalin and other kinds of criminals
Answer: The true God, the Creator, did not make evil people. The traitor, the evil god, took people away; and in order to make them his, he entered into them and made them do evil acts. This is how they became evil people. The seed of a god is the words of that particular god. When an evil spirit enters into a person, that god makes the person act according to its will. Therefore, evil began from the evil god. I hope you understand all creation has a spirit and a soul. The way to know this (truth, fact) is through religion.

7. It is said Jesus came and died to atone for our sins. What are our sins? Why did God leave us alone to commit sin?
Answer: The price of sin is death (Rom 6:23). What kind of sin did we commit? Since Jesus died on behalf of us to pay the price of sin, our sins have been atoned. Is the reality of being atoned for really reflected in the way we live now? Also, why did God leave us to commit sin? You have asked good questions. If you were living right now, I would go to you right away and give you the answer. But for now, I pray and ask Jesus to help Mr. Lee, who is in Hades, come to know the true meaning of religion, repent, understand and attain salvation (1 Pt 3, 4). Jesus speaks on behalf of God and I came to speak on behalf of Jesus.
Explanation: The Creator God does not have a genealogy. He is the only God, who is self-existent (Ex 3:14). Our sin is not keeping and obeying God’s word (covenant), but believing the words of the traitor (Gn 2:17; Gn 3), Satan (snake), who said we would be like God. The Creator, who is the Father, told his son, who is a created being, he would die if he ate the fruit of the tree (of good and evil). This is similar to a covenant God made with his son. Although they knew this (truth, fact, knowledge), their sin was the fact they believed in the words of the snake (devil), who said they would become like God if they ate the fruit. This is a spiritual sin through which they turned their backs (betrayal) against the Father. This is the sin we have committed. The Father did not leave his son alone to commit sin. The son chose to sin. In the end, the words of the serpent were lies and God’s word was the truth.
Jesus’ blood of atonement was commemorated until the Second Coming with the bread and the wine (Mt 26), and it is effective at the Second Coming. Look at Revelation chapters 5 and 7. This is not a lie; it is the truth.
8. How was the Bible written? What proves that it is God’s word?
Answer: God began recording the Bible approximately four thousand years ago during the time of Moses. God made known to Moses the world which existed prior to Moses. God used people to write the sixty-six books of the Bible on behalf of him and therefore, God is the author. The reason why God made known what is recorded was so people could come to know and understand the true God, the devil, people who have sinned, and this reality in order to bring people back to God, lead people from what is evil to life, and give people salvation.
The contents of the Bible could be generally divided into history, teachings, prophecy and fulfillment. The following is an explanation which proves the Bible is God’s word. The Bible is a record of the revelations the prophets received. It is a history book which has recorded what God has done in the past. To say God’s prophecy, which is recorded inside the history book, was fulfilled accordingly, is proof the Bible is God’s word. God made a promise (prophecy) to Abraham and according to that promise, he came to Moses 400 years later and fulfilled the promise. Before Jesus appeared, God prophesied about Jesus through the Old Testament prophets. A few hundred years later, according to the promised prophecies, God came to Jesus and fulfilled all the prophecies (Jn 19:30). To say something appeared according to prophecy is proof God and the prophets existed. What is fulfilled is the promised prophecy. This prophecy is the revelation the prophets received and recorded; this revelation was what God gave to the prophets. The one who prophesied and the one who fulfilled the prophecies was God. The people who recorded what they heard and saw from God were the prophets. History and the physical fulfillment of the prophecies testify to this.
9. What is religion? Why do humans need it?
Answer: In the Western world, jonggyo (Korean word for religion) is referred to as religion. What does it mean? Jonggyo means “highest teaching.” Because it teaches people what is seen in heaven, it is the teaching of God. The meaning of the word religion is the teaching which reconnects the lifeline previously cut off. It is not teachings based on the level of this world, but based on the level of heaven.
Why do humans need this teaching?
Whether the child is good or bad, what kind of parents would not wish for their child to receive a good education? The Creator is the Father of all creation and all creation, which has been created, is his children. What heaven wants to make known is not the things of this world but the things of heaven and the things of God. The Bible contains contents such as the history of believing in God, teachings, prophecy and fulfillment. Religion teaches these things, and in particular, with regards to creation, prophecy and fulfillment, they are fulfilled according to what is seen in heaven. The reason people need this teaching, which is the teaching of heaven, is because religion educates people, who are captured by sin, with the things of heaven. This is so people could come out from sin (devil), return to God (cross over from death to life), receive salvation and live together with God in his kingdom, heaven.
10. What are the spirit and soul?
Answer: The question regarding the spirit and the soul is both easy and difficult at the same time. How can a person, whose entrance to heaven is blocked because of sin, understand the spirit and soul? It also should be known there are two kinds of entities, whose spirit and soul, are united. How can people of this world understand this?
Wherever there are water and light, there is also a soul. This soul is the life of all creation. However, the spirit is an entity who controls the life of all creation. If necessary, there are times when a spirit works through living things (such as animals or plants) besides people; but generally, this is not the case. People have souls, but the question is to whom does the spirit and soul belong?
What I am saying is there are two kinds of gods (spirits). Mr. Lee Byungcheol has dealt with people who have a lot of money and power. How much have you dealt with God or the poor? There is an old song with lyrics that say, “A person who has possessions but cannot use them is the beggar amongst beggars, but the person who does not have anything, yet lives well, is the hero of immortal rivers and mountains.” How much money and power do you have right now, Mr. Lee Byungcheol? You don’t have anything. Whether poor or rich, are they not the same?
Why did people, who have the spirit and soul, kill all the messengers God sent for the past six thousand years? To who do the spirits and souls of those who kill belong, which would cause them to commit such evil? The answer lies in the fact that they do not belong to God.
A spirit could go out and wander around in a dream but the soul is with the body. A spirit can even fly. This spirit controls and leads the soul, that is, the living person. Not only this, the spirit could even meet the spirit of a dead person. When a person dies, the spirit and the soul leave the flesh. If my spirit unites with the spirit of evil, then it is thrown into a chaotic state; and even if I know it is wrong, I could do an evil act because of the spirit of evil, which has captured me.
The soul and spirit is the life and mind within the body.
11. What kinds of religion are there and what are its characteristics?
Answer: In the east, there are the three paths–Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. There are many religions which have broken off from these three paths but have similar teachings. The way these three religions–Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism–have expressed themselves in different time periods, may be different; but it is in essence referring to the same thing and in this sense, it is one religion.
The text for Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, is a record of what people heard and saw from a divine being, but no one has been able to understand the meaning of it until today. There are other religions such as Islam, Hinduism and Calvinism, but the founders of these religions were not people God had chosen and appointed. They sought for God on their own will and with a religious mindset, they received and recorded the revelation from heaven; but no one knows its meaning.
For example, Buddha started to walk on the path of religion because he wanted to know why people were born only to grow old, become sick and die. He received revelation and recorded it, but he could not understand the meaning. What he did know was Jesus would come. He said when Jesus comes, what he taught would be like a lamp without the oil, and he wrote the path of Buddhism would come to an end five hundred years later. Jesus came approximately five hundred years after Buddha. Even if Buddhism existed after Jesus came, it had become nothing but a lamp without the oil. What kind of spirit would be reigning in the midst of this kind of darkness? There is a saying: “Devils move at night.” The Zen Master Seongcheol said he met Buddha in hell and in 1987 on Buddha’s Birthday, he made the following confession in a Buddhist literary text: “Satan, welcome. I respect and worship you. You were originally Buddha,” [Choseon Ilbo 23 April 1987 p. 7, Gyunghyang News 23 April 1987 p.9, The Librarian’s Office of the Supreme Patriarch of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism (Keunbit Chongseo 1) Seoul Sashiyeon,1994, p. 56-59].
The words of the Zen Master Seongcheol are correct. He did not say this because he had become senile. Why do Buddhists continually follow this religion even if they know this fact? The people of Judaism killed the messengers sent by God (Mt 23:34-47; Acts 7:51-53; 1 Th 2:15). God sent his son Jesus, but they killed him as well because he was the heir. The reason why they killed him was so they could keep the church to themselves (Lk 20). How can there be grace and salvation in this kind of situation? This is the characteristic of religion.
The Bible says true salvation lies with the promised pastor and the twelve tribes, which is created once again at the time of the Lord’s Second Coming.
12. If one does not believe in Catholicism, will he still enter into heaven? There are many good people among those who do not have a religion, atheists and people of other religions. Where will they go after death?
Answer: This question comes from darkness (ignorance). Even if you do good deeds and do volunteer activities, you cannot enter into heaven unless you are born again. People think if you are good, give a lot of donations and attend church diligently, you will be saved. It’s not true. We must act in accordance to the Bible.
As it is written, in order to enter into heaven, one must act according to God’s will (Mt 7:21) and be born again with water (word: seed) and the holy spirit (Jn 3:5; 1 Pt 1:23). It is by being born again through God’s word, which is the seed (Lk 8:11), by having God’s holy spirit with you, by being sealed with the word of revelation from heaven, and by having one’s name written in the book of life, one is able to become a part of God’s family and enter into heaven (Rv 20:15, 21:27). In other words, a person must be born again through God’s spiritual seed and God’s spirit in order to go to heaven. What this means is the people of religion today do not have God’s spirit and God’s seed.
13. If the purpose of religion is to help people live morally, then why do Catholics consider their religion as the only true religion and other religions as cults?
Answer: Whether a person is Catholic or of another religion, if this person is not born again, he is in a cult. It is written in the Bible this kind of situation will exist at the Lord’s Second Coming. People who are born with the genes of Adam (those with original sin and increasing amounts of hereditary and personal sins) are all the same. Their seed is a physical seed, which is without the holy spirit; and the seed of the heavenly gospel is God’s seed (Lk 8:11). Anyone who is born again through God’s seed will have his sins atoned for by Jesus’ blood.
14. How can we believe the spirits and souls of people who have died do not die, but go either to heaven or hell?
Answer: There are times when a person’s spirit meets the spirits of dead parents, siblings, friends or celebrities in a dream, when one is half asleep, or in a vision. This proves the spirits of dead people exist just as my spirit exists in a dream. When a person dies, this person’s spirit does not go looking for heaven; heaven and God come to this earth (Jn 14:2-3; Rv 21:1-7). When this time comes, the living and the dead will be judged. They will be judged according to what they have done as recorded in the books (Bible) and will be sentenced to hell or heaven (Rv 20:11-15). Ask a corpse. He will not be able to answer because he does not have the spirit and the soul within him.
15. There are many who are rich even if they don’t carry out a life of faith. There are also evil people who enjoy the riches and comforts of this life. What is the teaching from God concerning this?
Answer: No matter how much you eat in a dream, you don’t feel full when you wake up. Similarly, riches and the comforts of this life don’t last forever. What you possess are the three meals you have eaten, and after death, you have nothing. We come to the earth with nothing in our hands and we leave this world with nothing. Even if a person gains the whole world, what good is it if he cannot protect his life (Mt 16:26)? The teaching from the true God is not about wealth and fame here on earth but it is about religion and giving life to people. It is also about leading people to heaven instead of hell.
16. The Bible compares a rich man entering heaven to a camel going through a needle’s eye. Does this mean the rich are evil?
Answer: The rich are not evil. There are two types of rich people: one is rich in terms of material wealth and the other is rich at heart. The end result of someone materially wealthy and someone who is materially poor is the same. They both have twenty-four hours and eat three meals a day. What is the difference?
However, it is different for those who are rich at heart. If the rich cannot enter heaven, why did God give Job more possessions? People who are rich at heart do not lack anything, so they become complacent and do not seek. The materially rich feel like their bowls are still not full so they seek and work to gain more material wealth.
If one comes to know oneself and the true God, whether one has a lot of authority or much wealth, one would realize what the true treasure is and seek for it. The true treasure is life. Rather than seeking for food which perishes like a dream, people must seek after the food which does not perish and is eternal.
17. If 99% of the Italian population are Catholics, why are there so many crimes and disorder in the society? Why can’t they set a good example for the world?
Answer: I think the reason why Mr. Lee said this is because he did not know about religion. He did not know about the two kinds of gods, the Creator’s position and which god controls this world. Not only Italy, but all mankind are in the same situation. When the Creator, the God of heaven comes, the god of evil will rebel even more. The Italian people try to carry out a proper life of faith and because the pope is there, the god of evil works all the harder. I think even if Mr. Lee Byeongcheol saw this, he could not understand; but if he had reached the proper stage of religion, he would have known. Not all people of religion are people of religion. Only those who act according to God’s will are the true people of religion.
18. Believers sometimes become fanatical. What is the difference between a communist being fanatical about communism and a believer being fanatical about religion?
Answer: Whether a person is fanatical about communism or about a life of faith, it is the same in terms of being fanatical. However the content and purpose of what the person is fanatical about are different. When believers come to know themselves, the world, the devil and the true Creator, they escape from evil and walk on the right path. On the other hand, those who follow communism do not follow it because they want to. Instead, they are forced to follow it by the communist authorities. They lose their freedom and are dragged by it. In terms of the world of faith, the origin itself is a different path.
19. They say Catholicism and communism are extreme opposites. Why then did nations with a large Catholic population become communist? For example: Poland and other Eastern European countries, Nicaragua.
Answer: It was not something the Catholics wanted. It says in the Bible, the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it. What creation hopes for is liberation from its bondage to decay and be brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God (Ro 8:20-21). All believers know those who are under communism are under pressure, groan and suffer; and we groan with them. We pray to God for their freedom.
20. Why are there so many crimes and suffering people even though there are many churches and Christians in our country?
Answer: This is similar to the answer for number 17. The Bible says Christians become more evil when they do not follow the principles of religion. It also says, when a person betrays, more evil spirits enter into the person (Mt 12:43-45).Only one-third of the Korean population are Christians and more than two-thirds are unbelievers. It is not just the Christians who are at fault. If the society of unbelievers and the Christian world become corrupt and as a result, the world is filled with unbelief and crimes, the Creator would destroy that world. At this time, the new heaven and new earth will be created and the true culture of heaven will renew the world.
Mr. Lee, have you ever thought about what would happen to your body and soul after death? Because you did not know, you probably did not think about such things. I pray you meet Jesus in Hades and learn about heaven, hell, corruption of the world, and about what you need to receive salvation.
21. They say the decision made by the Roman pope is infallible. He is also a human being so how can he claim such self-righteousness?
Answer: I think you are talking about the authority to make a decision inside the pope’s organization (Catholic Church). I think the authority was given to the pope because whether it is about one thing or another a decision has to be made. The true standard for people of religion is not that. It is the Bible. The Bible is God. The decisions should be made based on God’s standards. There is no perfection before the new generation born of God’s seed and the Father of heaven come. Everyone must know the promised will of the Bible and speak accordingly. I do not think it is something man could judge.
22. What is a priest? Why is he single? What is a nun? Why is she single?
Answer: I think priests and nuns are in a similar position as ministers and evangelists. There is a saying which says, it is better to live as a single person in one’s latter years, but Paul was single for his religious beliefs. The reason he remained single was so he could carry out a true life of faith and to do the work of the true Lord (1 Cor 7:8-9). However, this does not mean God wants to destroy the basis of creation (male and female).
Amongst all the religions in this world, I praise the way Catholics lead their lives of faith. Even though it is only outward, they have an ascetic mindset. They would be like angels if they only had God’s word within them. Unfortunately, they do not have the word. There is only one promised pastor in the New Testament; and also only one person who received the revelation, the word of life. How can the people of this world know this? However, those who pray will be able to find him.
23. Some Catholic organizations conclude the employees are exploited by the employers and encourage businesses to divide and collapse. Is this denying the system and benefits of capitalism?
Answer: You have misunderstood. Not only Catholics, but all believers believe in the God written about in the Bible. It is not about believing in the things of this world, nor is it about interfering with the things of this world. It is possible some people, who follow communist ideologies, have infiltrated into the private business sector. However, I do not think this is in accordance to the Catholic doctrines. We must become a nation and people who live well as a result of receiving the blessings of heaven. Businesses must exist for people to live. Before calling someone who divides and destroys businesses a communist, it could be said they are carrying out the actions of the devil.
24. Is the world coming to an end?
Answer: The world does not come to an end. There is, however, an end to a generation. In Genesis chapter one, there is a creation of heaven and earth; and in the New Testament, in Revelation chapter 21, it is written the first heaven and first earth disappear and a new heaven and new earth are created. It is written because heaven and God come to this place, there will be no more pain and death. What does this mean? How can the people of this world know God’s will?
Because people take the Bible passages literally, they say the world is coming to an end or there is going to be a World War III, but this is not true. When Adam’s world became corrupt, God went to Noah, who was Adam’s tenth descendant, and created a new world. When Noah’s world became corrupt, God went to Abraham, who was Noah’s eleventh descendant, and made a promise. Four hundred years later, God appointed Moses and brought Noah’s world to an end. When Abraham’s descendants, the Israelites, became corrupt, God went to Jesus and brought Physical Israel and the Law to an end (Mt 11:13; Lk 16:16).
The path, which was established through the First Coming of Jesus, comes to an end at the Second Coming because it also became corrupt. The re-creation of God’s new kingdom is referred to as a “new heaven and new earth.” This earth will not disappear and people will not disappear. Then what does it mean?
During the First Coming, Jesus did not sow physical seeds but sowed the spiritual seed of God’s word (Lk 8:11). At the Second Coming, the fruits which have grown from the seed are gathered to create God’s new kingdom and people. This is the new heaven and new earth. The passing away of the first heaven and earth refers to the churches, pastors and church members coming to an end. It does not mean the world will come to an end. It means the first heaven, in the religious sense, comes to an end and the new heaven, in the religious sense, is created. Within the world of religion, no logical rhetoric of this world, which is not of the Bible, could be acknowledged.
People, who speak on the topic of religion, should not speak through the thoughts of men but through the promise of the holy spirit. Because Mr. Lee saw things from a physical point of view, he misunderstood. If one views these questions from a religious point of view and from the viewpoint of heaven, I believe they would see Mr. Lee was speaking based from the viewpoint of the world.
I, the writer, have brought the food which does not perish, the food which leads to eternal life. I will give it for free to those who want it!
There are many other things in the Bible besides the questions Mr. Lee asked which Christians should know in order to receive salvation. I want to make this revelation known.