Who is Anti-nation, Anti-society, and Anti-religion?

The Christian Council of Korea (CCK), Christian Broadcasting Station (CBS), and their affiliated politicians should tell us the right answer.

Jesus asked whether he will find faith on the earth when the Revelation of the New Testament is being fulfilled (Lk 18:8). Whether people believe my words or not, in order for it to be a testimony later like in Ezekiel 3, I will testify about those who slander us, Shincheonji, blaming the innocent even though they are in the wrong. Let’s find out who is true and who is false. Jesus said that in the last days, many false prophets will appear so watch out that no one deceives you (Mt 24).

We, the volunteer group of Shincheonji, made a large-scale Korean palm-printed flag (60 by 40 meters), which was registered in the Guinness Book of Records as Korea’s largest palm-printed flag. We had invited foreign ambassadors and had held a grand event commemorating the National Liberation Day of Korea in front of the Peace Gate in the Seoul Olympic Park to put this large-scale flag up in the air. This large-scale Korean flag was made from the palm prints of elementary school to university students and members from various sectors of society, including the military and the police. After the event, we kept it at the Seoul National Cemetery. However, the CCK and the pastors and journalists of CBS said that all this activity was “anti-nation” and got rid of the flag. (Later, members of Shincheonji officially protested about CCK’s actions and took our flag back.) I would like to ask all citizens of Korea who is the anti-nation.

Furthermore, we carried out the largest-scale volunteer work in Korea as well as abroad. A report regarding our volunteer work that is about 5cm thick is being compiled. The report includes the records of what is being done every month as well as the award certificates and plaques that have been sent to our headquarters. Also, on Korean Memorial Day, we put up a large-scale Korean flag and 625 kites, which symbolized the June 25 start of the Korean War, to pray for the repose of the souls of patriotic martyrs and fallen patriots. Even at that time, the CCK and CBS hindered and blocked our event calling it anti-nation and anti-society.

Dear people of Korea, please tell us who really is anti-nation and anti-society. If what we have done is truly anti-nation and anti-society, then we will no longer host these kinds of events. We have carried out all these activities through our own efforts and expense.

Also, at the event commemorating the National Liberation Day of Korea, we put a large-scale Korean flag up in the air and proclaimed the Declaration of Unification. We also erected a monument to the Declaration of Unification on the East and West sides of the frontline to fill the hearts of Korean people with a desire for reunification. However, CCK and CBS pulled this monument down, calling this event again to be anti-nation. At that time, Buddhists who witnessed all this even sent a written protest to the mayor of that city.

Beloved Korean citizens, please tell us who is anti-nation and anti-society. We, Shincheonji, gathered about 30,000 youths from all over the world in front of the Peace Gate and proclaimed the Declaration of World Peace for the first time in history. Also, we held a Peace Walk. After this, peace monuments were erected in various parts of the world in response to our work. Moreover, our peace delegation has gone on a total of 24 World Peace Tours to carry out activities for world peace and the cessation of war. We hosted a peace summit in Seoul where agreements about implementing the international law on the cessation of war and about fostering harmony among religions under God were signed.

People from various countries call the Republic of Korea a peaceful and holy nation. Also, numerous reports are being broadcast promoting our peace work day by day. However, the CCK and CBS have declared a war on Shincheonji in order to stop us from doing all the peace activities, and the people of Korea as well as abroad are hindering our work of peace. Who is anti-nation and anti-society? Answer that. Aren’t those who call white black and black white the anti-nation and anti-society?

Moreover, CCK and CBS are labeling the church of new heaven and new earth (Shincheonji, the Church of Jesus) as anti-religion and a heresy, publicizing this to the politicians, people in civil society, religious people, and all people here and abroad. This is an act of blaming the innocent, even though they are in the wrong. Who is anti-religion? Religion does not belong to the world, but instead belongs to heaven and is taught by God. Those who returned to flesh after beginning with the spirit are oppressing Shincheonji with prejudice since they are full of jealousy.

It is recorded that the “Scripture cannot be broken” (Jn 10:35). To teach the word that God promised to fulfill in a different meaning is heresy and anti-religion. The 100 false testimonies spoken by the CCK is the evidence (refer to the comparison of doctrines between Shincheonji and the CCK booklet), and the 200 false reports broadcast by CBS about Shincheonji are the evidence. Even for this, Shincheonji let them know what they have known and taught incorrectly with the correct testimony.

One must not feed others poison and call it good medicine. Also, one must not treat good medicine as poison. To act in such a way is heresy and anti-religion. In addition, the CCK added and took words away from the book of Revelation, but we, Shincheonji, have mastered Revelation. It is recorded that those who add and take words away from the book of Revelation will go to hell, and those who master it will go into the kingdom of heaven (Rv 22:18-19). Who is anti-religion?

How could they blame the innocent even though they are in the wrong? Are buying and selling chairman and pastor positions with money and violating human rights by carrying out coercive conversion education an orthodox or a heresy? Can anyone say what is right for once? Who is anti-nation, anti-society, and anti-religion? Isn’t it the CCK and CBS? Unless you live a fake life, you will know truth and falsehood.

The congregation members of Shincheonji are created according to the Bible, and they are carrying out their lives of faith according to the Bible. This is the passing away of the old and welcoming the new (refer to Rv 21:1), and they are the congregation members of an orthodox church.