The True Meaning of the Book of Prophecies in the New Testament and Heretical Explanations

Jesus spoke the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven in parables according to the will of God (Ps 78:1-3). Then, after his ascension to heaven, he showed a vision of what will be fulfilled in the future to Apostle John, one of his disciples, who was exiled on the Island of Patmos. The images of the future events that John saw in the vision were shown figuratively in parables.

What he saw were not the faces that actually appeared as Jesus broke the seven seals of the sealed scroll that was in the right hand of God. John wrote down what he had seen, which were figurative images. Two thousand years later, today, pastors who interpret the words of the Bible literally, say, “It’s this,” and “It’s that,” based on their own thoughts and standards.

However, even if Apostle John, who had seen, heard and recorded the Revelation, was to come back today, he would not be able to understand the fulfilled realities of the written words. This is because the kingdom of heaven is a secret to be fulfilled in the future, and Jesus will fulfill it on earth at the time of the Second Coming. If there were no enemy, the devil, and its pastors, there would have been no prophecies or parables, nor the work of sealing with seven seals.

Since Adam, all the people of the earth committed sin, so they have become slaves of sin, that is, slaves of the devil. The prophecies of the book of Revelation are fulfilled, as Jesus really does remove all the seals at the Second Coming. Then, Jesus shows what is fulfilled (Rv 1 ~ 22) to the promised pastor (Rv 22:8), and the scroll opened after the seals are removed is given to the pastor to eat, through an angel (Rv 10). Thus, this scroll in the hand of God is given to Jesus, from Jesus to an angel, from the angel to New John, and New John preaches the words he received and the fulfilled realities to servants, many peoples, nations, languages, and kings.

The one who saw the open scroll, the book of Revelation, and the fulfilled realities of the promises in the scroll is the one who reads it; by hearing, seeing and understanding, he is able to have faith. This is the set logical order. As the Revelation is the secret of the kingdom of heaven at the time of the Second Coming, if it had been made known to Apostle John back then, the secret of heaven would have been revealed, and Satan would have mimicked it. Before the Second Coming and the fulfillment of this event, the pastors saying “It’s this,” or “It’s that,” in itself proves that they are hindering the work of God and that they are false pastors. Also, such testimonies are lies.

To understand the book of Revelation, Jesus, who promised it, and the promised pastor, who will see and testify to it, must come. At that time, all the people on the earth will be able to see the truth and the fulfilled realities in it through the promised pastor. The pastors of today must know in what form Jesus will come, what kind of work he will carry out and how, who the pastor promised in the Revelation is, and who is in spirit and who is in flesh.

In the First Coming, God and the promised pastor (Jesus) came. In the Second Coming, Jesus and the promised pastor (the one who overcomes, Rv 3:12) comes.

True and sensible believers will not blindly carry out persecution repeatedly, but check with the Bible.

Jesus, the true pastor, and the promised pastor can testify to all the fulfilled realities promised in Revelation. However, false pastors will not be able to testify about even one. Instead, they would falsely testify about different interpretations and meanings. These are fake religions and cults. Those who speak what are not God’s word or fulfilled realities are heresy (refer to Jn 8:44-47). Though the cults at the time of the First and the Second Coming called the promised pastor a cult and the devil, they, however, were the true heresy.