The Promise between God and the Believers, and Their Faith

What God promised to Abraham, He fulfilled at the time of Moses, and what God promised to the prophets of the Old Testament, He fulfilled at the time of Jesus’ first coming (Jn 19:30).

With the new covenant made with blood, God promised to fulfill the Book of Revelation through Jesus. However, because Revelation is written in parables and figurative language which conceal the identities of its reality, no one on earth or in heaven could understand it, including the devil himself. 2,000 years have already passed since this promise (Revelation) was made. Jesus has returned for his second coming, just as promised in Revelation, and has fulfilled it (Rv 21:6).

When this promise fulfills, Jesus comes with the angels and makes known the events of the entire Revelation and its realities by showing them to the promised pastor who is sent to the churches to testify (Rv 22:16). However, just like in the First Coming (refer to Ez 3 and the Four Gospels), the pastors today do not listen or believe. Instead, they are focused on attacking the promised pastor with lies and persecution, which are received by citizens and politicians. But the people of Shincheonji reject every ounce of such lies and persecution because they know it is the devil’s seed, that is, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

Who in this world would know that today is just like the First Coming when the Israelites refused to listen to Jesus when he testified, as prophesied in Ezekiel 3? Who would understand the heart of the one who has seen, heard, and received the fulfillment of Revelation? The salvation that God has promised fulfills its objective in Revelation. Therefore, anyone who does not understand the fulfillment of Revelation will be deceived, betray, and become an enemy who will enter the burning fire of hell instead of heaven. Being caught up in one’s own thinking, judgment, and faith to think that one is saved and is going to heaven is a delusion. Everything will happen according to the promise in the Bible.

The pastors of the Christian Council of Korea exercise all kinds of persecution and yet believe themselves to be orthodox and righteous. However, they must understand that they are like those who pierced Jesus at the First Coming.