Jesus’ Second Coming and Shincheonji, the Promised Nation

Jesus said to watch out that no one is deceived by false pastors at the time of his second coming (Mt 24:4).

The Christian Council of Korea (CCK) declared war against Shincheonji, who declared peace. In order to disband Shincheonji, the CCK lied, saying that Shincheonji is harmful to the nation, society, and religion, and that the politicians, members of societies and religious people were all deceived by these lies. However, not a single person of Shincheonji has been deceived and Shincheonji continues to grow exponentially. However, the CCK, who calls themselves orthodox, became divided into multiple organizations. The number of the CCK congregation has also dropped drastically due to congregation members not believing and not attending church. As the heavens and the earth have eyes and ears to witness, this is truly the amazing sign of heaven and earth.

Taking a look within the 66 books of the Bible, no one has lied as much as the CCK and CBS have in this era. Lies, lies, never-ending lies! Just like how it says the earth swallowed the river that the dragon had spewed out of his mouth in Revelation 12, the politicians, members of the society, and people of faith ate the lies that the CCK spread to hinder Shincheonji. The river that the dragon spewed is the lies the false pastors spread to hinder Shincheonji. The CCK and CBS will soon run out of lies and become mute.

At the time of Jesus’ first coming, the devil entered the pastors of Jerusalem. The pastors of Jerusalem had made a covenant with God, kept the law, and took pride in being orthodox, yet called God and Jesus “the devil” and even killed him. Just like them, the CCK and CBS today are calling the messenger of Shincheonji whom God appointed as a cult, a fake religion, the devil. They are falsely accusing Shincheonji to be an organization harmful to the nation, society, and religion, and are blaming Shincheonji for all the wrongdoings they did themselves. All of this is according to the prophecies of the New Testament. God saw and heard all these things and therefore, will bring judgment upon the CCK and CBS for their sins, and will live eternally with Shincheonji, the promised people who went through sorrow and suffering.