Who is Anti-nation, Anti-society, Anti-religion, and the Heretic?

The congregation members of Shincheonji Church of Jesus (in short, Shincheonji) love the Republic of Korea, Korean citizens and liberal democracy. Also, the Chairman of Shincheonji is one of the patriots who fought on the frontlines of the Korean War. Out of love for the nation, Shincheonji erected the Declaration of Unification Monument on the eastern and western end of the frontline, and made a huge hand-printed Korean flag with the yearning for world peace and restoration of light when hosting events to commemorate National Liberation Day and Memorial Day. In addition, the Shincheonji volunteer group is carrying out notable volunteering activities of the biggest scale both home and abroad. Shincheonji erected the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War Monument and worked for peace around the globe.

Furthermore, Shincheonji invited former and incumbent presidents, chief justices, politicians, religious leaders, heads of organizations and the press from across the world and held the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit (WARP Summit) in Seoul, South Korea. On this day, before God and all the people of the world and with heaven and earth as their witnesses, politicians pledged and signed the agreement to work toward the implementation of international law for peace and the cessation of war; and religious leaders pledged and signed the agreement to form an alliance of religions under God. In addition, the heads of organizations along with journalists from varying nations pledged to urge the efforts to keep the pledges, and told the world about the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War. The religious leaders and politicians are keeping their promises today.

We, Shincheonji, put the Bible in our hearts as if we had it stamped on our heart, kept the new covenant, and we are second to none in the world in regards to knowledge of the Bible. Come and take a test based on the Bible with Shincheonji.
Shincheonji rectified the 100 false testimonies of the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) with the correct testimony. The Christian Broadcast Station (CBS), which is one with the CCK, broadcast false contents 200 times (concerning Shincheonji) then issued corrections. However, the CCK and the CBS continue to label the work of Shincheonji described above as acts of anti-government, anti-society, and anti-religion. Who is anti-government, anti-society, and anti-religion? Their mindsets cause concern.

I want to ask them if they are liberal democrats or communists. They vigorously hindered making and putting up the hand-printed flag, activities for the peaceful unification of Korea, volunteering, and holding the Nation Loving Events on National Liberation Day and Memorial Day. Would they be able to deny what they have done? I fought to the point of death on the frontlines of the Korean War. Did the pastors of the CCK and CBS fight against the communist army? Why did they oppose making the hand-printed flag and try to dispose of it? Why did they uproot the Declaration of Unification Monument? Why did they prevent us from volunteering? Why did they distort God’s word of promise and teach lies? They should answer these questions.

God, angels, and Jesus cried for peace, and Jesus said whoever believes in him will do the works he has been doing (Jn 14:12). Is it wrong for Shincheonji Church of Jesus to work for peace? Seeing the city of Jerusalem, Jesus said, “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace.” (Lk 19:41-42). Why prevent us from carrying out the work of peace and obstruct our effort? Shincheonji walks the life of faith as it is instructed in the Bible.