Two Types of Seeds, Coercive Conversion, and False Accusations

Main Reference: Jn 8:44-47, Mt 13:24-30, Jn 3:31-34

Two Types of Seeds and Two Types of Children

God, who created the heavens, the earth, and all creatures, tells the truth to show everyone that He has created everything, and the devil tells lies (untruth) to pretend that he is the master of the world who created everything.

Around 2,000 years ago, at the time of Jesus’ first coming, God’s seed and Satan’s seed were sown in the same field (church) (Rom 9:21-24, 1Cor 3:9, Lk 8:11). Jesus, who comes to harvest just as he promised (Rv 14:14-16), prophesied that he would go to the field where the seeds were sown (Mt 13:24-25). He promised the weeds would be tied in bundles and the wheat brought into his barn (Mt 13:30). Then, who are the people that are harvested and the people who are not harvested at that time?

According to Matthew 13:36-43, the good seed, the seed of God sown by Jesus, stands for the sons of the kingdom. The weeds, the seed of the devil sown by the devil, are the sons of the evil one. The devil’s offspring, who are born of the seed of the devil, tell lies like the devil, and God’s offspring, who are born of the seed of God, tell the truth. This is how we can distinguish between one who is born of God and one who is born of the devil. Furthermore, there is prophecy and fulfillment about a new kingdom and new people that are sealed and seal with the revealed word of the New Testament (New Covenant). There is also something we must believe and obey. We must not add to or subtract from Revelation, and must be sealed in order to become people who keep the New Covenant (by engraving it onto our hearts, Heb 8:10).

Have you recorded Revelation, the New Covenant, onto your heart without adding to or subtracting from it like Revelation 22:18-19 says? We must keep this promise.

The Corrupt CCK, Coercive Conversion, and False Accusations

Answer this question: is coercive conversion—the illegal, vicious action of CCK pastors who try to make money from it and have broken the new commandment and the new covenant of Jesus—the law of the new covenant of Jesus or the law of the devil?

If we cannot keep the new covenant made with Jesus, then our faith and hope will be for nothing and we will not be able to avoid the punishment of hell. Due to the corruption of the CCK, the number of congregation members has rapidly fallen, but Shincheonji Church of Jesus (SCJ) has rapidly grown through love and truth. After realizing this, the CCK declared war on Shincheonji, and its pastors started coercive conversion programs in order to make money. How do they carry it out?

First, pastors search for singles or married women among Shincheonji newcomers who go to Shincheonji alone (no other members of their family go to Shincheonji). The pastors approach their family, such as their parents or husbands. When the pastors meet the family, they deceive the family members, just as the serpent deceived Adam and Eve, saying, for example, that their child has fallen into hell. The parents deceived with the lies decide to do anything to save their children. The pastors suggest the method below to get the children out of Shincheonji.

➀ Call the child to a restaurant
➁ Put sleeping pills in his food and move him to the car after they’ve eaten
➂ Put industrial strength masking tape on his mouth
➃ Put handcuffs on his hands and feet
➄ Lock him up in a studio apartment
➅ Lock the doors and force the person to sign an agreement to receive coercive conversion programs
➆ The program is comprised of personal attacks against the Chairman of Shincheonji
➇ Show anti-Shincheonji materials, tell lies, and make him believe them
➈ They do not allow any questions about the Bible
➉ The parents pay around 600,000won (approx. $600) a week for these programs
⑪ They force him to quit his job and/or school until he is converted
⑫ If they fail to convert him after a few months, he is sent to a mental hospital
⑬ If the mental hospital fails, the parents beat him and kick him out of the home
⑭ After the parents kick the child out, the pastors convince the parents to go to the churches of Shincheonji and hold a protest, whether alone or with a group, and shout “give me back my daughter/son”. This is so that other people will see and think that Shincheonji is a bad place.
⑮ In Article 20 Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Korean Constitution, it states that there is freedom of religion and that religion and politics should be kept separate. There are cases when there are many different religions, such as Buddhism, Confucianism, and Christianity, all within one family. Before there was such a thing as coercive conversion programs, all the families of Shincheonji members were happy. As you have read before, through these coercive conversion programs, the pastors made the parents and children distrust each other and become enemies of each other. Moreover, they even made the very members of their family into enemies of Shincheonji members.
⑯ Pastors who conduct coercive conversion programs for money force Shincheonji members to take a break from school or work, or run away from home using their family. They make parents and their children into enemies by having parents hold protests against Shincheonji, making children sue their parent, lying, and ostracizing Shincheonji members. Such evil acts can only be seen as actions of the devil, not Christianity.
⑰ Furthermore, they create false evidence to make sure nobody outside of their denomination gets permission to form a religious corporation, and they use their congregation members to disturb [church] construction work. Religion and politics collude and refuse to grant such permission, thus polarizing people into Shincheonji and others. Isn’t this religious repression and a violation of the Constitution?
⑱ The CCK, CBS, and the pastors of coercive conversion programs have committed all the evil actions listed above, but they have blamed (falsely accused) Shincheonji for it. Isn’t this the same as a created being [Satan] pretending to be the Creator and, like Isaiah 5:20-23, the evil action of calling evil good and good evil?
⑲ They have blocked the volunteer works of Mannam Volunteer Organization and Shincheonji Volunteer Organization, the establishment of the Declaration of Unification Monument, hoisting the large hand-printed South Korean flag, and Memorial Day events. Moreover, CBS [Christian Broadcasting Station] broadcasted that these actions are anti-nation, anti-society, and anti-religion. I believe that the patriotic people who love the country and its people will know who is truly anti-nation, anti-society, and anti-religion.
⑳ Look at the 100 false biblical doctrines of the pastors of the CCK. In the Bible, it says lies are the seeds of the devil, and those who have received the seed of lies are the offspring of the devil (Mt 13). It also says that the devil and his offspring will all go to hell.
㉑ Shincheonji is giving the water of life (revealed word) as a free gift (Rv 22:17). We have kept the new covenant and have sealed the revealed words, which is the law of God, onto our hearts without adding to or taking away from it (refer to Rv 22:18-19). Therefore, we only speak the truth.
㉒ The CCK pastors have taught and learned over 100 false doctrines, added to and subtracted from Revelation, did not keep the new covenant, and have not been sealed. We can see this when we take a test according to the Bible.
㉓ Where can a congregation member go to receive the word of truth between Shincheonji and the CCK? Answer!
㉔ Shincheonji has done peace work for the cessation of war and peace on this Earth. In the 66 books of the Bible, the word regarding peace is mentioned in 70 different verses. God (Is 52:7) and Jesus (Lk 19:38-42) both did the work of peace. Jesus also said those who believe in him will do the same things.

After receiving commands from heaven as well as the answer to peace, our peace organization (HWPL) has carried out peace work on Earth. With two wings, the youth group and the women’s group, we have gone around the world twenty-four times for the cessation of war and peace. We met former and current heads of state and chief justices, and they agreed about the necessity of the cessation of war and world peace and signed in agreement to achieve peace together. We also met the religious leaders, organization heads, and the press, and made an agreement to work together. I have given peace lectures at various law conferences as well as the House of Parliament in different nations. The political, religious, and society leaders promised to attend the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit, which was held in Seoul, South Korea for four days in September 2014.

On this day, with heaven and earth as witnesses, politicians pledged to work towards achieving world peace and the cessation of war through international law, religious leaders pledged to bring about harmony among religions in God, heads of organizations pledged to urge for the completion of this work, and the press pledged to continually publicize this in the sight of God and all people of the world.

To carry out these promises, the International Law Peace Committee members proclaimed the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War and the religious leaders are participating in scripture comparison work through the HWPL WARP offices. Therefore, countries all around the world are considering our country as a great country of peace.

The former and current heads of state and chief justices have been appointed as members of the Peace Advisory Council, and religious leaders, heads of organizations, and members of the press have been appointed as Publicity Ambassadors. This is in accordance with the commands and will of heaven.

The political and religious leaders will keep the promises made in front of God and all the people of the world, and if they don’t, they will be urged [by the organizations in their country] to carry it out. It is said that 80% of wars in the world are caused by religion. Religious harmony can only be achieved when the most trustworthy scripture is found through scripture comparison.

Why are the CCK and CBS of South Korea against this, and why do they disturb this work? South Korea experienced a tragic war where the same people killed each other, and it is the only country in the world divided in two (North and South). Why do they not want peace? Why did the CCK declare war? Why did the denominations under the CCK bow down and worship at the Japanese shrines at the time of the Japanese invasion? Isn’t this sin the reason why Korea was divided into North and South, just like Israel? If the CCK represents a true religion, rather than proclaiming war against Shincheonji, shouldn’t they meet us so we can understand each other and teach people [the true meaning in the Scriptures]. Isn’t this the proper thing to do as religious people?

Why is it that the CCK doesn’t keep the new covenant just like Adam and Israel (Hos 6:7)? How can they blame their sins on others, and call Shincheonji, who carries out a life of faith according to the Bible, a heresy? When the religious federation, made up of different denominations, became Spiritual Babylon due to their corruption, Jesus called his people out of there and harvested and sealed (them) just as promised (Rv 14:14-16, Rv 17:14, Rv 18:4). Blocking the work of harvesting, which is the work of Jesus, and stopping the harvesters from entering is nothing but the work of the enemy. They must repent.

I must ask you this. Is it wrong for the work of harvest (Rv 14:14-16), bringing people out (Rv 17:14) and calling people out (Rv 18:4), to be fulfilled according to the promise? Isn’t this the right thing to do? Isn’t this doing work according to God’s will? Can you say it is not the actions of the devil to block what is being fulfilled according to the promises of the Bible? Answer me.

Political leaders must truly protect the constitution, and people of religion must keep the word of promise, which is the law of the most holy and truthful God. There was destruction in every era because they did not keep the covenant made with God (Hos 6:7), and it became a hindrance when God’s will was fulfilled. Therefore, God prophesied so the people would know who the Creator, the betrayer, the destroyers, and the savior sent by God are.

Those who rule over the nation must not be biased and create two groups of citizens. Religious leaders must have the truth first, and they must not create two types of believers.

The political leaders of the world now do not know who they are and what they are doing, and the religious leaders also do not know who they are, what they are doing, and what they are teaching. All people will receive judgment in front of God at least once. Therefore, they must all learn the words of the Bible and act accordingly.

At the time of Revelation’s fulfillment, all the evil spirits of the world gather at the country where Revelation is being fulfilled, and they help their army (the false pastors) (Rv 15 ~ 16). This is how the country becomes unlawful. Such things happen in order for the devil to disturb the work of God because Jesus has sent his messenger, who has seen, heard, and testified about the fulfillment of Revelation, given by Jesus as the new covenant, to the churches (Rv 22:16).

The religious world has become unlawful because the evil spirits worldwide have entered into the false pastors of the traditional churches. The evil spirits and false pastors do whatever they can to stop believers from receiving the testimony the messenger of Jesus will give for the churches, which is the

fulfillment of Revelation. At this time, believers must find the place where Revelation is fulfilled, where the work of harvest takes place, where the 12 tribes are created, where the world’s peace summits are held, and where the promised pastor, the one who overcomes, is [in order to receive life].

If you look at the past work of persecution of the corrupt religious world (Acts 7:51-53, Mt 23:29-36, Mt 5:11-12, Jn 16:4, Lk 20:16), you can see that it is the same today. Today, the CCK and the false pastors have persecuted and even killed the people of Shincheonji Church of Jesus the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, where there is truth and God resides, because their corruption and false testimonies have been revealed. At one time, the MBC TV show, PD Note, made up 14 different lies about Shincheonji and broadcasted them, but the High Court ruled in Shincheonji’s favor and they had to broadcast a retraction as well as a correction broadcast. The CCK, CBS, and the coercive conversion pastors forced their congregation members to sue Shincheonji in groups, however, the verdict was always not guilty. These actions are all actions of the corrupt false pastors. How can you call them true believers?

All the family members of Earth must become peace messengers, and religious people must achieve harmony under God for the cessation of war and world peace to be achieved and left as an inheritance to the future generations. We must reclaim what has been lost and give it back to God the Creator and create a world of peace where God reigns as the rightful owner.