The Time of Harvest is the End of the World

Main reference: Mt 13:24-30, 36-43

Why is the time of harvest the end of the world? You silly! Don’t you know?

Then, I‘ll tell you. Listen to what I have to tell you. In spring seeds are sown; in summer they grow; in autumn the ripened crop is harvested and taken to the barn; and in winter, there is rest; as farming ends with the harvest, that is the end of the world.

God prophesied the sowing of two kinds of seeds in Jeremiah 31. After Jesus sowed the seed in Matthew 13, Jesus promised to return to harvest. Indeed, he came again in Revelation 14 to harvest. He sealed [those harvested] in Revelation 7. He created the 12 tribes of the Kingdom of God with the first fruits in Revelation 14. Later in Revelation 7:14, he called those who had washed their robes with the blood of Jesus. This great multitude in white are called the people of the Heavenly Kingdom (Kingdom of Heaven)

This was promised 2,600 years ago (at the time of Jeremiah) and was fulfilled in Revelation. This is the fulfillment of Revelation 21, that is the end of the first heaven and earth, the traditional churches, and the beginning of the new heaven and earth, Shincheonji. This is God‘s re-creation (new creation) according to His promise. Too many seeds of lies were sown by the traditional churches [represented by] the CCK and CBS, creating so many children of the devil (refer to Mt 13:18-19), and as they had gone corrupt, God ended the old and created the new.

So, those who are born of the seed of falsehood, the seed of the devil, are not harvested, and that is why they persecute those who are harvested. Now that must be aggravating [to them]! People who were created to be children of the devil; what did they do to deserve this? The blame is on the false pastors who took and sowed the seed of the devil and created children of the devil. That‘s right! It says the rider on the white horse is capturing and killing the devil‘s pastors and the devil. That is in Revelation 19.