Promised Words, Faith, and Deeds

We, Shincheonji Church of Jesus, carry out our life of faith without adding to or taking away from the word as if the Bible is engraved on our hearts. Even the name of the church, the creation of Shincheonji, and the life of faith are all in accordance with the words of the promised new covenant. Tell me if there is anything that we did not do in accordance with the Bible. Yet, why do you lie, calling us a heretic, a cult, the founder of religion, and an anti-religion? What is the reason you lie? The people of the churches of the world do not believe the truth because they are not born of God.

We, Shincheonji (Rv 21:1), have mastered Revelation like Apostle Paul (Gal 1) and John (Revelation), harvested the firstfruits (Rv 14:14-16) as promised (Lk 22:20) and instructed (Rv 22:16), sealed people, created the 12 tribes (Rv 7), created the multitude in white (Rv 7:14), and proclaimed peace and the cessation of war (Lk 19:38-42).

Jesus said that anyone who believes in him will do the works he has been doing (Jn 14:12). Is this an anti-religious or a heretical act? Who is a heretic; the one who hinders the (Mt 23:13) work of sowing the seeds, harvesting (Rv 14:14-16), and doing the peace work, or the one who preaches the prophecies and fulfillment of Revelation in accordance with what he has seen, heard, and been instructed to do? Isn’t the one who takes away from the word (Rv 22:18-19) a heretic?

Why are you sowing lies (the devil’s seed, refer to Mt 13:37-39, Jn 8:44) in the hearts of your congregation? Why do you distort, add to, and take away from the Bible without knowing or understanding the purpose of the Bible? Look at the 100 false testimonies of the false pastors. Who are you calling a heretic when this is the truth? How are you any different from the Pharisees who condemned Jesus as a heretic? The one who truly believes in Jesus is the one who believes in Jesus’ promised words. At the time of harvest (Mt 13:24-30, 37-39), there are those who are not harvested because they are born of weeds. Only when you are born of God’s seed and spirit can you enter the kingdom of heaven that you hope for.

At the time of the First Coming, the Jews called Jesus a heretic and the devil, and Jesus called God his Father. He said to the Jews, “Your father is the devil”, not God (Jn 8). This relationship can be compared to the relationship between the CCK, CBS, and Shincheonji today. Do those who fabricate lies belong to God or does the place that testifies the word of truth belong to God? The 100 lies and truth show who is false and who is true. Those who do not understand even after seeing all this is because they are born of the devil’s seed.

The CCK, where the number of congregation members has dropped drastically, has divided into two, three denominations (refer to Rv 16:19), and call each other cults. You haven’t heard about it? False pastors of the corrupt CCK violate human rights and enforce coercive conversion programs for monetary gain. These are the doctrines and laws of the corrupt CCK. Jesus didn’t teach like this in the New Testament. The reason why those who stray from the Bible harass Shincheonji, who act in accordance with the Bible, in many ways is that their lies are revealed by the testimonies of Shincheonji

Currently Shincheonji and the CCK are in the same situation Jesus and the false pastors of Jerusalem were in at the time of the First Coming. We are Shincheonji Church of Jesus created in accordance with Revelation, the new covenant. Ask God, Jesus, and the New Testament whether this testimony is true or not. It is true.