Irreligious Conduct of the Christian Council of Korea and CBS

All Christian believers carry out a life of faith based on the Bible.

The Christian Council of Korea (CCK) is a Presbyterian association established by John Calvin, a widely known murderer. The denominations affiliated with CCK bowed to the Japanese emperor during the Japanese Colonial Era. They united to support the then president’s third term in office, suppressed Buddhism, and conspired with the Saenuri and Democratic Party, actions that are all illegal under the Article 20 Clause 1 and 2 of the Korean Constitution. Ironically, this group of people, who do not abide by the Constitution, gathered signatures for political justice, and four thousand people jumped on the bandwagon in support, as shown in the No Cut News report.

There are laws both on earth and in heaven—the law of the earth is the law in a given state, and the law of the heaven is the Holy Bible. Religious cults must be judged by the law of the heaven and the one who has the authority to judge is already chosen in the Bible. He has mastered the Bible and received the revelation from heaven. Therefore, we as Shincheonji, asked the CCK to take a test based on the Bible. At this point, Shincheonji already revealed the CCK’s 100 false testimonies about the Bible, along with 100 more. This makes a total of 200 false testimonies that the CCK had given regarding the Bible. Doesn’t this show that the CCK is a cult? CBS, Christian Broadcasting System, joined hands with the CCK and broadcasted around 200 false reports and consequently, had to broadcast correction reports on Shincheonji.

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit do not lie. The spirit of the devil that taught the language of lies to Eve and the Jews (Jn 8:44) are also with the CCK and CBS. Isn’t that why they made up those lies and broadcasted false reports? If they did not lie, why would they need to make a correction report? If their claim on rapture was not a lie, then why haven’t they raptured yet? Don’t these actions and words prove that they are a cult? Can anyone still say that they are not false pastors?

We, Shincheonji, had never made the lies that these cults made. If a superior religious law were to be made to cleanse cults, it must first expel the CCK and CBS; when it recognizes the true cults, it will truly be a superior religious law.

Where in the Bible does it say to violate human rights and force others into coercive conversion program? These cults force people into confinement, to take leave of absence, and make them run away from home under the name of conversion and then blame it all on Shincheonji. Their great sin is thundering in the heavens.

It does not matter if a member of the CCK has political connection; politics and religion must be separate. If politics and religion become one, it results in biased governance, which then results in division among the people. This is why Shincheonji sent letters of plea. If they are true believers, if they sincerely love their country and its people, if they pursue justice, then they should not continue in their lies. Instead, they should keep the law of the heaven, God’s word, and the law of the earth, the Constitution.

They must stop creating lies to attack Shincheonji, the City of Truth, but repent and start heeding to the truth. Like Jesus, Shincheonji serves its community, work for peace to cease wars, and teaches God’s word of truth to many believers. Shincheonji always gives thanks to God and Jesus who gave us the truth, and also teaches us to love and bless our neighbors and enemies alike.