False Pastors’ Acts of Coercive Conversion Programs, a Violation of Human Rights, for Monetary Gain

We have been witnessing the persecution and acts of the devil’s pastors in person which we had only seen in the Bible until now. It’s quite unbelievable. However, the Bible said ‘Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake’ (Mt 5:10-12).

God has worked through people who are like Him. Two thousand years ago, at the First Coming, the demon said to Jesus, ‘Our time has not yet come, do not order us to go into the Abyss but let us go into the herd of pigs,’ (Lk 8:26-33). But today, 2,000 years later, the demons will be thrown into the Abyss just likeas described in Revelation 20. Since this will occur during today’s era, won’t Satan do anything to escape it? I want to ask the CCK and CBS whether they know this when they are persecuting us. At one point, the believers of Korean churches flocked to the CCK. However, now they are gathering to New Heaven New Earth as promised in Revelation 11.

Therefore, the coercive conversion programs are acts of force by the CCK to seize back the congregation members that have escaped. This is a violation of human rights. Aren’t these acts representative of CCK? Is it true faith to not repent for their corruption and wrongdoings while forcing people into coercive conversion training for money and authority? This kind of education or faith is not mentioned in the 66 books of the Bible. Then who do you think made them act? Is it God or the dDevil? The Bible said says ‘ each tree is known by its own fruit’ (Lk 6:44). Don’t these acts reflect the teachings and doctrines of the CCK?

How can you call it conversion when both sides are Christian, and how can you call it conversion when Christians are going to church? What is the process purpose of coercive conversion education programs for monetary gain?

First, they find the parents of young adults who have weak faith, and then they entice the non-believing parents who are ignorant about the Bible.

Afterwards, they order the parents to feed their children sleeping pills, confiscate their cell phones, tape their mouths shut (with duck tape), handcuff their hands and feet like criminals, take them into small rooms, confine them and force them to sign a contract agreeing to receive the coercive conversion education when they wake up. They force the parents to do everything up to this point.

Then they force the young adults to watch videos made to defame the Church of New Heaven and New Earth. If they ask them to teach according to the Bible, the pastors force the parents to beat them.

The education fee is about 600,000 won (approximately 650 USD) per week. If not converted, the pastors order the parents to beat their children and send them to mental institutions to inflict pain on them. If even this does not work, the children are forced to quit school and/or work and kicked out of the house until they are converted.

After this, the parents are ordered to go to the Church of New Heaven and New Earth and carry out one-man protests saying, “Give me back my daughter, give me back my son.” They say abusive words, curses, and vulgar language that should not be uttered by any moral standard.

The conversion pastors order the parents to do all of these things because they want to instill in the public mind that the Church of New Heaven and New Earth is a group that has a bad influence on society.

What is even more interesting is the fact that if the victims refuse to convert, the conversion pastors go to the Church of New Heaven and New Earth demanding money. They slander SCJ insisting that they couldn’t receive the money because of SCJ.

Therefore, Shincheonji voluntarily sent 3 young youth for coercive conversion education, but they were not allowed in. Even though the children have already gone home, the parents still come to the church to protest while saying “give me back my daughter/son”.

These are acts forced by the conversion pastors. Conversion pastors who work for only money are so shameless. Their power to force parents to ostracize their own children in a community is amazing.

Even the Ddevil will be surprised and will say the pastors have done a better job then than the dDevil himself. How can we say that this is the act of human beings? Violation of human rights, suffering social ostracism, and family breakdowns are all acts that break the relationship between parents and their children and make them into enemies. Do you think is this is the teaching of God or the act of the dDevil? Please give an answer. Moreover, they are saying blaming all of this on Shincheonji. Even if they are experts on at lyingies and the greatest devils, should they act in this way?

The dDevil will clearly show that he is the dDevil and will be thrown into the Abyss. Today, God has shown us the acts of the dDevil. How can you say you do not know even after seeing this? Just as the believers of Shincheonji, when you know the truth, the truth will set you free. (Jn 8:32). Therefore, please come and learn at no cost.