Do you believe in the New Testament, the promise of God?

We have seen how God prophesied through Abraham and fulfilled the prophecy through Moses, and prophesied through the prophets of the Old Testament and fulfilled them through Jesus. What Jesus promised will be fulfilled at the time of second coming (Rv 21:6).

By believing in the Word of the promise of God and Jesus and believing in the fulfillment of the prophecy, this is true evidence of faith in God and Jesus.

The world of Adam came to an end at the time Noah, and the world of Noah was destroyed at the time of Moses. Physical Israel comes to an end at the time of the first coming of Jesus (Mt 13:38-39). Matthew 24 prophesies about the end of the age regarding the destruction brought on the world of Spiritual Israel in Rv 13 and 18 at the time of the second coming, in the same manner as Jerusalem came to destruction at the time of the first coming.

True believers living in the era of the end of the age must have faith in the words of promise. Destruction was brought upon each generation of the end times due to its corruption. God always sent His promised pastor in each era of the end times to bring salvation to His people.

In the New Testament, God promised that He will send His promised pastor (Rv 2~3, Rv 22:16). Why do you not have faith in God’s words? As it is written, Jesus sends his ministering angel to the promised pastor to reveal to him the fulfillment of the prophecies of Revelation and the promised pastor makes known to the churches what he has seen and heard (Rv 22:6-10, 16). However, the churches of the world which became corrupt and united with false gods have interrupted believers listening to the words of promise from the messenger of Jesus (refer to Mt 23:13).

Believers of the end times can only receive salvation by choosing to walk with the words of Jesus as their way, truth and life (Jn 14:6). One can receive salvation by leading their life of faith with the Bible as their standard. The Word is God, Jesus, the way and life. Only with the Word, there is salvation.

The real heresy and cult organization is the CCK with its blatant false doctrines and lies; the CBS with its more than 200 false testimonies and the false pastors who enforce coercive conversion programs (violations of human rights) for monetary gain. These ‘false pastors’ have also been putting up posters with the slogan of “Harvesters are prohibited” to prevent harvesters from coming in.

Jesus prophesied that he will come back to harvest in Mt 13 and Rv 14 and the time has already come that Jesus is harvesting with his angel in the form of the Spirit. At the time of the first coming, the false pastors banned people from coming to Jesus as it is written in Mt 23:13. In the same manner, sadly the reality is that these false pastors are once again blocking people from coming to Jesus at the time of the second coming. Those who were born of Satan’s seed, or weeds, are persecuting those born of God’s seed, but it is they that will receive judgment at the end of the age.

At the time of the final judgment, people will be judged by the standard of the Bible and sent to heaven or hell based on their deeds (refer to Jn 12:48, Rv 20:12). Please come to New Heaven and New Earth where you can learn the prophecies and fulfillment of Revelation free of charge (Rv 22:17). New Heaven and New Earth is the only place on Earth where people have mastered the contents of Revelation.