The Corrupted Religious World’s End and the Pastors of Heresy

Religion is learned from God, and true faith in religion is believing in the promise.

In Revelation 21, which is a chapter of the New Covenant, the first heaven and first earth pass away and a new heaven and new earth appear.

The corruption of Adam’s era led to Noah’s era, the corruption of Noah’s era led to Moses’ era, the corruption of Moses’s era led to the era of Jesus’ spiritual Israelites, and at the time of Jesus’ second coming, the spiritual Israelites come to an end because of their corruption and a new spiritual Israel is recreated. Everything before the fulfillment of Revelation comes to an end. Only those that are recreated during Revelation are acknowledged, and they are eternal.

At the time of Moses, the people believed in the commandments of Moses. At Jesus’ first coming, they believed in the fulfillment of the Old Testament and the prophecies of the future. At Jesus’ second coming, all the prophecies and prophets come to an end and only the recreated 12 tribes last forever.

You do not receive salvation by saying you believe in God, Jesus and Moses nor by being holy, kind, loving, or volunteering. You receive the qualifications to enter into heaven when you are reborn with God’s seed, harvested at the Second Coming, sealed, and registered in the 12 tribes of the promised kingdom to receive salvation. Just as God was with Adam before Adam sinned, God is with the people at the time of recreation at the Second Coming as recorded in Revelation 3:12, 3:21.

At the time of the Second Coming, the corrupted era comes to an end and a new era is created. The previous era of orthodox Protestantism, exemplified by the CCK, does not come to an end due to an outside force, but they are destroyed because of their own corruption. The corrupted ones became one with the dragon (Satan) who is the enemy and bowed down to the dragon as recorded in Revelation 13. This is betrayal.

Shincheonji (new heaven and new earth) is not an orthodox church. It is the 12 tribes of the first fruits that have come from all directions of the Earth and have been harvested and sealed after the acts of betrayal and destruction. The blood shed by Jesus 2000 years ago was for these people (refer to Rv 1:5-6, 5:9-10, 7:14, 12:11, 19:13).

The orthodox CCK do not have the holy spirit due to their corruption so they do not know the promised, revealed word. Furthermore, they testify about false things because they possess the spirit of lies. At this time, Shincheonji has testified about the truth with the holy spirit, and have revealed the lies told by the CCK. This is why the CCK despises Shincheonji. Jesus said, “Your father is not God, but the devil,” to the Jews. This is because they were liars (Jn 8:44).

The CCK and CBS have created all kinds of lies to falsely blame Shincheonji and they have made them known to the citizens. The citizens, government, police, schools, and churches believe these lies are the truth. In the Bible, this is recorded in the prophecies as the nations that have fallen due to deception. However, within Shincheonji, who is the victim, there is not even one congregation member that believes these lies.

The people who have fallen to CCK’s lies of deception are the Christians, the citizens, and the politicians. At the First Coming, the lying Pharisees falsely accused Jesus of being a heretic and the devil. Jesus and his disciples did not believe this, but the Israelites believed the Pharisees. Even today, it is unfortunate that the people have been fooled by these lies, but these lies have no grounds and they will know the truth if they come to Shincheonji and check.

If the words of CCK were true, then the members of Shincheonji would have been the first to leave. The reason why Shincheonji continues to grow without members leaving is because the words of CCK are lies.

We know that they tell lies because they have the spirit of Satan, the liar, within them. This is the fulfillment of the Bible. Those who are born to God speak the truth, and those who are born to the devil speak lies (Jn 8:44).

The believers of Shincheonji are true believers who live a life of faith according to the Bible, the words of promise, without adding or subtracting from it.