Who is the truth, Shincheonji or the Christian Council of Korea (CCK)?

2,000 years ago, who was orthodox and who was heresy between the pastors of Jerusalem and Jesus and his disciples? Who was doing the work of the Holy Spirit and who was doing the work of Satan? Who was true and who was false? Between those who belonged to the two groups, which would have been saved? Let’s examine the doctrines, words, and deeds of both groups. Between the CCK and the promised kingdom, Shincheonji, let’s find out which is true and which is a cult. It is said that the Scripture cannot be broken (Jn 10:35).

During the Japanese colonial period, the CCK (denominations that belong to the CCK) worshiped and bowed down to foreign (Japanese) gods just like Solomon. The organization originated from a political gathering made to support a coup regime’s constitutional amendment to allow a three-term presidency. Later, it conspired with the ruling Saenuri Party, but now it works with the Christian Broadcasting System (CBS) and colluded with the opposition party. Therefore, the opposition party and the CCK violated the law of the world, Clauses 1 and 2 of Article 20 of the Constitution. They also broke the law of heaven by straying from the word of God and becoming one with the world.

Shincheonji is created according to the Bible, and it believes and carries out life of faith according to the Bible. Point out if there is anything that is not done according to the Scripture. We are born of God’s seed (Mt 13), harvested (Rv 14), sealed (Rv 7), registered in (belong to) the promised 12 tribes, and freed from sins through the blood of Jesus (Rv 1:5-6, 5:9-10). Shincheonji did not add to or take words away from Revelation but mastered it (refer to Rv 22:18-19). The multitude dressed in white is coming to Shincheonji after listening to the revealed word Shincheonji testifies. We fought and overcame the group of the dragon, the seven heads and ten horns (Rv 12). As a result, we received what is promised in Revelation 2 and 3. Come and verify. Everything written in the book of Revelation is fulfilled as a seal is stamped on paper and we have sealed it on our hearts.

Just as the large statue in Daniel 2—figuratively referred to as Babylon—was comprised of different nations, the CCK is a group comprised of different denominations. However, each denomination has its own doctrines and religious practices. Thus, isn’t the CCK spiritual Babylon?

Take a look at the booklets and the video clips that compare 100 doctrines of the CCK and that of Shincheonji. Would God’s Holy Spirit lie (Jn 17:17)? Would Satan speak the truth (Jn 8:44)? People lie because the spirit of lies is in them. Jesus said when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth (Lk 18:8). In Revelation 17 and 18, the false pastors of Babylon destroyed all the nations with the maddening wine of adultery, and the pastors and congregation members married the devil (refer to Rv 18:23). Aren’t they teaching lies like the devil? Lies are the weeds, the devil’s seed, and those who are born of the devil’s seed become the children of the devil. Also, they receive the spirit of the devil (Mt 13:38-39). Why do they teach lies?

Brothers of faith who have hope in heaven! Why do you not believe in the promise (new covenant) of God just like Adam and the physical Israelites? The reason a person is not harvested is because he is not born of God’s seed (Mt 13:24-39), and the reason a person is not registered in the promised 12 tribes (Rv 7) is because he is not sealed with the open word of the new covenant.

The promised kingdom, the 12 tribes of the new heaven and earth, was able to do what no one (politicians, legal experts, or religious leaders) could. Also, the new heaven and earth is testifying about the prophecies of Revelation and their fulfillment as seen and heard, according to the command. God, the kingdom of heaven and Jesus come down to the new heaven and earth (refer to Rv 3:12, Rv 21). We carried out peace work across the globe like God, Jesus and the angels. Thus, the whole world acknowledges us and cares about us.

I speak the truth whether you believe it or not. I was born as the light of heaven, met a person of heaven by the guidance of stars, and pledged my loyalty and filial duty in blood on a mountain. I practice true religion (leading a true life of faith), and I did volunteering work through a Shincheonji-affiliated volunteer organization, as well as global peace work. I carried these out because God said, “If you try, you can do it,” and He gave me the answer to achieve peace. Thus, I worked believing that the new covenant, Revelation, would be fulfilled according to the Bible and that the world would become a peaceful place in which God reigns.

Anyone who believes in the new covenant that is promised and keeps it will be the family of heaven, the 12 tribes that are the kingdom and priests of God explained in Revelation 5:9-10. No one would be able to say that they haven’t heard about this.

I came as the messenger of the Lord stated in Revelation 22:16. I have seen all the fulfillment of Revelation, and I was sent to give testimony about it to the churches as I was commanded. Anyone who believes this will gain understanding and attain salvation.

Rather than persecuting Shincheonji habitually by calling it a “cult” like the false pastors, check and believe in the truth to be freed from sin.