Who are the Saints of Shincheonji (New Heaven and New Earth) Church of Jesus?


Shincheonji saints are the people of heaven who are created according to the promise of the Bible. About 2,600 years ago, God promised through Jeremiah to create a new thing [new work], to sow two kinds of seeds, and to make a new covenant (Jer 31), and about 600 years later, He came to Jesus and fulfilled the promise. Through the new covenant, Jesus promised that he would come again and harvest, forgive sins by his blood, and create a new kingdom and a new people, the 12 tribes, with people whose sins are forgiven. Today, 2,000 years later, he has come and fulfilled his promise.

After Spiritual Israel betrayed by corruption and got destroyed, we (saints of Shincheonji), who are born of God’s seed, have been harvested (Rv 14:14-16), sealed at the [Zion Christian Mission] Center, become part of the promised twelve tribes (Rv 7), and freed from our sins by the blood of Jesus (Rv 1:5-6). That is why in Revelation 14:4, the twelve tribes are called “the firstfruits” that are harvested. This is the fulfillment of the new covenant made by the blood of Jesus (Lk 22:14-20).

Jesus said in John 14:29, “I have told you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe.” Why do you not believe?

Therefore, we, congregation members of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, are the twelve tribes, which are the reality of the new covenant Jesus promised. To fulfill this, God, Jesus, and angels have been working since the Old Testament era. There are those who are not harvested; because they are born of the devil’s seed of the two kinds of seeds, they are not harvested but bound by false pastors of their churches. This is the reality. Why can’t you recognize this even though you see it? What have you believed and waited for? This was promised to be fulfilled and has been fulfilled.

Both worlds of Adam and Israel were destroyed since they failed to keep their covenants. Also today, those who fail to keep the new covenant, that is, the New Testament, are destroyed. At the time of Moses (Ex 12:11-12) and at the time of Jesus (Lk 22:14-20), those who keep the covenant of blood are saved. Those who see for themselves what is achieved according to the new covenant (the fulfillment of Revelation) and write this on their hearts are the ones who keep the new covenant. Those who believe and keep it become the people of heaven.