Religion of Heaven and the World’s Politics of Earth


Main reference: Rv 6,7 (refer to Constitution Article 20 Clauses 1 and 2)

Religion belongs to heaven and the world’s politics belong to the physical earth. The laws of earth need to be obeyed on earth and the laws of heaven need to be obeyed in heaven.

Article 20 Clauses 1 and 3 in the Constitution of the Republic of Korea states, “all citizens shall enjoy freedom of religion” and “no state religion shall be recognized, and church and state shall be separated”. South Korea is divided into three branches: legislative, judicial and executive. The legislation branch legislates and amends the constitution. If a member of the legislative branch does not abide by the law, then he is a lawbreaker.

South Korea is a liberal democratic nation. This means the citizens are the owners. The person, public official, who works and receives pay is an employee of the citizens who are the payers. The president, congressman and mayor are workers the citizens established. Therefore, the public officials who receive pay cannot ignore the citizens who are the owners. The judiciary branch resolves this according to the compendium of laws. Politicians who ignore the law and oppress with religion and belief are violating the law. Politicians who conspire politics with religion and govern unfairly are also violating the law. Through this, the citizens will be divided.

Let us take a look at the corrupt religion and politics. Christian politicians in South Korea once oppressed and governed unfairly against Buddhists. This caused all the Buddhists in the nation to protest. When Korea was once occupied by Japan, the Japanese oppressed Korea with force. This is when Korean Christians, who are now pastors of the CCK, became corrupt and, worshipped and bowed to the gentile Japanese gods like the time of Solomon. The evidence of this incident is the Goshinpa who split from the denomination. After the national liberation on August 15th, the military regime seized power through a coup d’etat. The conservative Christians created a organization to support the extension of the president’s term to serve three times in a row which became the root and beginning of the CCK. After this, the opposing party was superior in congressional elections and as the political rights were changed, Christians started to conspire with the opposition party.

Isn’t this religion and politics violating the laws of heaven and earth, becoming corrupt and conspiring? I am afraid that this might become like the time of Noah and Lot. During the congressional election of a congressperson, who was an affiliated member of a party, ran and received supporting votes. He won and became a congressman of that party. If that congressman left the party for another, he should discuss in advance with the voters. If not, then this is the act of ignoring the law and the citizens.

If God’s advocate, pastor, and the citizen’s advocate, politicians, regard the citizens as enemies when they speak the truth, then how can they ask the citizens for support during the next election?

During elections, activists and candidates visit, distribute business cards, and send letters. Before, food and alcoholic beverages would be served at election places. Also, people would play their drums and each party’s activists would gather to sing. Election campaigns have been rectified today.

Religious organizations such as a church should not tell the congregation members to do this or that regarding the election. The congregation member’s individual election campaign should not be prohibited. This is because there is no doctrine that prohibits family or close friends from campaigning inside church. If religious leaders instruct unfairly about the election, it will cause the church to split into two or three. Election campaigns should be held outside of church. Church and the world’s politics can not become one. However, if a politician or president, who is a congregation member, is affiliated with his pastor and lead with bias, the citizens will be divided. Therefore, politics and religion should be separate. However, an individual act cannot be misunderstood as an act instructed by the church.

In the world 80% of the wars occur because of religion. Religion that is suppose to save people with love should not be creating wars that kill. In the Bible, there are 70 references of the history of peace. God, Jesus and the angels all proclaimed peace and wanted us to know the work of peace (Is 52:7, Lk 2:14, Lk 19:38-44). Whoever believes in Jesus will do the work he has been doing (Jn 14:12).

Therefore, believers of God practicing the peace movement for the cessation of war is not a sin, for this is the purpose of God and Jesus. This is the work of salvation and peace. On the contrary, the CCK proclaiming war is not love, peace, or God’s purpose. This is the act of interrupting the work of God.

Korea is divided into the North and South. South Korea is a liberal democratic nation and North Korea is a communist nation. However, there is a religious organization that won’t allow us to establish the peace monument, create a large scale hand printed Korean flag, volunteer work, or host a memorial event that even private volunteer organizations do. They prevent peace movements and God’s gospel to be delivered. Are not their actions anti-nation, anti-society and anti-religion? Also, are not their actions benefiting the enemy? They say they are Christians on the outside but look at the 100 evidence of lies they created by interpreting the word differently. This is the evidence.

After Park Gun Hye was newly elected as the president of South Korea, the Chairwoman of the International Women’s Peace Group, which is registered as an UN NGO, was invited to the International Women’s Day by the UN Women Chairwoman. On this day many photographs with prominent figures were taken at the official meeting. Of course the pictures were taken with the general secretary and his wife. CBS broadcasted about this by connecting Shincheonji in taking a political approach. However, it was broadcasted on TV of the opposing party meeting the UN General Secretary for the election campaign. The Chairwoman of the International Women’s Peace Group and Shincheonji were meeting all the people for the world peace movement.

As mentioned before, the CCK and CBS conspired with the opposing party therefore they are violating the constitution and it can be seen as participating in an election campaign. As elections are being focused, they are trying to decrease Ban Secretary General’s growing popularity by fabricating the slander of the International Women’s Peace Group’s chairwoman and Shincheonji.

Our peace organization is not a weak power but it is a huge power to unify peace internationally. We are not small-hearted people so please be respectful. The citizens will be less harmed if the Korea Broadcasting and Communication Commission shuts down the unfair and false religious broadcasts. CBS has aired over 200 false broadcasts and correction news. CBS is repeatedly lying because they think it is acceptable to broadcast wrongful things and correct it afterwards. However, CBS broadcasts the correction news after already harming the citizens. Will the cow return after ‘closing the stable door after the cow has bolted’? Why do you receive payment from the citizens yet do not shut down the lying mouths? Listen to the voice of the citizens. “If you don’t want to work return the salary you earned and leave.” “Is CBS paying the Korea Broadcasting and Communication Commission?” The false broadcasts that happened not just once or twice but more than a hundred time! A religious broadcast that does not have the qualification, knowledge, skill, belief, or faith is not qualified to broadcast.

CBS, whose ideologies are doubtful, talks as if they are like the combined advocate for the Korean media. The past plea against the false actions of the CCK and CBS has been agreed and signed by more than 2 million citizens. We can not just watch anymore. There are things that can be said and things that should not be said from the legislative branch. Can a congressman who ran to be an advocate for the people oppress the democratic people with authority?

We, Shincheonji, want a conversation with CBS and the opposing party in front of the whole nation. We believe that if you are confident you will accept this. Religion and politics should not conspire but it should be separate. A politician should govern with the constitution and a religious person should believe according to the Bible.

All the church denominations are arbitrarily created church names and the promised words of the scripture are taught arbitrarily with false interpretations. The 100 lies are the evidence. We, Shincheonji Church of Jesus of the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (a.k.a Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Shincheonji) is the title promised in the Bible (Rv 21,15). The organization is also planned, fulfilled and organized as promised in the Bible. (Rv 5,7,14). The 12 tribes, the 144,000 (priests), the great multitude, being sealed and harvested are all fulfilled according to the promise of the New Testament. The sealed congregation members and tribe leaders engraved the revealed Bible in their hearts and mastered it. They also mastered the revelation from above like Apostle Paul did. This is true religion, promise, faith and orthodoxy. False pastors have had their congregation members accuse and sue Shincheonji but the results were all “clear from suspicion”. Shincheonji won all the cases.

Today, when religion is corrupt, mastering the best truth that appeared in 6,000 years to humanity is our nation’s pride and light. From religious wars 120,000 people died in Mindanao, Philippines and politics, laws, military could not resolve this problem. However, together with God we have resolved it. Also, for all religions to become one in the world, the work of comparing scriptures is being done. Furthermore, the World Alliance of Religions for Peace Summit was hosted and politicians and religious leaders from each nation made a pledge in sight of God and all the people of the world to cease war and achieve peace. This is being fulfilled. If the world does not believe in this but instead unlawfulness flourishes, destruction will come like the time of Noah and Lot. We must all repent and stand in righteousness.

The biased actions of gaining authority through the number of people, saying that black is white and white is black should be stopped. If you are confident, a Bible based test should be taken to discern the truth and lies. Politicians who conspire with religion should accept this offer. If Christians obey God’s promise then we will become the kingdom of priests and a holy nation.

Due to the corruption of the CCK, the numbers of their congregation members have rapidly decreased. This led them to conduct coercive conversion programs, which violates human rights, to earn money. This program destroys families thus the parents and child becomes enemies and the parents cause the children to become outcasts in society. The parents handcuff their children’s hands, confine them in a room and force them to take temporary absences from school or work. If the children are not converted, they are banished from their home. Stop this sin of framing the parents and other churches of this sinful act.

If your words and the God you worship are orthodoxy and truth, we can meet and talk to objectively verify each other’s perspective. What is there to fear in this time of a bright civilization? Religious ones, media, and politicians should not be like mute animals and act viciously but, they should choose to have a conversation and verify.

Shincheonji and the peace organization is recognized and welcomed all over the world. If you are truly a believer or politician who loves the nation, then this heavenly blessing should be acknowledged.

The Promise and Faith of God

Religion is learned through God of heaven.

In God’s book “Bible: Religion” , what is fulfilled and what is to be fulfilled is promised. God fulfills the promised prophecy and man believes in the promised prophecy and what is to be fulfilled.

The one and only God is absolute therefore He fulfilled all His promises. When the first one is obsolete a new will be made (refer to Heb 8:7-13). The promise God made with Abraham was fulfilled through Moses and Joshua. The promise made with the prophets of the Old Testament was fulfilled during The First Coming. The promise Jesus made during The First Coming is being fulfilled today, The Second Coming (Jn 19:30, Rv 21:6). Jesus received, ate, and testified to the sealed scroll, which is recorded in the Old Testament Isaiah chapter 29, in Ezekiel chapter 3. Jesus’ messenger received, ate, and testifies to the sealed scroll, which is recorded in Revelation chapter 5 and in Revelation chapter 10 (Rv 22:16).

Shincheonji Church of Jesus has been created and fulfilled according to the promise of the New Testament. However, the CCK pastors and Christian politicians have not perceived the words of promise, (Revelation). Therefore, they misunderstand and persecute like the time of Jesus’ first coming. However, we have the promised Bible. We can confirm‎ who is the truth and who is false through dialogue. Despite this method, creating lies for the whole nation to believe, in order to bury the other side are actions of inheriting curses for their future generations.

If our nation accepts God’s promise then we will be the best nation of humanity that God, Jesus and heaven is with. “Let’s have a conversation”.