Religion, Faith, and Hope

Religion is to learn the things of heaven, and the faith of believers is the belief of hoping for heaven and eternal life that religion has spoken of.

Religion (Christianity) can largely be categorized into four contents: history, instruction, prophecy, and fulfillment. However, just as we have examined the work of religion for the past 6,000 years, it began with elementary teachings and has reached perfection, like the education in the world.

The religious world continued from the world of Adam, the world of Noah, the world of Moses and to the world of Jesus. God of heaven has been teaching religion to people of flesh. What are the things God taught them? They are the four things mentioned above.

History and instruction are to make known the Creator of the heavens and earth, all creation, and the events that took place. Prophecy and fulfillment are promises about the future made in advance and the occurance of what was promised in history respectively. Concerning what is to be fulfilled in the future, most are written in parables and figurative language, and because of this, no one knows the time and the reality until it finds fulfillment.

The reason for this is because God cannot be with sinners, and the spirit of the devil that hinders God`s works exists. Even when a person was born with sin, he yearns for God, the Creator, who is the source and foundation of all things. However, people have another law, a law that pulls them in the other direction. It is formless like a mixture of two kinds of water. Between these two hearts, which one are people inclined to? God knows. Therefore, religion was needed by people.

As a result, religion had to be learnt by man, which called for His help. In religion, everyone was a sinner and death came due to sin. The only one who can save me from the power of death is God who created us. So, God has been working for the last 6,000 years to redeem mankind that fell into sin. He even sent His son to shed his blood. The time we receive salvation by this blood is the time of Revelation’s fulfillment, the work of the Second Coming.

The religion, faith, and hope of God, Jesus, and people are only to enter heaven and live eternally by receiving the atonement of sin.

Within the history of religion, Adam, Noah, Moses, and Jesus communicated with God and acted in accordance with God’s instructions (refer to Jn 5:17-21, Jn 8:51-54). It will be the same at the second coming of Jesus.

In God’s work of 6,000 years, today’s fulfillment of Revelation at the second coming of Jesus is God’s last and greatest work. This is the time when the dragon who has been reigning over the world for the past 6,000 years is seized and locked up. This is when the era of peace, reigned over by God, is opened after 6,000 years. The spirit of the dragon curses people through those who persecute and obstruct this work at this time. Scripture cannot be set aside (Jn 10:35) and words cannot be added to or taken away from the prophecies and fulfillment of Revelation (Rv 22:18-19). Therefore, we need to find the place where the promises have been fulfilled.

Instead of persecuting, verify the truth at this time. Would there not be a promised pastor to testify this at the time of Revelation’s fulfillment? Would Jesus, who commanded this work, not work with the messenger he sent? Why do you not recognize it when you have seen it? Throw away the thoughts of the flesh and see with the thoughts, eyes, ears, and mind of the spirit. You will see.

The one who spoke of religion came again when it was time to fulfill the word and worked with the promised pastor. As described in Jn 5, we must go to the place that is created according to the promise. This is the promise. Salvation will be granted at the place that is created according to the promise (Revelation). Why do you not believe this? Those who believe in the fulfillment of Revelation will be saved and those who do not will face the fire of hell. This is to fulfill the faith and hope that religion spoke of. Those who believe in the fulfillment of Revelation, verify it, before the door is shut!