Shincheonji Sooncheon Church volunteer Activity; Health Fair to Expatriate


One of the expatriate from Vietnam said many thanks to volunteer at the Health Fair. Last 26 February, Shincheonji Peter Tribe of Sooncheon Church volunteers hosted Health Fair for expatriates who work in Korea away from their country.


This was the 4th Health Fair they hosted and the event included acupuncture, chiropractor, body message, health examination, as well as Korean culture experience booth, and international Talent Show. It was a unique program which provided cultural exchange.


There were more than 50 people from Nepal, Uzbekistan, Philistine, Cambodia, Myanmar , Egypt, Vietnam. Many of them cannot afford these services. They kept saying “It is amazing, Thank you~” The volunteers were so happy to hear that. Volunteers and participants both shared thankful hearts and connected to each other in caring hearts.


One of the Shincheonji Peter Tribe Shooncheon Church Volunteer of Dental service said “I am so happy to provide these services to them because expatriate workers having hard time receiving dental exam in regular basis.”


They also had international Talent show. The participant from Uzbekistan played the Clarinet and received applause from everyone.

Every little volunteer activities counts comforting, caring others around us. Shincheonji volunteers are dedicated to volunteer where ever needed their help!

Shincheonji to the World, World to the Shincheonji!!