The Promised True Pastor and Satan’s False Pastor


Main reference: Jn 8:44-47 (refer to Rv 10, Rv 22:8, Rv 22:16, Rv 21:8)

● The true pastor promised by God

Jesus, the Son of man, ate the sealed book of the Old Testament (Is 29:9-13) and preached it to the rebellious house of Israel in Ezekiel 3. In Revelation 10 John ate the sealed book of the New Testament from Revelation 5, and he is preaching it to the rebellious house of Spiritual Israel. The promised pastor who eats the book of the New Testament and preaches it is New John, who is like the John of Revelation. A promised pastor is the pastor who has seen and heard what has been fulfilled according to promises, and preaches the prophecies and the physical entities to the world.

This promised pastor receives the revealed word that has been fulfilled, and preaches and testifies to what has been fulfilled. When an ordinary pastor meets and accepts the promised pastor prophesied in the Bible, the pastor and the congregation members receive salvation. However, those who do not believe in the prophecies or the promised pastor and are filled with pride will receive curses and judgment.

● The true identity of the false pastor who has become one with Satan

False pastors are called such because they have lied. The destroyers are called such because they did the work of destruction.

At the time of Jesus’ first coming, the religious leaders of Jerusalem and the Jews were called liars and children of Satan because they all lied (Jn 8:44). In the same way, the false interpretations of Revelation’s prophecies by the pastors of the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) have been revealed through the 100 doctrine comparisons (Refer to Comparison between the Doctrines of the Christian Council of Korea and the Church of New Heaven and New Earth (Shincheonji) – 100 Detailed Counter-evidences). Those who read this will not be able to deny it.

Furthermore, there was a time when churches all around the nation were in causing a big stir because a handful of churches preached about the rapture and its exact date. However, it was all a lie. There were people who gave up all their possessions and people who starved to death. Because of this, all churches were criticized by society. Did they go up to heaven? Why did they lie? It is because the spirit of Satan, the liar, resided in these pastors. Even though they said they were God’s pastors, they were, in fact, Satan’s pastors, and they are the very people who brought great embarrassment to Christianity.

Jesus said God is within him, and that God is speaking through him (Jn 14:24). Therefore, Jesus’ words were the truth (Jn 17:17). However, because the pastors of the CCK lied, they are called false pastors. Isn’t this true? CBS, which is considered the mouth piece of the CCK, has reported hundreds of false broadcasts and eventually had to correct them. Isn’t this false broadcasting the work of heresy? Isn’t this also true? Aren’t they the ones who are truly anti-religion, anti-society, and anti-nation?

True believer must believe in the truth and act and speak according to the truth. I hope that all of our congregation members will believe in the words of God and Jesus, live a life of faith according to these words, and enter Heaven.