The Spiritual War between God and Satan

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Main References: Rv 12 (refer to Dt 28, Jn 16:33, Rv 2, 3)

The war prophesied by God in the New Testament is a spiritual war between religions (churches).

When Jesus said he overcame the world, he meant he overcame with truth. Thus, what Jesus meant in Rv 2-3 to overcome is to overcome the lies of the devil with the words of testimony. By overcoming, the one who overcomes receives the things Jesus promised in Rv 2-3. The enemy to overcome is the army of the devil.

First, one must witness and hear about the site of fulfillment of Rv 2-3, those who appeared, and their actions to be victorious, and by overcoming, one receives what was promised.

In the war of Rv 13, Satan and his army, the beast with seven heads and ten horns, are victorious and they take over God’s tabernacle and the congregation members. In the war of Rv 12, the male child from God, conceived by a woman (clothed with the sun), and his brothers overcome and the army of the dragon is hurled down to the earth. After this victory, there are God’s kingdom and salvation and the one who is victorious takes all as written in Dt 28.

Within these wars, two things were shown – one is the war between spirits and the other is the war between flesh. Those who fought in the wars were the dragon and its army against God and His army. Both the first and second war took place at the tabernacle of heaven in Rv 13. Even if Jesus overcame in the spiritual war, if God’s people lost in the war between flesh on earth, Satan would have remained with the people. These wars happened in the spiritual and the physical realm at the same time. The reason the place is called heaven is because there were the spiritual sun, moon, stars (the chosen people) and the tabernacle of heaven there. The army of the dragon was those who came into the tabernacle from the sea, which is also the world, and Babylon.

With what did they overcome the dragon and its army? It was with the blood of Jesus and the word of their testimony. What is the word of their testimony? It is the word testifying that the dragon and its army came into God’s tabernacle of heaven from the sea, the world; that they, as prophesied in Rv 13, fought against the saints of the tabernacle of heaven and won; that they put the mark of the beast on the foreheads and hands of the saints; that the saints received the mark of the beast and its army and worshipped them; and that the beast with seven heads and ten horns which invaded the tabernacle is Babylon, the home for demons, on which the prostitute sits in Rv 17 and 18.

Thus, this is a war of doctrines and the events that took place at this time are the evidence to prove it. Therefore, the event in Rv 13 has to be fulfilled first to be able to witness and testify to it. Those who overcame in Rv 12 are gathered along the sea of glass in front of God’s throne in Rv 15. As they have received the wrath of God (as the bowls of wrath), they are able to judge the betrayers, the beast and its nation, Babylon, in Rv 16.

Both spirit and flesh take part in the wars, and with victory, the things promised in Rv 2 and 3 are given, which are the fruit of life in paradise, the hidden manna, the white stone, and the iron scepter to rule over all nations. Also, God, heaven, and Jesus come down to the one who overcomes, and this overcomer sits on the throne of Jesus to reign with him.

If the one who overcomes does not receive what is promised in Rv 2 and 3, then there would be no authority to judge, manna, or iron scepter to rule over all nations. God, heaven, and Jesus would not be able to come down to dwell as well. This is why the one who overcomes is absolutely needed.images (45)images (45)