God’s Promise and Faith

shincheonji-bible-study-05-1God fulfilled what He had promised to Abraham (Gn 15), and God also fulfilled everything that He had promised to the Old Testament prophets (Jn 19:30). In the same way, He fulfilled the new covenant of the Revelation in the New Testament (Rv 21:6).

By believing in and keeping the Word of promise, one can attain salvation and enter the kingdom of heaven. Believers can keep this when they understand the meaning of the promise that will be fulfilled. God made a covenant with Physical Israel, but they did not keep it (Jer 31), so God made a new covenant. This new covenant will be fulfilled at the Second Coming at the time of Revelation. In the book of Revelation, betrayers, destroyers and the savior appear and fulfill their roles, respectively. In order to testify about this, one must first see the physical entities that are fulfilled in Revelation (Rv 22:8). There is the one who sent letters in Rv 2-3, the one who received and ate the opened scroll in Rv 10, the one who overcame in Rv 12 and 15, and the messenger of Jesus who will testify as to the physical entities of Revelation that have been fulfilled to the churches in Rv 22:16.

What does the savior do in the book of Revelation? The savior first fights and overcomes the group of destroyers, the enemy, and receives what is promised in Rv 2-3 and fulfills the promises. For us to believe in the New Testament is to believe in the promises and their fulfillment (Jn 14:29). Although believers have believed in and followed the pastors of their churches, they can receive salvation only if they believe and follow the promised pastor at the end of the age. Do you know this promised pastor?

At the first coming of Jesus which was the end of Physical Israel, believers had to believe and follow the promised pastor, Jesus, to attain salvation. Likewise, the same can be said at the Second Coming. Therefore, it is said that those who add to or take words away from Revelation, the events that take place at the Second Coming, will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven and will be cursed. This is because betrayers, destroyers, and the savior appear at the Second Coming, and only those who see this and go to the savior can receive salvation.

The reason why believers at the first coming of Jesus only believed in the words of the pastors at the temple in Jerusalem and persecuted them is because they did not understand, believe or recognize the promised pastor and the prophecies promised in the Old Testament. At that time, the betrayers were the Jews of Jerusalem and the destroyers were the teachers of the law and the Pharisees. Look at Matthew chapter 23.

Today, the betrayers are Spiritual Israel, that is, the congregation members of the tabernacle of heaven in Revelation 13, and the destroyers were the group from the Stewardship Education Center of the CCK (denominations affiliated with the CCK today), that is, the spiritual Babylon that invaded the tabernacle. They have done the work as it is discussed in Revelation 13. However, there are those who overcame and came out of there. They are the ones who overcame in Rv 12 and 15. Do you know them? They are those who received the promise in Rv 2-3. It is said that God’s kingdom and salvation have come from this point, so this is the time of the promised Revelation’s fulfillment. Before this happens, those who say that they are saved or they are orthodox, and who make up lies saying this and that about the physical entities of the Word of promise are the false pastors, and claiming that they are orthodox is a lie. If the spirits of God and Christ are with them, why would they make up lies? It is because the spirit of the devil, the liar, is with them.

Shincheonji has seen and heard the fulfillment of Revelation at the location and testifies about the fulfillment according to the command. We must all carry out our life of faith under the Word. This is the faith that maintains belief in God’s promise.