The Corruption of the Churches of Tradition and the Heretical Organization That Betrayed


Within biblical history, the worlds of Adam, Noah, and Israel were destroyed due to their own corruption and betrayal. We can also see in Rv 21 that the churches of tradition—the tabernacle of Spiritual Israel which was the former heaven, also called the first heaven and first earth—became a mere heretical organization that was destroyed due to its corruption and betrayal (Rv 6, 13).

It was the serpent, which was the devil, Satan, and the dragon (Rv 12:9, 20:2), that destroyed the world of Adam as well as Israel. And it was that serpent (the devil, Satan, the dragon) which destroyed all nations today (the churches of tradition, the first heaven and first earth) (Rv 17 ~ 18).

Therefore, God and Jesus promised in the Old Testament (Isa 14:24, Jer 31:22-31) to create a new heaven and new earth. The promised pastor, Jesus, was sent to sow the seed of God. Jesus sowed the seed of Heaven (Mt 13) and promised to come again to harvest the fruits born of God’s seed. Today, about 2,000 years since the promise, Jesus has come in spirit with the angels to do the work of harvest (Rv 14:14-16). However, like all the churches at the time of the First Coming (refer to Mt 23), today’s churches are putting up, “Harvesters are prohibited” posters to prevent harvesters from coming in. This is an act of banning Jesus and the angels—they are heretics who betrayed Jesus and his promise, and it is proof of their corruption. This is how the churches of tradition come to their end as described in Rv 21 (verse 1), and how all nations fell as described in Rv 18 and became betrayers who marry the devil (Rv 18:23) and block the harvesters (Jesus and the angels) from coming.

At this time, Jesus said that those who come out from Babylon-the kingdom of demons-will become the people of God as written in Rv 18:4-6. Those who do not flee (Mt 24:16) receive judgment and ultimately go to hell. Jesus said to take to heart what is written (Rv 1:3). The CCK (Christian Counsel of Korea) is Babylon and the mixed doctrines they teach are the wine of adultery. One needs to believe in the words of promise and keep it in order to receive salvation. One must flee from there. Not allowing the harvesters to come is the same as not allowing Jesus to come (Mt 24:16, Rv 18:4). They are the enemies who hinder the work of harvest.

Not believing in the promise of God is to not believe in Jesus. Those born of God’s seed will welcome the work of harvest and will believe in it.