Acts of the True God and the Devil


Main references: Mt 7:15-20 (Mt 12:33-37)

The true God is holy, the truth and life. However, the devil is evil, a liar and death. It is said that each tree is recognized by its own fruit. The true God who created all creation left this world ever since Adam’s sin, and the devil has been ruling over this world. In order for God to reclaim everything He lost, He had to make known the truth so He spoke the true Word, the truth. On the other hand, the devil told lies to pretend to be God since all creation was not created by him. Thus, people sent by God have testified the truth and the pastors of the devil have told lies just like the devil.

God spoke what He would fulfill in the future in parables to hide it from the devil and his pastors. So the devil and his pastors distorted the promised prophecies of God from their true meaning as if they were the ones who made the promises (prophecies), and taught lies making people believe every word the pastors say. This is to prevent people from believing the truth and to confuse them when God fulfils His prophecies. Concerning these kinds of evil acts, Jesus said that each tree is recognized by its own fruit.

In John 8, Jesus referred to the Jews who spoke lies as the children of the devil, the father of lies. Look at the 100 false testimonies preached by the pastors of the CCK, who label Shincheonji as a heresy and the devil and call themselves as the holy orthodox. This is to make people become the children of the devil by sowing the devil’s seed. Is this CCK the holy orthodox and Shincheonji that testifies the truth a heresy? Answer this question. Verify who is true according to the Bible.

We were born with God’s seed, harvested, sealed, and became the family of the 12 tribes, the promised kingdom. You have not been harvested and are weeds bound in your denomination. Who are the chosen people of the promised kingdom and holy nation? Now is the time of judgement. Stop speaking lies and committing evil acts like the Pharisees, the serpent-like pastors of Jerusalem back then (Mt 23), but come and learn the truth. Then, the truth will set you free (Jn 8:32).