The New Testament and the Evil Deeds Caused by the Corruption of Religion

rom86When the world of Adam became corrupt, God established the world of Noah. When the world of Noah became corrupt, He established the world of Moses. When Moses’ world, the Physical Israelites, became corrupt, Jesus’ Spiritual Israelites were established. Jesus and the New Testament Bible say that a nation of the new covenant will be established when Spiritual Israel becomes corrupt. When one era becomes corrupt, that world becomes a rebellious group–a betrayer–and it is destroyed by the destroyers.

These are the events of Revelation of the New Testament Bible that have been promised as the new covenant. Jesus said that the traditional churches that have lasted until the fulfillment of the promised Revelation are the nations that fall and end in Revelation 6, 13, and 18.

However, the people of these traditional churches are unaware that they became corrupt, obsolete, and have fallen. They think they are the chosen people who will receive salvation. This is because corruption darkened their spirits.

God is ending the corrupt former heaven (Spiritual Israel) and starting the work of re-creation. The promised recreated nation and people are created by those who have been promised, meaning, this event happens through the savior after the events of betrayal and destruction (as shown in 2 Thes 2). The chosen people became corrupt and received destruction, because they did not keep their covenant with God and bowed to the gentile gods.

Those who receive salvation after these events and become the people of heaven are the twelve tribes, those promised in the New Testament and who have gathered people born with God’s seed. They have put the law of the new covenant in their minds and hearts and have their sins atoned by Jesus’ blood (Rv 1:5-6). This is betrayal, destruction, and salvation. The twelve tribes who receive salvation are those who keep the prophecy and fulfillment of Revelation, the new covenant, without adding or subtracting anything to them. They are God’s family born with God’s seed.