To the saints of the New Testament


Instead of believing in the 100 false testimonies, let us believe in the 100 testimonies of truth. Rather than the words of false pastors, let us believe in God and Jesus’ words of promise.

Through God’s promise with Abraham (Gn 15), Israel came out of Egypt and entered the land of Canaan. Through God’s promise with the prophets of the Old Testament (Jer 31:22-31), Jesus did the new thing (new work), sowed the seed, and made the new covenant (Mt 13, Lk 22). Through the promise of the New Testament (Mt 13:24-30), Jesus is doing the work of harvest today (Rv 14:14-16). Those who are not harvested become the weeds, the children of the devil (Mt 13:37-43). Why don’t you believe this?

Like the pastors of Jerusalem during Jesus’ first coming who called Jesus “a cult, the devil” and interfered with the sowing of God’s seed, the secrets of heaven, there are those today who interfere with the work of harvest by posting up “Harvesters, Do Not Enter” signs and labeling them “a cult, heretics” during this time of harvest. One must not believe in the false pastors who do not have the Word, but must confirm‎ what is factual, believe in Jesus’ words of promise, and be harvested and sealed to be saved.

Judgment will soon begin. Why don’t you believe in the promise of the new covenant? Not keeping the promised new covenant results in hell, and keeping it results in heaven. Why are you cursing the ‘new heaven and new earth’ that Jesus promised through revelation? This is a name that Jesus promised. It is said that the ‘first heaven and first earth’ (Spiritual Israel, churches of tradition) pass away. Let’s not believe in ignorant false pastors who will lead us to hell, but let’s believe in Jesus’ truth and promise and go to heaven.

This era now is when the Word and God are not with churches of tradition or seminaries. The Word and God are only with Zion Christian Mission Center of Shincheonji. You can confirm‎ this through the Bible. Truth is victorious!