Church of Truth (God) and Church of Lies (Devil)

satanMain References: Jn 17:17, Jn 8:44

Pastors who lied that the rapture would take place are the false pastors of the devil’s church. Do people have to believe in the false pastors who kill their congregation members with lies? They have to come out of there as described in 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.

At the First Coming, Jesus came and sowed the seed of God and promised to come back to harvest them (Mt 13, Rv 14:14-16).

Are the churches and pastors that block harvesters from coming the church of the devil or the church of God? Are they the pastors of the devil or the pastors of God? Why do they not believe or keep the promise of Jesus? Would there be salvation in such places?

Between those who are harvested and those who are not harvested, who are the children of God that will be saved at the time of harvest? Who would be the ones born with the seed of God?

Now is the time of harvest. They will have no excuse for not hearing the news of the harvest.

The Christian Council of Korea (CCK) committed sin by not keeping the New Testament, that is, the new covenant, not being sealed, adding to or taking words away from Revelation, and distorting the meanings of the promises and feeding their congregation members lies. Will they go to the kingdom of heaven or hell?

New heaven and New Earth is sealed by keeping the new covenant and masters the Revelation without adding to or takings words away from it. Therefore, Shincheonji has overcome with the truth. God acknowledges it. Who is orthodox and who is a heresy?