To the Pastors

presentation13I am the messenger whom Jesus sent for the churches. The words I deliver to you are the physical entities of the fulfillment of Revelation’s prophecies promised in the New Testament (Rv 22:16).

Today, the time of Revelation’s fulfillment, believers must not act like the Jews at the first coming, who opposed Jesus’ testimony and called him “the devil” and a heretic. Rather, today’s believers must hear and confirm the evidence of the fulfillment of Revelation, God’s final work, with its physical entities. Even if you think lowly of me as a person, you must believe in the physical entities that appeared as the word of testimony and that the prophecies of Revelation have fulfilled in flesh.

We the believers hope for the fulfillment of Jesus’ promise to come. I am not demon-possessed, neither am I asking you to believe in my own words. I am only delivering what I have seen, heard, and was commanded to do. I am making known the fulfillment of Jesus’ promise.

This is the testimony of the messenger who makes known the fulfillment of Revelation, the new covenant Jesus promised with his blood. One who hears this testimony and keeps it shall enter heaven and eternal life, but anyone who does not hear, accept, or believe this testimony will be judged for not believing in the promise. And because I have already spoken this testimony, at the time of judgment, no one can give the excuse that they have not heard.

Throw away your arrogance and humble yourselves, and listen with an obedient heart to believe in these words, so that you may reach your hope.