The Reason One must Know God’s Word, the Bible

know-scjGod said in Hosea 2:19-20 that as our groom He will betroth us (the chosen people) to Him, and in Jeremiah 31:32 He said He became a husband to Israel, led them out of Egypt, and made a covenant with them. In Matthew 22, Jesus is referred to as the groom at a wedding banquet, and in Matthew 25, the believers are referred to as brides with Jesus as their bridegroom to come. Also, in Revelation 19, it is stated that Jesus will have a wedding banquet. This is a marriage when spirit (of one’s flesh) and spirit become one.

Let’s look at an anecdote as an example for further explanation.

A man and a woman were promised to wed so the man sent a letter to his bride-to-be regarding when, where, and at what time they would meet for their wedding. Although the woman received the letter, she could not read and left the letter in her room. The man who sent the letter went out to that promised location on the promised day at the promised time, however, the woman, the bride-to-be, was not present. Even when the whole day passed she did not come. The man, thinking the woman had given up on the wedding, returned home.

One day, the woman was curious what the letter she had received said and asked someone who could read to read it for her. The letter was from the man she promised to marry and the content was the wedding date, location, and time. However, that date and time had already passed. Her mistake was that she did not reveal her ignorance of not being able to read because of her pride and therefore was not able to meet her groom. If she had asked someone to read the letter for her as soon as she received it, she would have known the content and married her groom.

The New Testament of the Bible is a letter of promise that Jesus, the groom in heaven, sent to us, his bride on earth. If we do not understand the meaning of Jesus’ letter (the New Testament Scriptures) and do not ask others due to our pride, then when Jesus, our groom, comes, we will not be able to meet him. Therefore learning and knowing the New Testament Scriptures, a letter sent from heaven, is required to meet Jesus, the groom, at the time of the Second Coming. So let’s study the New Testament of God’s Word.