Two Kinds of Spirits and Two Kinds of People

Main References: Jn 8:44-47, Rom 8:9 (Isa 5:18, 23, 30)

God gave His one and only son for the sinners of the world, and His only son bore the cross for the sinners and gave his life. This is the love of God and Jesus for the sinners.

God who is the creator of heaven and earth created all creation, and upon creating Adam and Eve, He put them in charge of ruling over all. However, one of God’s creation, the serpent (dragon, Satan, and the devil), deceived Adam and Eve, making not only Adam and Eve, but the heavens and the earth, and all the creation within belong to Satan, the devil, so God had to leave the earth. As a result, the devil has been reigning over the world. Ever since, people born with the genes of the sinner, Adam, lived on earth, and Satan has been ruling over it.

To recover the world He had lost since the fall of Adam, God sent numerous prophets in each era, but the devil and its pastors killed them all (Lk 20:9-18). God and His pastors preached the truth to the people to recover what had been lost while the devil lied to keep what does not belong to him as his. Hence, true word (truth) is the word of God and lies are the words of the devil (untruth).

That is why God made known two types of beings, the ones who tell true words and the ones who lie, in John 8:44-47, and said in Romans chapter 8 that only those who have the spirit of God and Jesus are Christians. The person who is with the spirit of the devil will lie like the devil, and the person who has the spirit of God and Jesus will speak the truth, the true words.

During the Japanese colonial period, people from denominations that belonged to the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) worshipped and praised Japanese gods. Today, they buy and sell chairman and pastor positions with money and distort the words of God from their true meaning and teach lies. The evidence is the 100 false testimonies of the CCK from the comparison of teachings between Shincheonji and the CCK. Watch them and listen to them before making a judgement. Then it will be clear what kind of spirit the CCK is with.

If the Holy Spirit of God is with them, why would God distort His words of prophecies and teach lies? Why do they teach their congregation members lies when they receive tithes from them? As they have become one with the lying spirit of Satan, they speak lies according to the will of the devil.

Two kinds of seeds (Mt 13:24-30) are the seeds of two kinds of spirits (seed of God and seed of Satan), which are the words of the two spirits (Lk 8:11). Those who are born of the seed of God (Mt 13:37-40) become the sons of God, and those born of the seed of the devil become the sons of the devil. Which of the two would enter the kingdom of heaven and which would go to hell?

Those who are born of the seed of the devil and those who are born of the seed of God can be distinguished by testing them with the words of promise. The 100 false teachings of the CCK and the 100 true teachings of Shincheonji prove this. Who is anti-nation, anti-society, and anti-religion? Shincheonji teaches truth like Jesus and God, and CCK teaches lies. Who is anti-religion? Anyone with a good heart and mind will understand.