The Word of Testimony of God the Creator and the Word of Testimony of the Devil

Main Reference: Jn 8:42-47, Jn 17:3, Rv 1:1-3

The only true God is the owner of the heavens and the earth; He created them. The devil is a created being but he forgot the grace of being created by God, betrayed God by trying to exalt himself above God, and became God’s enemy (Ez 28, Gn 3:1-5, 2Thes 2:3-4, Isa 14:12-15, Rv 17~18).

After receiving all the things of the heavens and the earth as an inheritance, Adam and Eve—whom God had created—betrayed God and went to the serpent. In order to hide this fact, the serpent has been lying as if he were the owner who created the heavens and the earth, while God has been making known the truth of what He created. Therefore, God tells the truth and the devil speaks lies to make people believe him to be the God, who created the heavens and earth (refer to Jn 8:42-47).

God had to leave the world of humanity because Adam and Eve were deceived by the serpent, the betrayer, and became one with him. Since then, the serpent—the devil—has ruled over the world. In order to restore (resurrect) the world, God has sent His messenger to let people know about His work through the words of the Bible, the New and Old Testament.

God established His covenant with Abraham and his descendants (Gn 17:7-9) and fulfilled it at the time of Moses. God appointed Moses and gave him His laws to prevent people from committing sin, but the sin did not come to an end with the laws. That is why God made known through Jeremiah that He would create a new thing. The new thing was “the blood of the son,” a righteous man, for the forgiveness of sins and sowing the “seed of God”, not the seed of man.

God did this work through His son, Jesus. That is why Jesus came, sowed the seed of God, bore the cross, and shed his blood for the forgiveness of the sins of humanity. If the devil had known God’s secret of the blood of Jesus’ cross, he would not have made Jesus shed blood on the cross. This is why Jesus said, “But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself” (Jn 12:32).

An event that is similar to the event above took place in Revelation 13 at the Tabernacle that was meant to prepare the way. It was a trap to capture the devil (Jer 50:24). The devil is seized and locked up in the abyss in Revelation 20.

Another event is about a book sealed with seven seals in Revelation 5. No one in heaven or on earth knows [the contents of] the book. No one is found who knows the promise in this book and its fulfillment except the one who opens the seals of the book and the one who receives and eats the book.

We should listen carefully to the message explaining that God speaks the truth and the devil speaks lies. The time when Revelation is testified is the time when the prophecies of Revelation are fulfilled in reality. At this time, the realities of the prophecies are testified in accordance with the words of the prophecies. Spirits of the devil have gathered together at South Korea, where the events recorded in Revelation 16 took place. Spirits of the devil choose people who speak lies well and enter them to prevent people from believing in God’s work of fulfillment in every possible way. How do they do this? With lies. They also prevent people from going to the Shincheonji. Furthermore, they make up lies to persecute Shincheonji members.

Can we prove this? We can. What is the evidence? It is their false testimonies recorded on the booklet that compares one hundred doctrines of the CCK with those of Shincheonji.

Revelation can only be known and be testified by the one who receives and eats the revealed book, and sees what has been fulfilled according to the Book of Revelation. It is a lie if someone who didn’t see, hear, and know the fulfillment says this and that.

God testifies the truth about prophecies He made and the fulfillment of those prophecies in accordance with the promise. In contrast, the devil spreads lies by saying, “This is this. That is that,” based on arbitrary interpretations, as he has neither seen nor known anything. One who is born of God’s seed will believe in the word of God and Its realities, but one who is born of the seed of the devil will believe in the lies of the devil.

Two kinds of seeds were sown in Matthew 13. The harvest takes place at the Second Coming, and the people who are born of God’s seed are harvested.

The people who are born of the seed of weed, the seed of the devil, are not harvested but remain in their own place (field), their church. They listen to and believe in the words of false pastors and persecute the people who are harvested along with their pastors.

This is how those who are harvested and those who are not harvested are divided. Thus, we must come before the words of the Bible (Mt 13, Rv 14) and discover who we are [according to the standard of the Bible].

It is not easy for one who receives and is born of the seed of the devil to come to God. The children of God, born of God’s seed, and the children of the devil, born of the seed of the devil, each have places to go: heaven and hell. All of this will be decided at the time of the fulfillment of Revelation.

Only one who is born of God’s seed can believe in the promise made with God, keep it, and carry out a life of faith that is unchanging. Since these people have received the forgiveness of sin by Jesus’ blood, have been freed from sin, and have become the priests of the kingdom of God in accordance with Revelation 1:1-8, they live with God and Jesus in paradise eternally.

We truly thank You, our Father God.