The Standard of Orthodoxy and Heresy

Main References: Gal 5:20, 2 Pt 2:1, Ex 20:3

The standard of heresy is based on the main references above.

A heretic is a person who worships other gods, destroys, and divides. People commit sin on their own as they are imperfect or they commit sin habitually. But this is just sin and its nature is different from that of Heresy. Heresy is about ‘god’ and ‘doctrine’.

In the spiritual world, there is the spirit of God and the spirit of the devil. The devil, one of the two spirits, is also known as Satan, the dragon, and the serpent, but they are all the same being (Rv 12:9, 20:2). The spirits that belong to God and those who follow His Word and the revelation can be referred to as orthodoxy. However, the spirits that belong to the devil and those who follow his words and instructions are referred to as heresy. The reason for this is that God’s creation belongs to the spirit of evil rather than of God and therefore commit evil deeds.

A person is like a building and a field (1 Cor 3:9). Depending on what kind of spirit lives in an individual’s building determines the owner of that building, and that person would then act according to the spirit, that is, his owner. So, this is the same as knowing a tree by its fruit.

Those who are with God’s spirit will act upon God’s will, and those who are with the spirit of the devil will act upon the will of the devil. Regardless of the name of their church or town, parents, worldly knowledge, career or academic background, people are heretics or orthodox depending on what kind of spirit is with them.

Those who are with God’s spirit cannot commit evil deeds, and those who are with the devil’s spirit cannot do good deeds. People betray God since they are with the serpent, that is, the spirit of evil like Adam and Eve did. The saints of the heavenly tabernacle in Revelation 13 also betray God, receive the mark on their hands and foreheads from the dragon’s pastor and worshipping [the beast] all because of the power of Satan. The spirit of Satan hates God and interrupts God’s work. Therefore, Satan’s pastor interprets God’s Word of promise in a different way and leads his saints on another path.

The reason the denominations that belong to the CCK (Christian Council of Korea) bowed down to the Japanese gods during the Japanese colonial period, bought and sold the chairman position of the CCK with money, received money from people in order to ordain them as pastors, and taught 100 false testimonies [to their saints] is all because Satan rules over their hearts. Also, performing coercive conversion education, insisting on the false rapture, and calling Jesus, the Old Testament prophets, and the apostles heretics are the ways in which they hide themselves from being revealed as heretics. The deeds of the CCK and how they testify the Bible are definitely heretical, and they are under the control of the spirit of evil.

True saints are those who act reasonably according to the Word of truth, revelation, Holy Spirit, and the will of God like Apostle Paul (Gal 1). Adding to or taking away from Revelation, giving false testimony, loving money, power, and authority, turning away from love and blessing to lies, swearing, and cursing, and blaming someone else are acts of Satan. Those who avoid the true light, reject numerous calls for open debates and say evil words must think about the Word in John 12:48 and throw away their evil deeds. If they are Christians, then they should not ruin Christianity.

Heretics are the ones who lie like the serpent as they are with the spirit of Satan, they teach the Word of God in a different way and lead others to worship gentile gods. Therefore, the CCK is the ringleader of the heretics while Shincheonji is the orthodox that testifies the best truth and revealed Word.