The Scripture of the True God and Corruption of Believers Today

Among the religious scriptures in the world, the Christian Bible has the most comprehensive recording of history, moral instructions, prophecies, and fulfillment. However, there is not one person who fully understands the New Testament of the Christian Bible. Furthermore, the world of Christianity became extremely corrupt, becoming an institution for fame, power, and money. It is now difficult to recognize even a trace of religion in it.

One cannot find God, the word, nor revelation in it. Curses over love, lies over truth, pursuit of fame over God’s promise—these are what rule the world of Christianity today (refer to Isa 5:20-23). Similarly to Sodom and Gomorrah in the days of Lot, truth and righteousness face hostility and contempt. If this generation will live out a life of faith that truly believes in God and His Word, it will seek after the promised pastor, as noted in Matthew chapter 7 verses 7-8.

I was born with the light of heaven, met a person of heaven by the guidance of the star, and made an oath in blood to completely surrender my life for the sake of God’s duty. I have seen and heard all of the fulfillment of Revelation 1 ~ 22, received a command from heaven, and was sent to the churches. Therefore, it is my duty to testify to the churches, the entities of Revelation that I have seen and heard. Sadly, the religious world of this generation has become corrupt just like the time of the First Coming. I receive nothing but accusations of being a cult in return for my testimony.

Love, forgiveness, blessings, and truth are nowhere to be found, while insults and curses abound. Nonetheless, I must carry out my duty. God’s will is to establish a new nation and a new people according to the promise of Revelation. At the time of the end of religions (end of the Christian world), this is the promised work I am carrying out. If one believes in God’s promise recorded in the Bible prior to looking at me, he will become one with the 12 tribes. This is salvation; this is faith in the promise.