The 6,000 Years of the World of God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth

● Pastors appointed in each era

1. The world of Adam: Destroyed due to sin
2. The world of Noah: Destroyed due to the sin of Ham and Canaan
3. The world of Moses and Joshua: Destroyed due to the sin of Solomon
4. The world of Jesus: The blood of salvation shed on the cross, and God’s seed was sown
5. The harvest at Jesus’ second coming, and the world of the new kingdom and people of the one who overcomes
6. The judgment upon Gog, Magog, and the dead outside the city
7. The era of the eternal Sabbath rest

Today, number five in the above list is being fulfilled. Today is like the time of Noah (Lk 17:26-30) when the previous era (the era of the First Coming) comes to an end and a new era is created. Our hope becomes realized when God’s will of the New Testament is fulfilled, and this is why we must act according to God’s will. In order to do the will of God (Mt 7:21), we must first understand God’s Word in the New Testament and act according to it.

Like the days of Noah, it is the traditional religious body that comes to an end at the end of an era (Rv 6, 21). The re-created are the 144,000 of the twelve tribes who have been harvested and sealed, and the multitude in white robes. We should ask ourselves whether or not we have been created according to this promise.

The end point of a person’s life is either heaven or hell, and the choice is up to each individual. Look at the times of Noah, Lot, and Jesus’ first coming. At the First Coming, those who believed the pastors of tradition and their words were ruined, while only those who believed God and His word of promise were saved. The same goes for the Second Coming. In each era, the beginning of God’s work was perfect, but the chosen people ended up becoming slaves of Satan due to their laziness and corruption (Jn 8:31-47). The beginning of the church of Jesus (Christianity) is Catholicism, which had its church built on the tomb of Peter. Protestantism came out of Catholicism from seeing its corruption, but Protestantism also became divided into dozens of different denominations. It is written that these denominations, based on traditions, will become one with Babylon and will pass away at the Second Coming (refer to Rev 18). Do you believe this?

One who believes the words of the New Testament will believe this. Jesus fulfills everything recorded in the New Testament as promised, just as he fulfilled the Old Testament. This is why he made the promise before it happens, so that when it does happen we will believe (Jn 14:29). One who sees and believes when the fulfillment comes is the one who truly believes in Jesus and his promise. The judgment takes place based on the words of promise (Jn 12:48).

● The Corruption of the CCK and the Pastors’ Loss of their Qualification

According to Daniel 2 to 4, Babylon, the kingdom of the demons (Rv 17-18), consists of many nations united as one. Likewise, the Christian Counsel of Korea (CCK) also consists of various denominations made into one. However, its doctrines, actions, and interpretations of the Bible are all different. This is why it can be seen as the spiritual Babylon.

The Presbyterian Church is in the center of the CCK, and the root of the Presbyterian Church is Calvinism, which was founded by Calvin. The founder of Calvinism is Calvin and the founder of the Church of Jesus is Jesus; Calvinism is not the Church of Jesus. The CCK is ignorant of the meaning of the Bible, the Holy Scripture of the Church of Jesus. Thus, the CCK added to and took away from the Book of Revelation (Rv 22:18-19), and made up lies by distorting the true meaning of the words.

This is to prevent people from believing God’s promise by changing its meaning. It is an act of the devil to hinder, committing a grave sin. For this reason, we published a booklet that contains one hundred false testimonies spoken by the CCK to make known the fact that the CCK distorted the meaning of the New Testament into something else.

Jesus said in John 8:44 that one who lies belongs to the devil. Would you believe this verse? Or would you rather believe in lies? Jesus also said in John 12:48 that the very word which he spoke will condemn the people at the last day (now, today).

At the time of the Old Testament, the kingdom of Israel was divided into two, the north and south, and was destroyed, due to Solomon’s sin of worshipping Gentile gods (1 Kgs 11). Certain denominations, which now belong to the CCK, bowed down to and praised the Gentile gods of Japan during the Japanese colonial period, and the country of Korea also became divided into two. How can it be a sin for Solomon to worship Gentile gods, but not for the CCK to worship Gentile gods? Answer.

God is with us, who understand this fact and are apart from the CCK, as written in 2 Cor 6:14-18. However, the CCK calls us heretics and has declared war on us because we are apart from them and have become one with God. Who is the true heretic? The pastors, elders, evangelists, and staff members, who came out of the CCK churches from witnessing their corruption and evil deeds, saw firsthand the lies of the CCK and CBS. This is why we are the witnesses to the lies of the CCK and CBS.

Jesus said that one who humbles oneself is the greater and higher one. However, the CCK bought and sold presidency with money for the sake of wealth, power, and fame. They also ordained pastors in exchange for money, regardless of whether they attended seminary or not, and allowed them to rule churches. Are these actions according to Jesus’ commandments or Satan’s commandments? Is this the truth? Is this an orthodox belief? Is this heretical or orthodox? They must answer to this.

Jesus promised that he would put an end to traditional denominations at the Second Coming (Mt 24, Rev 6, Rev 21), create the 144,000 of the twelve tribes through harvesting and sealing, and create the multitude in white (Mt 13, Rev 14). At this time, those who are not harvested are the sons of devil, who are born of the seed of the devil (Mt 13:37-39). Are the twelve tribes of Shincheonji, who are harvested and sealed, true? Or are the people who are not harvested but remain in the field and persecute Shincheonji true? Answer.

Should CBS, which charges subscription fees to citizens for its falsifying reports, and the CCK, which spreads lies, be left alone to continue to give their false testimonies? Or should they be shut down? Answer.

The lying CCK and the falsifying religious media CBS, which charge people for subscription fees for its lies, must be shut down. The lying pastors who belong to the CCK, who author and sell books of lies and teach lies (false teachings) while taking tithes from the congregation, must meet their ends as disqualified pastors.

How would it be possible that an ignorant person can teach someone else? Feeding lies to the people is an act that leads one to hell, by sowing the seed of the devil in the hearts of the people. Thus, the CCK and its pastors, as well as CBS, must come to an end. Shincheonji has mastered the Bible and the Book of Revelation. Come and see!

Comparison of doctrines between Shincheonji and the CCK

The CCK gives false doctrines that have been distorted. Shincheonji is the highest truth in the past 6,000 years of God’s work. Anyone who adds to or takes away from the Book of Revelation will not go to heaven. All must act according to God’s will to go to heaven.

The truth is God; the lies are Satan.

Both the CCK, which collects tithes from its congregation while teaching lies, and CBS, which takes a TV subscription fee from its viewers while broadcasting lies, must be closed down. The government and religious organizations must abide by Article 20, Clauses 1 and 2 in the Constitution of the Republic of Korea.

The Article 20

(1) All citizens shall enjoy freedom of religion.

(2) No state religion shall be recognized, and church and state shall be separated.