Heresy According to the Bible

Main Reference: 2 Pt 2:1

“But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves.”

The word “heresy” in Korean is comprised of the Chinese characters “different” (異) and “end” (端). False prophets with different beliefs are called heretics. We must always remember the words of 2 Peter 2:1, as they are a warning against the false and heretical teachers among “you,” indicating that there are heretics among the people. Heretics go against those who belong to God with lies and grumbling. They desire to overthrow the leader whom God appointed in order to become the overseers themselves.

None other than Jesus could have been the promised pastor of the Old Testament. In the same way, none other than the one whom Jesus promised in the New Testament—the one who sent letters to the seven messengers of the seven churches (Rv 2, 3); the one who received the manna, the white stone, and the iron scepter that rules all nations, and sits on Jesus’ throne with him (Rv 2, 3); the one who received the open scroll in Rv 10; the messenger who is sent in the name of the Lord (Jn 14:26, Rv 22:16); the white horse that is with the Lord (Rv 19); and the one who has seen all of the events of Revelation at the location of those events (Rv 22:8)—can be the promised messenger whom the Lord sent. Today, the time of the fulfillment of the New Testament, God’s secret described in Am 3:7 (ESV) is the Book of Revelation, and the person who has seen and heard all the events of Revelation knows the physical entities of Revelation.

A person who goes against the messenger who was sent (the one who speaks on behalf) is an enemy. Will you still pay lip service and worship idols? A person who does not obey the messenger who is sent is an enemy, and anyone who makes or worships idols becomes a part of heretical groups. This is why we must keep the words of promise. Even those who made up lies must repent.