God’s Promised Nation and New People in the New Testament

About 2,600 years ago, God promised a new thing, sowing two kinds of seeds, and a new covenant to Jeremiah (Jer 31). God spread this for around 600 years after He promised it, then came to Jesus, the promised shepherd, and sowed two kinds of seeds in his field as promised (Mt 13:24-30). Thus, God fulfilled the prophecy He made to Jeremiah. Among the two kinds of seeds, Jesus sowed the seed of God, and the Pharisees sowed the seed of the devil. These two kinds of seeds were sown in Jesus’ field, the churches of Jesus, and grew together until the time of the harvest.

Jesus, who sowed the seed, left after promising to come back for the harvest (Mt 24:29-33, 36-44). This time of the harvest is after the betrayal and destruction of the chosen people, the harvesters are Jesus and the angels, and this time of the harvest is the end of the world. From the field where the two kinds of seeds were sown, God harvests those born of God’s seed in the churches, and those who remain in the field are the weeds, those born of the devil’s seed. The Christian Council of Korea (CCK), which claims to be orthodox, has not been harvested and has been left in its field. This is the proof that they are born of the devil’s seed (lies). Out of those who are harvested and those who are not harvested, who will go to the paradise of heaven and who will face the fire of hell?

Who am I according to the Bible, the word of promise? Have I been created according to the word of the New Testament? We should find out from the Bible. Do you have the right to call others a heresy? Are you not a heresy? Do you keep the words of Revelation written in the Bible (Rv 1:3)? Did you add to or subtract from them (Rv 22:18-19)? Did you see and hear at the site when Revelation chapters 1 through 22 were fulfilled and testify to its physical fulfillment (Rv 22:8)?

Those who did not see and hear the fulfillment of the words of the prophecies written in the Bible have arbitrarily testified lies. Isn’t it certain that the CCK is the first heaven and the first earth that disappeared in Revelation chapter 21? Those who tell lies are false pastors.

God’s seed is the true word of God (Lk 8:11), and those who are born of the seed of God become the sons of God and enter the kingdom of heaven. The seed of the devil is the lie of the devil (Jn 8:44), and those who are born of the seed of the devil become the sons of the devil and enter hell with the devil. The CCK that has told all sorts of lies and has committed all sorts of sins claims that those who do not belong to them are heretics, but the real heresy and the real liars, the devil’s pastors, are the people of the CCK. The Bible proves this. The one hundred false testimonies spoken by pastors of the CCK are the very evidence they belong to the devil (refer to the booklet “The orthodox doctrine of Shincheonji and the heretical doctrine of the corrupted CCK—disproof of 100 false testimonies in detail”).

The first heaven and the first earth (the former heaven in Rv 6) passed away due to their corruption. To a new heaven and a new earth (Shincheonji), that is, the 12 tribes of the promised new kingdom and new people who are harvested and sealed (Rv 7), God, the kingdom of heaven, Jesus, and those who have fallen asleep in the Lord throughout history will come together (1 Thes 4:14-15).

Those who took over the tabernacle that prepared the way of God (Rv 13) and those who invaded and took over the tabernacle of Matthew chapter 24 are thieves and robbers. When this took place, God sent the Spirit of truth (the Counselor) in the name of Jesus, and the Counselor (the Holy Spirit) dwells in man (flesh) (Jn 14:16-17). The Holy Spirit showed the man, John, the fulfillment of all the chapters of Revelation (Rv 22:8), fed him the book of Revelation, made him fight against and overcome the devil (Rv 12), and sent him as his messenger to testify the entities of the fulfillment of Revelation for the churches (Rv 22:16). The CCK must not act like the Pharisees of Jerusalem at the first coming of Jesus.

Thus, we must find the one who took and ate the book of Revelation (Rv 10), who fought against the devil’s pastors and overcame (Rv 12), who witnessed the events of the fulfillment of all chapters (Rv 22:8), who has become the messenger of Jesus (Rv 22:16), the Spirit and the Bride who give the water of life without cost (Rv 22:17), the one who testifies Revelation without adding to or subtracting from it (Rv 22:18-19), the pastor who is promised in the New Testament, and we must be sealed in order to gain salvation and enter the kingdom of heaven (Rv 1:3).