God’s Kingdom of Shincheonji and Its Victory

Noah’s world became established after the sinful world of Adam came to its end, and when the corrupted world of Noah (the world of Canaan) ended, the world of Moses was established. When Israel (the world of Moses) became finished due to its sin, the world of former heaven of Jesus (Spiritual Israel) was established. And the churches of tradition (the world of former heaven of Jesus) also come to their ends and the kingdom of promise, the twelve tribes of Shincheonji, became established as the world of the new covenant of Revelation, found in the New Testament. Neither the religious people nor the secular people could know this. Although many claimed to be people of faith, they all became blind and deaf; they became the night.

The recreated twelve tribes of Shincheonji are born of God’s seed. They are God’s new family and eternal people of heaven whose sins have been forgiven by Jesus’ blood. God sowed His seed through Jesus, and He has been harvesting and sealing the people today. God set His people free from their sins with Jesus’ blood and created the promised kingdom of the twelve tribes; He seizes the dragon, and restores and reigns over heaven and earth that were once lost. At that time, the number of congregation belonging to the sinful organization of tradition, the CCK, decreases, and this creates “Ca-Na-An” (← “An-Na-Ga”: won’t go [to church]) believers. Although the CCK has been conducting coercive conversion programs to bring back the congregation who left, the number of its congregation still continues to decrease dramatically. On the other hand, Shincheonji, which proclaims the reign of the victorious God of peace, has been growing rapidly. People from all over the world are gathering to Shincheonji from the east, west, north, and south.

Furthermore, journalists around the globe have been publicizing the creation of God’s new kingdom of peace. This has become a reality where people can see with their eyes, hear with their ears, and touch with their hands. This is God’s victory and salvation, the fulfillment of His promises. Shincheonji, created by the fulfillment of the promises, is God’s new and eternal kingdom and people.

Open your eyes to the promises of the Bible and look at its prophecies and fulfillment. Those who follow the truth and come to the promised kingdom of heaven receive salvation.