God’s Creation, Re-Creation, Man (People), and the New People

Main Reference: Gn 1, Rv 21, Jas 1:15, Rv 20:5-6

God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, made all creation and formed man from dust. God gave the breath of life to the man of dust, and the man became a living being.

In what image did God make man? God made man in His image and likeness (Gn 1:26-27). However, the man who was made in God’s image committed sin, which led to death (refer to Jas 1:15). What was this sin? It was to believe in other gods besides God the Creator.

Is it possible to resurrect from this death, to the original way of life? It is. We can see this in Ez 37, Jn 5:24-29, and Rv 20:5-6. What is that resurrection? We must be born again through the blood of Jesus, God’s seed, and the spirit. Will you be able to? Yes you can. This is to be reborn as the new people, not the old.

This work began at the time of Jesus’ first coming, and it is fulfilled at the time of the Second Coming. Before becoming born again, people are sinners born of the seed of sinful genes. Men who are reborn are not sinners; they are righteous for they have been born of the seed of God.

To whom does the atonement of Jesus’ blood apply? According to Revelation 1:5-6, such people are referred to as the kingdom and priests of God (refer to Rv 5:9-10) and the multitude in white in Revelation 7:14. However, forgiveness does not apply to those who are not harvested from the field of Jesus where the two kinds of seeds were sown, nor does it apply to those who are born with the seed of Satan. It does not apply to the non-believers, either.

Among the two kinds of seeds sown in Jesus’ field (church), God only harvests those who are born with God’s seed at the time of the harvest. At this time, those who have not been harvested and still remain in the field are the sons of the devil born of Satan’s seed. The blood of Jesus, the seed of God, and the kingdom of heaven are not applicable to such people. Only those who are born of God’s seed are harvested, sealed, and recreated as God’s new nation, the 12 tribes. Those who are not born with God’s seed cannot become a part of God’s family or created as God’s new nation and new people. Their path is different from the people who have been born of God’s seed. Those who are born again as God’s new nation and new people are the ones who have been restored, recreated, and they take part in the first resurrection (Rv 20:5-6).

Among those who still possess their old selves, the people of the devil, and the people who are born of God’s seed, only those born of God’s seed can be in God’s image and likeness. The recreated people—those who possess the true faith and have entered their hope—are the truly blessed. No one will be able to make any excuse on the day of the judgment, for we have been making this known for such a long time by proclaiming and sending people out for it.

The day is coming when those who ridiculed and persecuted us will see our glorious radiance.