Faith and Commitment towards Prophecy and Fulfillment

Main reference: Jn 14:29, Lk 12:49-53

In the 66 books of the Bible, history, moral instructions, prophecies, and fulfillment are recorded.

Among them, history and moral instructions are always there—but a prophecy ends when it becomes fulfilled. History is a record of past events, and God’s instructions are what people must always keep. A prophecy is God’s promise to be fulfilled. It is a promise given so that people will believe when it is fulfilled (Jn 14:29).

Physical Israel did not keep the covenant (Ex 19:5-6) they had made with God (Hos 6:7, Jer 31:32). Because of this, God promised to make a new covenant (Jer 31:31-34). God made the new covenant through Jesus, and it is the covenant of the blood in Luke 22:20 (refer to Mt 26:28). This is the word of promise of the New Testament, and the Book of Revelation is a comprehensive book that puts together the promises of the New Testament. When this is fulfilled, we must see and believe, as Jesus said.

However, no one knows about the new covenant until it gets fulfilled. Anyone who claims to know the new covenant before its fulfillment is a false pastor, the pastor of the devil. The content of Revelation is recorded in parables, figuratively using the names of people and locations in the Old and New Testament. At the time of fulfillment, physical entities appear, not the parables.

At the First Coming, Jesus received and ate the revelation of the Old Testament. He came, fulfilled the Old Testament, and testified to it (Ez 2, 3, Mt 15:24). Likewise, in the Book of Revelation, Jesus comes and opens all of the seven seals of Revelation, the sealed scroll, and fulfills it (Rv 5, 6, 8). This scroll is then given to a promised pastor through an angel for him to eat (Rv 10). After showing the fulfillment of the entire Book of Revelation (Rv 22:8), Jesus sends the promised pastor to testify about these things to the churches (Rv 22:16). This pastor is the messenger who is sent by and speaks on behalf of the Lord. This is how the promises of the New Testament became fulfilled.

Because Revelation has been fulfilled, we must see and believe in the fulfillment as promised in John 14:29. As written in Isaiah 29 of the Old Testament, there was a sealed scroll, and no one could understand it. Jesus ate the open scroll, as written in Ezekiel 2 and 3, and testified about it, but the Jews at that time only believed in men’s commandments but not in the revealed word. Likewise, today [the messenger who speaks on behalf of Jesus] ate the revealed word of the New Testament and testifies about the physical realities of its fulfillment, but people refuse to believe.

But the New Testament has been fulfilled, and as written in Luke 12:49-53, there are divisions. These divisions are happening today in reality, between father and son, mother and daughter, brothers and sisters. This is something we have been expecting. Not only that, just as the priests and elders incited their followers to kill Jesus at the First Coming (Mt 27), the same thing is happening to us today. From history and moral instructions, we can see that things are also being fulfilled today exactly as prophesied.

The reason for this is that there are two types of spirits and two types of pastors, and there are entities who are born of two types of seeds. So, the First Coming and the Second Coming may seem like two different times, but the actions people do are the same. Those who understand the Bible and the prophecies would know this. However, the outcome is different from that of the past. How? The evil comes to an end. This is because the spirit of the evil, the dragon, gets seized. Thus, the spirit of the evil can no longer be active at work, and God reigns. At this time, the work of the evil comes to an end, so the righteousness of the Holy God is acknowledged.

Because of the spirit of the evil coming and going between people’s hearts, people have thought and spoken according to the will of the evil spirit. But when the evil spirit gets seized and locked up, it cannot work through them, so people’s thoughts will be restored to their original nature.

The evil spirit has been proclaiming evil through people (congregation members) in churches, societies, and families. However, the true believers can distinguish between right and wrong based on God’s book, the Bible. We must remember the words of Lk 12:49-53, Mt 7:15-20, and Mt 24:3-13.

Just as the priests and chief priests of Jerusalem stirred up the congregation and influenced rulers to oppress and kill Jesus at the First Coming, so also will there be sufferings today (Lk 17:26-30). But it is promised that God and His people will prevail in the end.

In Revelation 6, [the martyrs] cry out to God to avenge their blood, and God gives judgment in Revelation 18. In Revelation 19, generals of the armies of the evil are captured and executed, and their flesh becomes the food for the great supper of God. [All the birds] gorge with their flesh and give thanks. And in Revelation 20, the dragon is seized and locked up, so the era of God’s reign comes, the era of peace opens, and the Sabbath-rest is achieved.

We will continue working until all the work is completed and the day of Sabbath-rest comes. We are conquering the very last frontier. The Bible and history will record their actions and our actions, and the heavens, the earth, and the society are watching. We are witnessing the fulfillment of Revelation, the word of promise, one by one. Victory belongs to God and the twelve tribes, the promised kingdom of God. Everything is being fulfilled according to the Bible. This is prophesied by Jesus, and fulfilled by him by returning in spirit. Jesus has conquered and he conquers again, and we have also overcome with Jesus.

Believers must remember the words of John 14:29. To believe in the promise is to believe in the fulfillment of what was told ahead (prophecies) at the time the New Testament is fulfilled. If one does not believe the promise that has been fulfilled, that person’s faith is a fake one. Those who believe will be saved and become the people of the kingdom of heaven.