Two Kinds of Seeds and Harvest, the Wheat and the Weeds

15-6-12-1Main reference: Jer 31:27, Mt 13, Rv 14

About 2600 years ago, God prophesied through Jeremiah that He would sow two kinds of seeds (Jer 31:27). Jesus came 600 years later and sowed the seed and that seed was the word of God (Lk 8:11). The devil came to Jesus’ field (church) where God’s seed had been sown and sowed his seed. As a result, two kinds of seeds were sown according to the prophecy: one was the seed of God and the other, the seed of the devil.

After sowing the seed, Jesus promised that he would come back to harvest. It has been 2,000 years since then, and Jesus has come today and is harvesting according to the promise. He is harvesting the fruits that have been born of God’s seed from the two types of seeds that were sown. Those that remain in the field are the weeds that have been born of the seed of the devil. Which one of these two will be saved and which one will not? Those who have not been harvested will not be saved. It is because they are the weeds, the children born of the devil’s seed and instead of salvation, they will be judged with fire. The children of the devil persecute those who have been harvested.

Who is the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) persecuting today? They are persecuting the congregation members of Shincheonji who have been harvested. This is the difference between the people born of God’s seed and those born of the devil’s seed. Not being harvested and remaining in the field is proof that one is born of the devil’s seed. Jesus said in Jn 12:48, “The very words I have spoken will condemn them at the last day.” Due to their lack of understanding of the promises of God, they could not distinguish right from wrong and remained in the field—thus proving they have been born of the devil’s seed.

Those who have been harvested are sealed with the revealed word as promised. As a result, they become God’s new kingdom and priests (Rv 7:2-8). After this, it is written that a great multitude in white robes that no one can count wash their robes in the blood of Jesus and come out of every nation (Rv 7:9-14). According to Rv 21, this is when the former world, a world based in tradition, comes to an end and those who have been harvested become the promised new nation and people.

This is the fulfillment of God’s will and our hope. Look at the promise of the Bible—it has been fulfilled according to the promise. Come and see!