Two Kinds of Seed and God’s Promised People

two-types-of-spiritMain reference : Mt 13, Rv 7

A promise of the Old Testament that was prophesied by Jeremiah was fulfilled through Jesus at the time of the first coming (Jeremiah 31:27). Out of the two kinds of seed, one was the seed of God and the other was the seed of Satan (Mt 13:24-25). After sowing the seed of God, Jesus prophesied that he will come back to harvest the seed after it is fully matured. Also, before he ascended into heaven, Jesus promised to create a new people. (Mt 24:29-31). As a result, Jesus came back to the earth to do the work of harvest (Rv 14:14-16) according to his promise. He harvested the first fruits by sealing them with the word of God and created his new people. In this same way, as Jesus fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament, he is fulfilling the promises written in the New Testament (Jn 19:30, Rv 21:6).

Just as the believers in Israel at the time of the First Coming did not believe in God’s covenant, believers of Spiritual Israel (Christian world) at the time of the Second Coming also do not believe in the word of the covenant. Why do these people not believe in God’s promises? As it is written in the scriptures, the good seed refers to the children of God and the weeds refer to the children of the devil. The weeds will stay in the field (church) and will eventually be collected and tied up in bundles to be burned (Mt 13-30, 37-39). However, the weeds are still persecuting those children of God who have been harvested nowadays. No pastor or their congregation members on earth have been taught or shown the promised open word of the New Testament from heaven. However, the only people who have come to understand God’s promised word are the people who are born of the seed of God (Lk 8:11).

As Adam and God’s chosen people of Israel have continuously broken the covenant made with God, people have not believed in the promised word nor kept the covenant (refer to Hos 6:7). The reason why people do not believe in the open word of Revelation is that they are born of the seed of the devil. Those who are born of God’s seed must want to believe in the promised covenant and be harvested into God’s barn. Whether it is the time of Adam or the first or second coming of Jesus, those who do not believe in the covenant of God (New Testament) should not be called believers. Even though they attend church regularly, these people who are born of the seed of the devil will never believe in the promise of God.

As Jesus said, judgment will be brought upon his people and condemn them on the last day by the very words spoken by God on the last day (Jn 12:48). Those weeds who are not harvested into the barn of God hate discussing the topic of the Bible and the scriptures. The reason being is that the weeds have come from a different kind of seed, thus giving the weeds an odd character.

Satan speaks his native language which is lies (Jn 8:44). The Christian Council of Korea (CCK), a corrupt organization that should rightfully call themselves a cult, and Christian Broadcasting System of Korea (CBS) only speak about lies because they are possessed by their father, the spirit of the devil. The pastors who are part of the CCK receive tithes from their congregation members and these pastors have been feeding the distorted lies to their own congregation members rather than teaching the true word of God’s covenant. These pastors are only creating more children of the devil by teaching their own congregations false teachings based on the word of the devil.

The lies are the seed of Satan, the devil, and the spiritual food of the devil (refer to Mt 13:37-40). CBS, who collects a TV subscription fee from the public, should never broadcast lies to its own viewers. The CBS has failed to follow its organization’s very own purpose as a religious broadcasting company, which is to provide a fair and impartial reporting to its audience. Therefore, both the CCK and CBS must be closed down and abolished as a consequence.