Two Types of Spirits, Two Types of Flesh, and Two Types of Seeds

two-types-of-spiritMain Reference: Jer 31:27, Mt 13, Gn 6

Written in the Bible, the book of God, are two types of spirits and two types of people (flesh), and others, which he spoke in parables.

How do the two types of spirits and flesh differ? What are their characteristics?

God is not visible, but people are. The visible person’s form and color are all different. The second generation of every creation is born in the image of its seed, and its actions are like that of its parents. Just like people drive cars, spirits “drive” (control) people. Therefore, the ruler controls the flesh according to the ruler’s purpose.

What kind of flesh do the two types of spirits need? They need someone who resembles them. It is recorded in 1 Corinthians 3:9 that a person is God’s field and God’s building. A building is a dwelling place for someone, and a field is where seeds are sown. A person’s identity will be determined by the type of seed that is sown in them (refer to Mt 13:37-39).

About 2,600 years ago, God came to Jeremiah and made known the future events of planting two types of seeds, one being the seed of man and the other the seed of animals, in the house of Israel and the house of Judah (Jer 31:27). After 600 years, the promised son Jesus came and sowed the good seed, while the Pharisees, known as the serpent, sowed the seed of the animals. Therefore, the two types of seeds were planted in the hearts of the people by the two types of pastors (person). These are the two types of seeds in Matthew 13.

This seed was planted through a person. What kind of seed is it? One is the seed of God and the other is the seed of the devil. How can a person sow the seed of a spirit? Also, how can a seed of the spirit be planted inside a person?

It says in John 10:35 that those who receive the word are called gods and, in Acts 17:29, offspring of God. John chapter 1 says that the Word from the beginning is God, therefore the Word is God. In Luke 8:11, the seed is the word of God – therefore, God’s seed is God’s Word. The coming and going of God and the Word cannot be seen, but it can be heard and can inspire the listener. The spirit of the serpent’s seed, the words of the devil, is like this as well.

Technology has advanced greatly today that many are able to believe in the unseen rather than what is seen. And more people are working in the fields involving the things unseen. People are able to believe in the unseen, because it is the truth. An example is the development of computers. Technology has advanced greatly that one may think that our world of technology can surpass the ability of the spirits. However, though technology is created by people, it can be reasoned that it was ultimately created by the spirits working through the people.

God will do God’s work and the devil will do the devil’s work. God will work to save lives, for He is life, but the devil will work to kill, for he is the spirit of death. Because God is life, people choose God to live. However, just because I choose God, will He come inside me? I am a sinner. How can God be with me? God showed the solution of how people can be with Him in John 17:17-19. Our lifeline to God became disconnected when He, who is life, left us; but now our lifeline continues because we are reconnected with the God who had left. How can anyone refuse this life? Just as cars stop when the engine turns off, when the life of a person ends, he perishes. This is an everlasting principle of nature.

We searched and found God to live again. I perceived through the Bible that the imperishable seed is the word of God. If this seed, this word, is in me, I will be a living person. This is having the Spirit of Christ, and the Spirit of God who raised Jesus from the dead, inside me. Therefore, the Word from the beginning is God, life, and light, and we cannot live without God because He is our shepherd.

The world that is created as the new nation today is very great, for the seed Jesus planted 2,000 years ago is being harvested today. This is God’s purpose and the truth.

Therefore, it is important that a person knows which seed of the spirit they are receiving. They will belong to that spirit. This is why the spirit and its pastor can determine our fate. The identities of Jesus and the Pharisees differed greatly. Jesus was righteous and God was with him, but the serpent-like Pharisees were like animals, so the devil was with them. How can a person know which spirit they belong to? Just as Jesus said in Matthew 7:15-20, one can recognize the person (tree) by his actions (fruit). Those born of the devil’s seed will do the actions of the devil, and those born of God’s seed will do the actions of God.

What are the outcomes for those born of the two seeds that have been sown in the large field of the world? The sinners of the traditional denominations born of the devil’s genes will end in Revelation 21, but a new era will be established by those born of God’s seed. This new era is God’s nation and world, where the dragon, also named the devil, Satan, and serpent no longer exist (Rv 12:9, 20:2); therefore, there will be no more death, mourning, or deception. A world like this will be fulfilled. This is heaven and eternal life. No matter what anyone says, the corrupt era will end and a new era will be created during the fulfillment of the Revelation—God’s final work. The people of the new era are those whose hopes are fulfilled.

The dead are dead, and the living are living. God is not the God of the dead but the God of the living. People who are not freed from their sins are all dead. Jesus is our savior (refer to Rv 1:5-6). How can we ever forget this? Be thankful, again, and again, and again.