Religion and Revelation

religion2Religion is what we learn from God in heaven, and it reconnects the lifeline that had been cut off. For religion, we need to know the events that happened in the history of God, about ourselves, and the reason why we need to practice religion.

Adam and Eve, the people in the beginning deceived by the serpent, committed sin and became sinners. Due to this sin, God left the people, and Satan the serpent has been with the people. Therefore, all men born of the gene of Adam are sinners. God gave the Law of Moses to resolve this sin and Jesus, a righteous man, shed his noble blood. The reason for this is to resolve the sin of men and to have them be with God once again. Everyone who sins became a slave to sin (Jn 8:34), and the slave to sin became the slave to Satan the serpent. So, all people should know about themselves.

The blood of Jesus that was shed 2,000 years ago takes effect at the promised time of Revelation’s fulfillment (Rv 1:5-6, 5:9-10, 7:14, 12:11, Jn 15:1-5, 6:51-58, Lk 22:18-20). Jesus’ blood applies to the promised people in Revelation 7 at the Second Coming where Revelation is being fulfilled. It does not apply to the people in Revelation 6, 13, 16, 17, and 18. So, we must understand who we are in the Book of Revelation, and in that way, we can be called as the ones who received help from the Bible if we find a way to live. It is said that the chosen people would be like the sun, moon, and stars that are darkened and fallen at the end of the age. Therefore, we should have the Word of Bible as our teacher rather than a pastor and follow it.

Looking at God’s history of 6,000 years in the Bible, God sent His messengers in each era but people at that time did not receive them, not even once (Lk 20:9-16). At the First Coming, God and the promised pastor, Jesus, came to the earth but they did not receive them but rather put the promised pastor to death. This is true even in present day. How will they escape being condemned to hell?

Pastors and congregation members should know themselves and the era of today according to the Bible rather than persecute. If you were to take a test on the Bible, how many questions would you expect to get right? If the Word is not in a person, then the spirit of God and Jesus will not be within that person. Have you checked if you are believing in the false testimony of the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) or not? I have made known their false answers to the 100 questions and also the right answers. Lies are the seed and food of the devil as well as the spirit of the devil (refer to Jn 8:44). If you do not come out from there, then you won’t be able to escape from the punishment of hell like stated in 2 Cor 6:14-18.

I am the one who has seen and heard from heaven, been sent to the churches, and testified as the Lord commanded (Rv 22:16). They will make no excuse for not hearing the news of the harvest.