Two Types of Gods, Two Types of Seeds, and Slaves

seedMain Reference: Gn 3

The Bible testifies that the only true God is the one and only God who created the heavens and the earth in the beginning (Gn 1).

Among the creation of the ture God was one who betrayed and became the other god himself (Is 14:12-15) desiring to make himself like the Most High. He was the guardian cherub in Ezekiel 28. He was filled with pride that he betrayed the true God and called himself a God (one calls it god). Revelation 12 makes known that he is the serpent, the devil, Satan, and the dragon. This is how the other god (the devil) came into being besides the only true God (the Creator).

From these two beings (the God, the god) came the two types of seeds, which are God’s seed and the devil’s seed as mentioned in Matthew 13. These two types of seeds were sown during Jesus’ first coming (Mt 13) according to how it was prophesied in Jeremiah 31. These two seeds are respectively the words of God and the words of god (devil) (Lk 8:11).

Everyone is a sinner born of the first man Adam’s (the sinner’s) heredity. According to John 8, “Everyone who sins is a slave to sin,” and as the origin of sin is the devil, everyone became slaves to the devil. That is why Jesus was trying to set free those who have been slaves to the devil. Whoever perceives this truth or the fact of life from John 8 should not be prideful. Jesus told the Jews who believed in him at that time, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”. The most key issue in the Bible is the truth. Truth is the true and natural order of all things, which is in God, the Creator. Through the truth, one is able to understand the history of six thousand years of the Bible and the reality in it, and the relation, or the difference between God and the devil.

God left his all creation because of the sin committed by man whom God created and then the devil came to rule the earth, which has been the reality of all creatures ever since. God underwent all sorts of troubles and toil just to return the humanity that fell into sin to its original beauty—to God. The problem is that people do not believe in God because of their sin. Before the world became filled with sin, man was created in God’s image and even the rest of the creation was truly beautiful. All creation helped and obeyed the man. However, both man and creation became distorted. This is not their original form; they became distorted into the likeness of the devil. For this reason, it is recorded that all nations will be healed and that everything will be made new (Rv 21:5). The man who sinned must return to his original form as he was created by God in the beginning.

Truly, God created the heavens and the earth and all creation to be beautiful, obedient, loving, and to be in peace. The world went under the devil’s rule because of Adam’s sin, and at the same time, to restore it back to its original form, God still chose the offspring of a sinner and made them His chosen people. In the end, however, the chosen people betrayed due to his (the devil’s) nature in them.

God was determined to carry out a new work, to plant two types of seeds (as the Lord, the Creator, God allows all creation time, regardless of the good or evil, to spiritually and physically do their work until the judgement.), and to make a new covenant. He did this by sending Jesus in order to make His people born again. Two kinds of seeds were sown in the entire world; the two were sown in the hearts of sinful men—one being God’s seed and the other the devil’s (Mt 13). The question is then, of whose seed am I born?

Jesus left physical world after sowing his seed, but promised that he will return to recreate new nation and new people through the harvest of what he had sown. That promised day is today. Those who are born again of God’s seed are set free from sin and therefore are not slaves to sin any longer. They are the children of God. The reason that Jesus created the new nation and new people is because the former physical Israel sinned; Like Adam, they broke the covenant.

If the new nation and new people are not recreated by the harvest, there will be no salvation, no God, and no happiness on earth for eternity. However, because God gave atonement for sin, sowed His seed to harvest, and is sealing all harvested according to the new covenant He made, God’s new nation has been finally established. This is the victory and the completion of new kingdom of the one and only true God.