The Reason for Creation and Re-Creation

new-jerusallmeMain references: Gn 1, Rv 21, Rv 6, Mt 6:10

What is the reason for God to create and to re-create, and what is the material for such work?

The earth that God had created was formless and empty and the heavens were dark with no light. God said for there to be light on the first day. He created an expanse between the waters on the second day, let land appear out of the water on the third day, and allowed seed-bearing plants to be produced. On the fourth day, God created the sun, moon, and stars and let them serve as signs to mark seasons, days, and years. On the fifth day, He let the water teem with living creatures, birds fly across the expanse of the sky, and on the sixth day, created man in God’s image and likeness to be fruitful, increase in numbers, fill the earth, and subdue it. And God rested on the seventh day.

God briefly made known of the previous world to Moses, which is the content from Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 2:4. Let us view this through the reflection of God’s spiritual work.

All things have been created through the Word of God. He created the heavens and the earth at the time of Adam. However, it was destroyed due to Adam’s sin and so God re-created the world of Noah. Since the corruption of the world of Noah had occurred, God established the world of Moses according to the promise He made with Abraham, but due to the world of Moses, Israel, being corrupted, Jesus’ Spiritual Israel was established. However, again as corruption entered the Spiritual Israel, God created the 12 tribes of the New Spiritual Israel at the time of the Second Coming. God did the work of Creation on the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth day, finished his work by the sixth day, and entered into complete Sabbath Rest on the seventh day, and then it became the world where God reigns over the heavens and the earth.

Let us reference back to the old days to examine the days of creation that have been explained above (in consideration of that time). The reason for this is because the chosen people in each era betrayed and did not believe, and the reason for this betrayal is because the chosen people were deceived by Satan. Furthermore, the lack of faith caused the people to be deceived and fail in keeping God’s commands.

Satan was also God’s creation that God had originally created, and as we see in Ezekiel 28, Satan was a guardian cherub. A cherub is one of the four living creatures (four cherubs) and they are the ones who are in control of the many armies just as it is shown in Revelation 4 and Isaiah 14. This cherub was full of wisdom, a complete seal, and was beautifully dressed with the various precious jewels in the Garden of Eden raised by God, however, he eventually became Satan (the serpent) because of his arrogance and desire of wanting to be like God. This serpent deceived Adam and Eve.

Through this work, Satan has been deceiving the pastors raised by God to use them as his workers to deceive people to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, allowing their spirits to die, and made death reign the world. Therefore, God had to leave the world that He created and it was Satan who has been reigning over the world until today. And so, God fulfilled all the promises He made through the Old Testament prophets at the time of Jesus’ first coming and also promised the New Testament. The promised work of harvest and the creation of the new kingdom in the New Testament is the completion of the Old Testament that has been fulfilled.

The reason why God had no choice but to re-create the new heaven and earth is because the world became the kingdom of Satan, and so God had to re-establish His kingdom again. God had to fight against Satan with the truth in order to establish the new kingdom and the prophecies and the promised pastor were needed to fight and win. Did He win? Yes, He did.

Anyone will know this, unless they are a blind person today. One gains everything that was lost once he wins. Jesus, who is in spirit, is victorious in the heavens, and the new heaven and earth is victorious here on earth. This is the reason for the re-creation of the heavens and the earth. For if there had been nothing wrong with that first covenant, no place would have been sought for another. However, the previous covenant became corrupt so the new covenant was needed (Heb 8:7-13).

Because God has established the new, one era passes and a new era has come. This is the sixth day. God was not able to enter into the old Sabbath because the world had become corrupt, and so He had to re-establish this work (Jn 5:17). This is also seen from the content of Hebrews 4:1-9. Yet, the Jews did not even recognize their own sins and even persecuted Jesus (Mt 12), who worked on the Sabbath, because they did not have the knowledge of the word as stated in Hosea 4:6.

The reason why God is doing the work of re-creation is to get rid of the sinful world and to create a new world that is sinless. With what and how will He fulfill this? Whether it is in the spiritual realm or physical realm, He must fight and win Satan. Because Jesus overcame the world and went up to the heavens, he became the one who overcomes in the spiritual realm. Because the pastor of the new heaven and earth fought and won against the religious representative here on earth, the Christian Council of Korea (CCK), also known as the beast with the seven heads and ten horns, the new heaven and earth has won. Overcoming and getting defeated is shown in Deuteronomy 28, as well as being shown in reality. Because the dragon gets captured in the spiritual realm, the pastors of the dragon are no longer able to be helped, and are being repeatedly and repeatedly defeated.

Why is the CCK, those whom have declared war, being destroyed in this way? The CCK appointed Pastor Choi to the Cult Control Committee and made him responsible for discerning cults. But now, they have kicked out Pastor Choi and are calling him the most wicked of cults. Today, the CCK has divided into three groups labeling each other as a cult; this truly shows that they are the true cults.

The promised, re-created heaven and earth began with God’s seed that Jesus planted 2,000 years ago. It grew into a big tree. The fruit from this tree were harvested and sealed, and through that fruit the 12 tribes of the new heaven and new earth have been created. This is the promise and the new covenant, and they are God’s new kingdom and priests and the great multitude in white who have been reborn. God promised this and has fulfilled it today. These who have been set free from their sins through the blood of Jesus have become God’s kingdom and priests. This kingdom is an eternal kingdom that will never be destroyed nor will its sovereignty be taken away by another nation.

These people have successfully completed the Bible study based on God’s revealed word and have been sealed [with God’s word]. They have more knowledge of the Bible than seminary professors and have mastered the Bible. Therefore, they have overcome. We all have been victorious through the truth. The world belongs to the one who overcomes. This is the covenant, the Bible, the promised New Heaven and New Earth, Shincheonji. As recorded in Revelation 21, the traditional denominations (the first heaven and the first earth) disappear and the culture of the New Heaven and New Earth, Shincheonji, comes to heal all nations.

Not only that, God, Jesus, and heaven come down upon the one who overcomes who is recorded in Revelation chapters 3, 21, 14 and 1, and he is given the food for eternal life, authority to judge, the iron scepter to rule over all the nations and promised the right to sit together on the throne with God and Jesus (Rv 3:12, 21). Aren’t these the words that the congregation members of the New Testament should know and believe? Isn’t this the place where all must come to find?

We are those who have been set free from our sins through the blood of Jesus, and have become God’s kingdom and priests in this era.

Amen. Hallelujah. May you receive all the glory, forever.