The God of the Old and New Testaments, and Jesus’ First and Second Comings

Shincheonji bible teachings on faith_cause and effect of sins-7.pngThe God of the Old Testament is the spirit of the Creator, and Jesus was the promised pastor of the Old Testament. What he fulfilled (Jn 19:30) was the Old Testament.

The God of the New Testament is the spirit of the Creator, and Jesus also is in spirit now and he fulfilled the Old Testament. Today, God and Jesus, in spirit, came as promised—this is the Second Coming.

Just as Jesus received and ate the open scroll of the Old Testament (Ez 3) at the First Coming, Jesus receives the scroll sealed with seven seals in God’s right hand and opens the seals to fulfill what is written in the scroll at the Second Coming, which is today. At that time, God gave the open scroll (Rv 10) like in Ez 3 to the promised pastor who is like Apostle John (the one who overcomes, Rv 2 ~ 3, Rv 12), showed him all that appeared according to Revelation chapters 1 ~ 22 (Rv 22:8) and had him testify to what he saw. The one who overcomes is the promised pastor who has been sent for the churches as written in Rv 22:16.

God gave the sealed scroll to Jesus. Jesus opened the seals and fulfilled the prophecies. The promised pastor received and ate the open scroll. The promised pastor then testified to the churches all the events of the fulfillment of Revelation he had seen and heard, as well as the revealed word that he had received and eaten.

How are the times of the First Coming 2,000 years ago different from today’s time of the Second Coming, 2,000 years after? How do their churches differ from one another?

When Jesus came at the First Coming, the chosen people of Israel had been believing and keeping the laws of Moses. But the sacrifices based on the law could not take away the sins of the people. God sent many prophets to Israel, Abraham’s descendants who believed in Moses’ law, to make known the new thing (the new work) instead of the law. However, the people of Israel did not believe and accept anything beside the law, and killed all those who were sent.

God made known the new work to the Israelites through the prophets for about 600 years, then came to the promised pastor, Jesus, and fulfilled the Old Testament as promised. But the Israelites did not believe in the promise and killed Jesus, who was the promised pastor, and his disciples. The gospel of heaven which Jesus and his disciples preached was regarded as heresy by the Israelites who believed in the laws of Moses. For this reason, the priests and the elders released a robber and instead crucified Jesus by inciting the crowd (Mt 27).

Knowing this, God and Jesus fulfilled their purposes which were sowing the seed of the gospel of heaven and shedding the blood of atonement. These were their purposes, and they also promised what will fulfill at the Second Coming (atonement of sins, harvest, and creation of the new kingdom) in the New Testament (Revelation chapters 1 ~ 22).

Today, the time of the Second Coming, the Book of Revelation, which is a promise written in the New Testament, becomes fulfilled. Who fulfills it, and where and how does it fulfill? What is the promise yet to be fulfilled?

It is written that the Old Testament was fulfilled (Jn 19:30) and that the New Testament was also fulfilled (Rv 21:6). Thus, if the believers of today do not know the New Testament, just as the people at the First Coming did not know the Old Testament, they will not know whether or not it is fulfilled at the Second Coming. How will they know anything, if they do not know what has been fulfilled or what is yet to be fulfilled? If the priests of Physical Israel had known the Old Testament, they would have accepted Jesus and would have believed in the fulfillment. Because they did not know, they gathered all the people to kill God and Jesus, and persecuted.

At that time, Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament with God and prophesied the New Testament. If the pastors on earth had understood the New Testament and made it known to the congregation, the congregation would have seen, perceived, and believed when the New Testament became fulfilled. But today’s pastors became corrupt and did not know the meaning of the New Testament, thus could not teach correctly. This is why there is no one who sees and perceives the fulfillment of the New Testament today. Both the First and the Second Comings alike, the promised pastors cried out risking their lives. But just like the First Coming, no one sees and perceives today.

Today at the Second Coming, the new kingdom of the 12 tribes is created by harvesting and sealing the fruits of the seed sown at the First Coming as promised. The Book of Revelation explains this process. The betrayers, destroyers, and the savior (the promised pastor) appear in Revelation. Knowledge is to know these three entities, and that is faith. Who were the betrayers and destroyers, and who is the promised pastor? One must know themselves to be saved. Do you know? Who are you according to the Bible? Are you a person who has been created according to the Bible, or not? You must check for yourself.

Also, where is the first heaven and earth, the traditional denomination that passes away according to Revelation chapters 6 and 21? And who are they? Where is the new heaven and new earth, and who are they? What is the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, that comes down here from heaven? Shouldn’t we know these things? It is written that no one should add to or take away from the Book of Revelation (Rv 22:18-19). Everyone on earth will be on either God’s side or the devil’s side in the last days. To which side must one belong?

Now is the time when an era ends and another era comes. Jesus said one can tell the tree by its fruit (Mt 7:15-20), and said, “Believe me for the very work’s sake” (KJV). In the same way at the time of today’s fulfillment of Revelation, we can know who the betrayers, destroyers, and the savior are by comparing their works with the Word. The promised pastor at the First Coming took up the cross and bled for the atonement of sins, as written in the Old Testament. He had to sow the seed of the secrets of heaven, and prophesy what would be fulfilled at the Second Coming, the time of the New Testament. He said, “It is finished (Jn 19:30),” after fulfilling all of these things.

What is prophesied for the Second Coming, and what is fulfilled? First, the events of betrayal and destruction take place. Then, the fruits of the seed sown from one end of the heavens to the other are gathered (Rv 14:14-16) to be sealed, and God’s new kingdom of the 12 tribes is created with the people who became sealed. Also prophesied are the seizing and locking up of the dragon and God’s reign.

In the era before Jesus, God appointed people who were born of the seed of a sinner and gave the people the law to stop sinning. However, sin never disappeared (Heb 10). But people are reborn with God’s seed from the time of Jesus when he was born of God’s seed. Those who are reborn become the pastors (priests), and the people (the subject) reborn with God’s seed and spirit are also created. They become God’s family and the righteous–a holy nation. The family born of God’s seed is different from the sinners. Thus, the new kingdom and people endure forever and they are never destroyed, as written in Daniel chapters 2 and 7.

This is restoration and victory. People must become reborn if they wish to be the family of the world of heaven that live forever under such grace, and their hearts must be like God’s.

The seed of the flesh in the era before Jesus is different than the seed of the promise after Jesus. The work of Jesus’ first coming was the beginning, and the work of the Second Coming is to finish it. Regardless of the generations of faith the people have been carrying on, no one can be saved unless they are a part of the 12 tribes of Revelation.

One who truly knows the meaning of the Bible will speak as I do. God’s work of salvation in the past 6,000 years was to fulfill the Book of Revelation and its work. Sowing the seed and taking up the cross were in accordance of that purpose. All must completely understand the Bible.