Creation, Re-creation, the Covenant, and the New Covenant

Main reference: Gn 1, Rv 21 (Jer 31:31-34)

What are creation, re-creation, the covenant, and the new covenant? All creation was created by God and His Word. There is nothing in the world that was not created through the Word (Jn 1:1-4). That is why God the Word is the Lord of creation.

Genesis 1 says, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” The promised heavens and earth are created on the second and third day, and this process is the re-creation of the heavens and the earth. As seen on the first day, the earth is formless and empty. The heavens are dark, darkness is over the surface of the water, and there is no light. So God finds light and separates the light from the darkness to create night and day. On the second day, God creates an expanse, the sky, between the waters so that there will be water above and water below the expanse. On the third day, He gathers all the waters below to one area, and land emerges from where the waters once were. This is the creation of the heavens and the earth (re-creation). On the fourth day, God creates the sun, the moon, and the stars to govern the night and day and places them in the expanse between the waters. On the fifth day, He creates fish and the birds of the air. On the sixth day, He creates plants and animals as well as humans, man and woman. He commands the man and woman to be fruitful, increase in number, fill the earth, and subdue it. Then God rests on the seventh day.

As we can see in the main reference, Genesis 1:6-13, the heavens and the earth (land) already existed (Gn 1:2), before the creation of another heavens and the earth (re-creation). So there was a new heaven, a new earth, a new sun, moon, stars, and people who are created again. The sun, moon, stars, and the people are in the expanse between the waters. It seems that a huge secret is hidden in Genesis 1. In Psalm 78, it says that the hidden things from of old will be uttered in parables to be given to the future generations. The one who fulfilled this was Jesus in Matthew 13. As we have seen, God revealed that there are secrets hidden amidst creation.

Every time the world God created failed to keep the secrets or covenants they made with God and became corrupt, God changed His shepherd and opened a new era. In every era, such as the time of Adam, Noah, Moses, and Jesus’ first coming, the snake or Satan was the cause of sin. Everyone after Adam was born as a sinner, for they inherited his sin. Satan dwelled with the sinners and ruled over them. God told these people to be reborn with His seed and spirit through Jesus. This is the new covenant promised in Jeremiah 31 and Luke 22:20.

Before they are reborn, everyone is born as a sinner and therefore belongs to Satan. God carries out the work of re-creation in Revelation 21 so that the people can be reborn and the creation can be healed. The twelve tribes of God’s new kingdom must be sealed and created just as it is recorded in the new covenant (New Testament). They must be created on earth just as they were created in heaven. The first heaven and the first earth will then pass away, like the earth and heavens from the first day in Genesis, and also in Revelation 21 and 6. A new heaven and a new earth must be created. Just as how Adam’s generation ended at the time of Noah, how Noah’s generation ended at the time of Moses, how Physical Israel ended at the time of the First Coming, the end of Spiritual Israel at the time of the Second Coming will also happen as written in Revelation 6, 13, and 21. Therefore, those who hold on to traditions are those who fail to understand God’s new covenant, the Bible, and God’s will.

The events of Jesus’ first coming are recorded in Matthew 23, while the events of Jesus’ second coming are recorded in Matthew 24 and the Book of Revelation. As we can see in the new covenant, the past 2,000 years since Jesus’ first coming was needed for the gospel of heaven, the New Testament, to be testified and preached to all people around the world. Once this gospel is preached, the events of the promised new covenant will fulfill like how the Old Testament fulfilled at Jesus’ first coming (Jn 19:30). All believers and creation have been waiting for this era. If believers continue to hold on to the world and put their life and hope in the world when the promise is fulfilling, how can they say that they truly believe in God’s promise? If this anticipated era of hope has finally arrived, isn’t it correct for a believer to fully dedicate his life? Doesn’t he have to be loyal to God to achieve his hope? We must decide whether we will put our hope in the world or in heaven and eternal life.

This era will never come again. The new covenant that God so desired to fulfill is to harvest, seal, and create the twelve tribes of His new kingdom after the events of betrayal and destruction. God desires to seize the dragon, lock him up in the Abyss, to reign over the world, and make creation anew. This is the New Testament, salvation, and a new creation. On the other hand, believers of the tradition will betray and be destroyed by Satan’s pastors, the destroyers. Satan will also be seized. All this is recorded in Rv 13 and 18. Since the harvest occurs after betrayal and destruction, not being harvested shows that one is not born by God’s seed. Harvest is the work of salvation for those born by God’s seed, but it is also the destruction and end of those born with Satan’s seed.

We believers must understand the promises of the New Testament and reflect upon ourselves. We must discern whether we belong to the betrayers who follow traditions only, or to the destroyers, or to those who received salvation by being born with God’s seed. Anything (anyone) without the Word is without God, whether it is a seminary school, a church, a pastor, or congregation. If one does not have the spirit of Jesus Christ contained in these words, he is not a person of Christ. He does not have God’s spirit and therefore, he is not a person reborn of God (Rom 8:9).

The groups that belong to the Christian Council of Korea (CCK), first of all, have no Word. Are they not worse off than the non-believing members of this society? A true believer walks with God and has the Word in him. The family of God that appears according to the promise is reborn by the Word and has the Word in them. God is with them because they have the Word.

The family of new heaven and new earth who are reborn by God’s Word, seed, and spirit are created at the time of Revelation, but the betrayers from the churches of tradition (first heaven and first earth) and those belonging to Satan’s pastors pass away. The traditional church will pass away, because they abandoned and failed to keep the new covenant of God, but the congregation members of new heaven and new earth keep the new covenant. The Book of Revelation testifies to this.