The One Who Overcomes, the Promised Pastor and the Temple in the New Testament

Main reference: Rv 12 (Rv 2 ~ 3, 15)

Who and where are the promised pastor, the one who overcomes, and the temple in the New Testament?

At the first coming of Jesus, the promised pastor, who was the one who overcomes (Jn 16:33), was Jesus (Is 7:14, Mi 5:2, Zec 9:9, Mt 1:18-21, Lk 19:33-42). Today, the promised pastor (Rv 2, 3) of the New Testament is the (male) child who overcame with the blood of Jesus and the word of testimony in Revelation 12, is one of the ones who overcame in Revelation 15, and is the one who overcomes whom God, Jesus and Heaven dwell with in Revelation chapter 3 verse 12. This person, as the messenger of Jesus, is the messenger sent to the churches in Revelation 22:16, and the counselor that become one with the truth and the holy spirit in John 14 verse 16-17, and verse 26. He is also the promised pastor who, in Revelation 10, eats and testifies the revealed word as Jesus did, has seen and heard all the events of Revelation and has been sent as the promised messenger. He is also the messenger who “gives the food at the proper time” (Mt 24:45) at the end of the age in Matthew 24.

If one believes and keeps the words of promise in the New Testament without adding to and subtracting from it, then he or she must accept the promised pastor to receive salvation. One must not call him a heresy and persecute him, like they did to Jesus at the First Coming, but must receive his testimony. The one who overcomes and his congregation are at the promised Tabernacle of Testimony in Revelation 15, the time is when, like in Revelation 21, the former heaven, the churches of tradition (the first heaven and first earth, Revelation 13) end and disappear, and the era of the New Heaven and Earth (Shincheonji) begins as the new heaven and the new earth is created. At this time, just as everything was fulfilled (Jn 19:30) at the time of Jesus, everything that was prophesied in the New Testament is fulfilled (Rv 21:6).

But there are those who have created their own organizations and left the New Heaven and Earth. They are the ones who have fulfilled the prophecies in Jude, the ones who have left their positions and authority and have followed the path of Balaam and Canaan, the ones who have followed their own desires, which are not godly, they ridicule others and so they are bound to the physical world and have no spirit. They are the ones who persecute the New Heaven and Earth.

At the time of Revelation’s fulfillment, the betrayers, the destroyers and the savior appear as prophesied and work accordingly (2 Thes 2:1-12). The betrayers are the people of the tabernacle of heaven, the former heaven, in Revelation 13 and the nations that have fallen in Revelation 18, the destroyers are the organization of the dragon, the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns, the organization of the prostitute, 1] the Stewardship Education Center that have the same roots as the Christian Council of Korea today. And the savior is the one who overcomes in Rev 2, 3, 12 and 15. God, heaven and Jesus come to the one who overcomes (Rv 3:12), and the one who overcomes sits with Jesus on his throne (Rv 3:21).
The one who overcomes, as stated before, is the one who sees and hears all the prophecies of Revelation being fulfilled on site, is the one who eats and testifies the open book of Revelation, and is the messenger of Jesus who was sent to the churches in Revelation 22:16. He is the promised pastor, and the place where he is is the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony, the temple promised in the Bible. The ordinary pastors and their denominations are self-created titles, and are not the temple nor the pastor promised in the Bible.

The New Heaven and Earth, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony has done nothing that is not according to the Bible. Just as Moses built the tabernacle on earth as he saw it in heaven, the New Heaven and Earth has seen things in heaven and has created them accordingly. The holy city, the New Jerusalem has 12 foundations and 12 doors. Just like this, the place that has been fulfilled as it states in the Bible is the temple of the New Heaven and Earth.

There are many pastors, churches, and religions in the world, but when God’s promise is fulfilled, there is only one pastor and one temple. Therefore, there is only one pastor that all believers must meet, this is the promised pastor. There is also only one temple promised in the New Testament, only one place where the New Testament is fulfilled, only one messenger who has been sent to the churches, only one person who has seen and testified to the whole of Revelation, the prophecies of the New Testament, and only one person who has been sent. The end of the traditional denominations and the creation of the New Heaven and Earth occur during a single era which has been promised. This era is when one generation ends and a new generation begins, like Noah’s era, and in this era, the dragon, Satan, is captured and destroyed, therefore, the era of the dragon’s reign ends, and the era where God, the victorious one, reigns begins (Rv 19:6).

At this time, the people of God’s Kingdom are not those from before the fulfillment of Revelation, but are the 12 tribes of the new kingdom who, after the events of betrayal and destruction, were brought one by one from the north, south, east and west and were sealed, just as the grains were harvested (refer to Isa 17:5-6). They are the first fruits who were yielded by God’s seed. Out of the two seeds which were sown after the First Coming, those who were born of Satan’s seed cannot enter, and end after receiving judgment. They are in the process of being destroyed. The reason the New Heaven and Earth is growing quickly is because they have been created quickly because it is “what must soon take place” as recorded in Revelation 1:1.

Those who cannot recognize the betrayers, the destroyers, and the savior, even after seeing them with their own eyes, are blind. Eye salve is found at the New Heaven and Earth. The fruit of eternal life and the tree of life (Rv 2, 3) which yield 12 kinds of fruit every month are also at the New Heaven and Earth. You will live eternally when you eat this. Let us continue to give glory and thanks to God and Jesus who prophesied and fulfilled this.

1] The Stewardship Education Center is an education center for pastors which mainly focused on Presbyterianism, and The Christian Council of Korea was formed according to this Presbyterian denomination.