Prophecy, Fulfillment, and the Promised Pastor in the Bible

Main references: Jn 14:29, Jn 19:30, Rv 21:6

What are prophecy, fulfillment, and the promised pastor, which the Bible speaks about?

The Bible is the book that God gave to teach people about Him and His Will. It allows us to understand and believe in Him. Prophecy is a foretold event of what will take place in the future. Its fulfillment is a physical event that fulfills the prophecy as it is written. The promised pastor is the pastor who will see the fulfillment of the prophecies as they take place and deliver the testimony appointed in the Bible. When the prophecies are fulfilled, God comes to the promised pastor and remains with him. He makes this promised pastor testify by fulfilling the prophecies.

The prophecies are preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations (Mt 24:14), and then God fulfills them. God fulfilled the prophecy He made with Abraham in Genesis 15, during the time of Moses. He fulfilled the prophecy He made to the Old Testament prophets, during the time of Jesus’ first coming (Jn 19:30). He fulfills all the prophecies in the New Testament, in the book of Revelation, by coming to the one who overcomes, the promised pastor (Rv 21:6).

Faith in the promises grows when people see and understand the prophecies of God. If there is no promise from God, believers do not need to wait for Him to work and they will have nothing to hope for or believe in. Because we have hope in the prophecies, we have been keeping and waiting for them to be accomplished, and believe in them. The reason people cannot believe is because they do not understand prophecy and fulfillment. Adam and Eve, who were created by God, were deceived by the devil, the serpent (the dragon, Satan), because they did not understand the word of God.

Who is the serpent that deceived Adam and Eve? The term serpent is used figuratively; it is one of the wild animals (Gn 3:1) among God’s other created beings.

In Isaiah chapter 14, verses 12~15, he was addressed as the morning star, and son of the dawn. It says that this morning star opposed God. Then, in Ezekiel chapter 28, he was addressed as a guardian cherub, and one of the four living creatures (Ez 1, Ez 10:15-20). He called himself God and was removed from the heavens only to become Satan. He was the first to betray God, and he led others to betray as well by deceiving God’s children. In Revelation chapter 2, 8, 9, 13, 17, and 18, he deceives the people of the Tabernacle of God and corrupts them. Then, with his name, he marks their hands and foreheads and makes them worship him; the serpent (the dragon). Because of that serpent, there are secrets hidden throughout the Bible, the book of God, from Genesis to Revelation (Mt 13:10-15). If one does not understand and perceive the parables told by Jesus, that person will become an outsider, a person that cannot receive atonement for their sin (Mk 4:10-12).

In Matthew chapter 24, which talks about the end, and in Revelation where Jesus warned, “Do not be deceived,” he was talking about the serpent and his temptation. Jesus is the true vine and the tree of life (Jn 15). The serpent, a wild beast, is the wild vine and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. As it is written in Deuteronomy 32:31-33, there is a vine that belongs to the serpent and the wine from that vine is his venom. It is written in Revelation chapter 17 and 18, this maddening wine is used to deceive and destroy all the nations of the world.

What took place in the time of Adam repeats in the time of Revelation. It is the acts of false pastors, who are the dragon’s group, the beast with seven heads and ten horns. Without knowing their identity, one will be deceived and through them, end up eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

There are many religions throughout the Earth. Do all of them come from God? In the Holy Scripture, there are two different gods. One of them is the true God, the holy God, the other is the serpent, the evil god. These two have been fighting for 6000 years, since the time of Adam. God has been carrying out his work solely through a single, consistent path of history, genealogy, prophecy, and fulfillment, but the devil, the serpent has been creating false religions in various forms in order to confuse God’s religion. They may all be called religion, but they only focus on social issues and culture. Because the people were ignorant, they believed in those religions. Within these religions [of Asia], there are three main branches of teaching; Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. Within Buddhism, individual and basic things are recorded, Confucianism consists of literal explanations, (people) have believed it as an elementary teaching and daily tool for life. Christianity, a religion with a long legacy of mission works, has within it history, instruction, prophecy, and fulfillment. Therefore, its teaching is higher than all other religions.

Now, is the time for the fulfillment of prophecy and time for judgment. At this time, the one who receives the stone to judge (Rv 2:17) is going to judge between what is true and what is false. Religion that is made by man’s thoughts and the devil’s ideology is a religion of the devil. The religion of the true God has proof of its authenticity. A religion that promotes doing good deeds doesn’t mean that it is the true religion. Having knowledge also does not mean that it is the true religion. Furthermore, having a long history, a scripture, culture, a lot of members, and morals does not prove a religion to be true. The religion of the true God has history, teaching (moral instructions), prophecy and fulfillment.

History has its flow and genealogy from the only God till today and instruction within religion is God’s revelation from heaven. God’s education is from heaven, that is to say a teaching. It is not the knowledge and education that come from the earth. Doing good deeds is a basic human courtesy, it is not a religion. Prophecy is a promise which God is going to fulfill. Fulfillment is accomplishing what has been prophesied. If there is no prophecy or fulfillment, what can a person believe?

Ever since Adam’s sin, God has been away from this world and the spirit of the serpent (Satan), who deceived Adam, has been ruling over this world for over 6000 years. Therefore, it is through the Bible that God has made the people of the world know the truth, as well as what is going to be fulfilled in the future. The true God has been fulfilling all of the prophecies that have been promised for the past 6000 years. Therefore, we can believe God and His promises. If there is no record of fulfilled prophecy, even if another prophecy is made, how can we believe and wait for it? A religion which has no prophecy and fulfillment is not a religion from God.

God is life itself. God, who is life itself, departing from men is the same as life departing, and as a result, people die. However, if God, who is life, comes down to man again, the lifeline that had been cut off will be reconnected and we will live. The reason God left people was because they betrayed God, who is the master who created them, and worshipped another god, that is, the god of the serpent. As a result of the venom of the serpent inside people, death came.
What can cleanse the sin of death, which is inside of man? The law of sacrifice was given because of sin (Heb 10:1-18); but it was impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sin. This was the law of sacrifice that was given through Moses.

The sin that is within man can be forgiven only through the blood of a righteous person. All men were born by the genes of Adam, who was a sinner; there was no one righteous, not even one. As a result of God’s one and only holy Son coming, bearing the cross, and shedding his blood in accordance to the Father’s will, the condition for the atonement of sins of all mankind was met.

A religion can be called the true religion if it can forgive man’s sin. Furthermore, we can become God’s children by being born again, “not of natural descent, nor a husbands will” (Jn 1:13). A person, whose sin is cleansed by the blood of the righteous one and born again through God’s seed, becomes a new creation, a part of God’s family, His child who can live with Him and be with Him. This is the salvation all mankind hopes for. Otherwise, there is no religion that can give salvation, there will be only horrible judgment.

The purpose of religion and walking a life of faith is eternal life and heaven. Do not believe in all of the religions. Instead, the person of religion who meets the religion and the promised pastor God has promised and is together with will be able to achieve his hope.